NRxWave Evolution 1: Orbital HALO Jump Over Caracas

Turn up your headphones, make sure your smartgun is charged, and pray to Gnon, because a Valiant-class dropship just made a made a de-orbit burn over Venezuela, and it is coming in hot.

The Empire of Man was gloriously established ten years ago, but some resistance persists. Pockets of democrats and communists continue to deploy meat puppets, humans with all their higher mental functions stripped, bodily cavities packed with sufficient CL-20 to take out a dozens of civilians. Today, at 0300 local time, the 1st Royal Orbital Fusiliers are being dropped in from Man’s crowning achievement, New Victoria, a Stanford Torus housing over ten-thousand.

At 0301, 32 carefully-aimed tungsten ‘god rods’ fell from the heavens at Mach 10 onto strategic targets across Venezuela offering the raid a light diversion. Trying to land a Valiant in communist-infested Caracas would be a suicide mission given heavy SAM coverage, so eighteen brave knights bail out at 150,000 feet with just ablative shields and stealth-suits for protection from the 500 degree supersonic wind. Once inside the operating envelope of the Strela3, small charges in the shields burst and the Fusiliers spend the next 80,000 feet plummeting at terminal velocity.

As the lights of the slums of Caracas grow in brightness and definition, each soldier steels himself. Just 500 feet from the ground, one-shot retro rockets built into each stealth-suit fire, rapidly halting their descents. Once on the ground, each man checks his Lord’s Rifle Mk 2, an electrothermal-chemical smartgun. Fully auto and capable of firing flechettes at over 30,000 fps, the effects on flesh are spectacular.

The mission is simple, a classic raid: penetrate the tunnel complex underneath Pico Naiguatá, the mountain abutting Caracas, kill or capture HVTs, plant a SADM (a healthy upgrade to your standard satchel charge), and detonate once out of the min. risk estimate distance to cover the tracks on the exfil. Good luck. Don’t fuck it up.

Now, put on your cerro-diamondoid vest and smart helmet, turn up your audio amplification up to maximum, and join the 1st Royal Orbital Fusiliers as they bury democrats and communists under thousands of tons of irradiated rock.

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  1. Finally someone has written a comprehensive explanation of NRx that I can show to normies. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. This comment made me crack up. Thank you very much!

  2. Distribute your consciousness. Think beyond the gun. Get operational. Use your tech and but carry the day with will and the initiative of men. Plan contingencies. Cross train. Reduce friction. Get harder. Train for more massed effects. Violence of action is a mindset. Find the gaps and avoid the hard points. Work to make your fires fast, flexible and responsive. Push information up and responsibility down. Enemy units are systems of systems. Capabilities are the products of these systems. In the absence of orders go find something and dismantle its systems. C2 is a good place to start. All strategy is the art and science of dispersing your forces while maintaining control, then concentrating them at the decisive point at the decisive hour. Make Victory your god and Death your constant friend. See you on the far side of the objective.

  3. This is great. Put this on Bandcamp and I’d happily pay a few bucks for an mp3 version.

  4. More of this, please. I’ll pay.

  5. As a Venezuelan I look forward this timeline.

  6. Most excellent. I look forward to future adventures of the 1st Royal Orbital Fusiliers and their crusade against the last holdouts of human degeneracy as a precursor to our reaching out to the stars for

    G A L A C T I C L E B E N S R A U M

  7. Laguna Beach Fogey November 26, 2016 at 12:51 pm


  8. Finally music as exciting as the first chapter of Starship Troopers! So good! Thank-you!

  9. Let’s see…
    At 500ft, (or 150m) assuming a ‘standard’ lifting re-entry to keep the upper-atmo G’s below 5 or so, you’re moving at about 150m/s, which is nice and convenient, meaning you have round-about a second to decelerate to landing velocity. We’ll assume the soldiers are trained/kitted for a heavy landing of 2.5G’s, meaning you need a deceleration of 12.5G’s from those retros.

    Definitely survivable, but you’ll want a mouth-guard, and expect to red out a bit.

    The primary problem is that a HALO generally succeeds against anti-air capability due to a) that AA being aimed at vehicles, not parachutists, and b) stealth. But you’re not going to be stealthy streaking through 50km at Mach 16, and it’s going to take you about 2 minutes to hit the ground from 10km regardless of your trajectory. I recommend radar-scattering uniforms.

  10. We record label nao fam

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