Descending The Tower – 10: Post-Election Special

After the historical True Election Trump victory, the ATT gang welcome Ryan Landry, Alastair Hermann, and Jean-Luc Deaux to sift through the rubble. We review our predictions from Descending -9 and take your questions about the new political landscape.

21:55 Reviewing our host’s election predictions
47:48 Progs still haven’t figured out why they lost
1:04:49 Could Trump be a Machiavellian president?
1:09:39 Does #NRx have a plan for making Trump “Dictator Perpetuo” like Julius Caesar? – Fred Hannon ‏@FormalFreddie
1:23:40 How would you amend the US Constitution? – Testem Benevolentiae ‏@TBenevolentiae
1:42:42 What are the most foundational premises necessary in order to affectively Red Pill a normie?
2:05:46 Thiel is on the transition team. Is he NRx-aware? If so, will NRx influence the Trump admin? – @Egon_Maistre
2:16:17 How do those of us in multiethnic churches deal with the anti-Trump backlash in our congregations? – Durthain ‏@Durthain725
2:33:25 Is it possible DJT has been anointed by god to MAGA, and if so, how would we tell? – Herl ‏@xctlot
2:49:55 Final Thoughts on the Election from our hosts

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Opening Music – “Wave of Empathy” by Avenger Kills (excerpt)

Closing Music – “Epic Action Hero” by Akashic Records

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  1. Great episode! But I don’t think Trump is a true candidate.

    1. Neither do we! The title is, of course, tongue-in-cheek, but I will say he’s the closest we’ve come since I’ve been alive.

  2. Re: court packing, the Judiciary Act of 1869 set the number of Supreme Court justices to one chief justice and eight associate justices. So far as I am aware, that portion of the law has not been repealed or superseded. I do not think anyone has the political capital to burn on a court packing scheme.

  3. Interesting discussions.

    I said earlier, “Dont be power hungry”. This needs to analysed more accurately. As long as there is competition for power, we should of course strive for power with our non-local, our non-community halves. The core of power, which ultimately gives it its advantage over others, is coercive power, although it doesnt survive alone. If we let power just float freely in Washington DC village during and after the Trump years, the left will eventually take it and use it again against us without compunctions. So we use power to prevent or dissolve negative things, and to realize some good things, conditions and environments. Even if all leftists, and all information related to leftism and leftists, and all memories of leftism would suddenly disappear, and all power would fall into our hands like ripe fruit, and stay there obstinately, sooner or later leftism would reappear again from people, structures, power and conditions, in one form or another, reinvented again.

    Hunger for power is an entity inside a person, which is a substitute, compulsion and dominates a person. It is often a substitute for love, good self-image, inner security or some such inner thing. Substituting real love with closeness that lacks love. Substituting lack of inner security with endless need to control and dominate others (Such a persons inner self is in disorder and chaos, if he cannot compel the outside world and people to conform to what he wills, conform them to the structures, actions and hierarchies he wants). Substituting poor or lacking self-image or self-confidence with high status, titles, respect, admiration and obsequiousness. Etc. Hunger for power can never be satisfied or never properly satisfied, there is no normal active, sensible, resting or functional psychological balance. Power hungry person cannot stop, he overreaches and spend his energies in vain by flailing his hands vigorously in stupid or harmful endeavours. Desire for power dominates him and causes compulsions, so when his principles, morals, promises, and social attachments, loyalties and duties contradict or compete with hunger for power, hunger for power almost always wins, publicly or secretly. Power hungry person sells or throws himself, his friends, superiors, work mates and the people he represents or leads to the devil, if only he gets little more power, admiration or thirty pieces of silver. Etc. We can see why this should be avoided.

    What would be a good political strategy to us metaphorically during the Trump years. I would say two hand strategy. Our right hand hits hard and breaks all kinds of leftists structures, hierarchies, ideologies, conventions, laws, educations, propaganda, morals, etc. Our left hand builds new conservative structures, which catches as many of those people as possible, which are released by our demolition work, and attaches them to function well in the new stuctures.

    When liberals one day return to the Washington DC village, they metaphorically see that their women has been stolen, their houses has been burned down, their fields salted, wells poisoned, idols ground to powder, law books used as toilet paper, tools wring to knots, their customs vaporized into the blue sky and glittering things sank to a swamp.

    On the right they see new shining city on a hill, new holy places, new people, new laws and customs, new actions, new workplaces and new ways of speaking. Leftists long for nostalgic past of shabby hippies, and they try to recreate the village further to the left, but nobody respects them or take orders from them. Without help from the servants and minions they are as helpless as eagles without wings and feet. Some become fecklessly angry, some desperate. They try to get into the new city, some to do some damage, some to get beside the new plentiful and delicious meatpots and warm fireplaces. They notice that they cant get in no matter how much and in what way they try. They dont understand how the new city works, and they dont understand how the new people can and dare to do these and those things. Suddenly they notice that stange beams of light transfer some of the people magically into the city. Only those get in that can change and conform to the new life. Others have no choice but to move to Mexico to pester el Presidente or some local el mayor there.

    In the coming days I ponder concretely those avenues we could bulldoze and then walk along them toward the shining city on a hill, at the same time trampling leftism under our feet.

  4. Next step in the culture war; destroy Prog hagiography for normies.
    Target 1 after the death of Castro, Che Guevara.
    If nothing else we are in a period where ‘no platform’ is off.
    There is good deal of conflict between the curious Leftist and the old guard who know we should never get a chance to speak. This will not last indefinitely,

    So destroy the social status of signalling toward the ‘Bastard Child Killer’, Che. Make so only a dumb faggot would where one of those GD T-shirts.
    Do so by destroying his reputation on Prog moral grounds.
    This is a good start

    1. “Where’d ya get the Che Shirt,? Walmart??”

      bla bla bla

      “No you didn’t. You got it at Walmart. What a fsckin’ tool!”

      I believe the model of Alt-Right Mutt playing to NRx Jeff has worked out about as well as could be expected–especially since it was lightly if at all coordinated. Alt-Right smashes all the prog icons, takes a dump on all prog shibboleths… NRx comes along saying, “Tsk, tsk you progs are sure acting like a bunch of fundy pentacostals here, getting all upset like that. Let’s have a SERIOUS discussion shall we?”

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