Working For Poor Governance

It is glorious to watch mayors across America state that their cities will remain sanctuary cities. I wonder how much federal funding the fedgov can withhold from them to change their mind. Riots are good and fun in blue cities. Rahmbo might soften up a bit. Suddenly, the Left supports local control, states’ rights, and even the idea that armed resistance is good. Humpty Dumpty Progressivism–whatever works at the moment for them they deploy to the argument battlefield.

Lost in this all is the progressive foundation of weak governance.

Ready for a solution that hurts employers and will find a way to hit your pocketbook? In April 2016, San Francisco passed a city-mandated paid parental leave program. It goes into effect in roughly 45 days. This policy hits employers who employ 50 or more people regardless of where all 50 employees work. Employ only 15 in SF but 35 elsewhere?–sorry, you have to comply with paid parental leave. In July of 2017, it hits employers who employ 35-49 employees. Do not fret, in January of 2018, even micro-businesses of 20 employees or more will have to comply. They must pay parental leave.

But not for all employees, which is where SF punishes the rest of America for San Franciscans’ benefit. For an employee to be eligible, they must work at least eight hours within the geographic boundaries of the city of SF. They also must work at least 40% of their weekly hours within said geographic boundaries. They also must be eligible for California paid family leave. Yes, California already has paid FMLA.

The twist on this is that when a SF employee receives CA-paid FMLA benefits for child bonding, the employer must supplement those benefits so the employee receives 100% of their pre-leave earnings. This is six weeks of fully paid parental leave. One condition is that employees must agree to use unused vacation/sick time for the beginning of that period. Ultimately, each vacation day becomes a sliced 40% (hypothetical) that runs for the first few weeks if they have vacation time. While America does not have mandated vacation time like EU nations, all have some form of vacation time.

San Francisco installed this policy, and you will pay for it, as the cost of business now rises for all SF-situated businesses. That this affects companies that might just have a headquarters in SF but employee people elsewhere poses an interesting situation where employers with that HQ in SF and everyone else scattered around might relocate and have just a single liaison in SF. Restaurants will have to pay a pretty price, so enjoy your meals costing a bit more. This also crushes the franchise businesses located in SF.

No one else asked for this. No one else thought full income replacement was the way to go. States have state-mandated disability that pays women after their pregnancies with a reasonable replacement of income. None for dads. It is a partial income replacement for six to eight weeks for maternity, as maternity is treated as a disability by those plans. Some major employers with massive foreign exposure like AIG already have programs like this in place.

Unspoken is that the policy is a consequence of the need for dual-income families and working moms. Remove that need and this problem does not arise. The system messaging is that working moms are higher status while stay at home moms, formerly just moms, are lower status. This messaging is steady in news and entertainment media. It is so strong that there are families that have a lower income earner, often the mother, who works and after paying taxes, is in essence working to pay daycare. It feeds college demand, as a degree means a higher status job and besides, “you won’t have to rely on a man”.

The rise of women in the workforce also feeds into another need for progressives who control the federal government. The need to destroy competitor institutions and shift more and more reliance on the centralized power is helped, as women must work and cannot volunteer in civic or religious institutions. Volunteering is down and with significant drops from just 2003. It is not just lower social trust due to diversity, but working moms do not have as much time or energy to devote to civic institutions as in years past. Progressives will find government solutions to keep them working and never address why they have to work in the first place.

Buried deeper in this is that poor governance has created hellish cities. Poor progressive governance created the need to have two incomes to avoid the underclass. Bedroom communities do not spring up because people want to live thirty, fifty or ninety minutes from where they work. The commuter tax, the time tax, the mortgage tax are all real–but not official–taxes on families escaping poorly governed municipalities. These nice bedroom communities are well-designed and furnished refugee camps for people escaping the underclass clients of the ruling regimes of the cities.

This is why so many offered solutions are treatments of symptoms rather than root causes. The poor governance of our cities and the ruling regime’s reliance on the violent underclass can never be addressed. There is always an underclass, but formerly with freedom of association and a homogeneous population, often the underclass near you held the same values and norms just were slightly ne’er-do-well. The new progressive underclass is increasingly alien in norms and mores, and has no problem imposing its threshold for violence and criminality on others. Our current system cannot discuss that. The solution for the Left is never the way back, only forward, only progress.

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  1. Give San Francisco another 15 years and it will be another Detroit.

    1. No way. San Francisco is inherently valuable in a way that Detroit will never be. It’s prime, prime real estate.

      As such it will never be abandoned to poor black people, but will instead remain the plantation of the wealthy.

    2. It won’t be another Detroit. It’ll continue its soulless existence: Yuppie, hipsterville with no children in the parks, women queuing for 8PM yoga, SF’s natives fighting with Silicon Valley techies over a soccer field, and homeless people stinking up the bathroom in SF Public Library branch.

  2. SF is Schizoville.

    A dopey drug addled political and cultural class ruling over one of the world’s most creative tech communities in the world.

    As long as the tech boom marches on, the dopes in politics and kulchur will have moolah to burn and burn and burn.

    1. ConantheContrarian November 21, 2016 at 9:48 am

      It seems that the elites and the leaders in the tech boom tend to share the politics and culture of the political dopes running the show, so tech boom money goes to keep that culture going. I could be wrong, but that is how I see it.

  3. Lets be optimistic and say that Trump is eight years in the White house. What could we do during those years? Remember that people have talked years and years about immigration restrictions and advocated them, and now they are coming to fruition. Some renewals could be put on fast track by the Trump administration, advocacy of some other things are investments on more distant future.

    I outline some possible strategies and goals by imagining myself as a dictator who has large power. What would I do then?

    The most important goal is the establishment of communities. I would not command it, but I would create good and free conditions for them, provide them the necessary knowledge and cultivate the necessary incentives. The purpose of communities is to provide good individual and social life, and good living conditions, perhaps or likely work, and preferably religious life and goals.

    I would encourage friendly competition between communities, their ability to protect themselves, communal and individual learning, knowledge and creativity, and their advocacy for their interests. Weaker communities and community practices would slowly die out, stronger communities would survive, grow, become more resilient and prosper. Better community practices would spread and endure by examples and imitation, and by information spreading. Some communities would be loose, just living together, others would have strong unbreakable social bonds, some would be in between, and some would live outside communities. Like Jesus I am strongly ethnocentric and love my people, the Europeans. I would encourage Europeans endogamy and separate lines of development. I would not oppress other ethnicities, and I would give them the same community possibilities. In communities people hopefully fulfill the Christian life and virtues, cooperate, help and protect each other, trust each other, encourage and support each other, forgive when necessary, create strong social bonds and friendships, love their children and treat them well, show compassion, etc. They orient themselves toward God and their most important goal is to be hereafter with God. Thus my work would be done for my people and for God.

    If some community would become dictatorial and terroristic, like ISIS, I would turn everybody against it, swat it to death, and expel the remains root and branch to some distant corner of the world without possibility to come back.

    I would increase the variance, creativity and competition of education, and make it mostly private, offered largely by communities or community networks. I would abolish all the compulsory liberalism in education. I would encourage classics and religious themes to complement technical, mathematical, psychological and other education, so that people would grow to be fully human. I would largely replace the de facto managerial and bureaucratic orientation of education with entrepreneurial orientation. Everybody would have the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge to be entrepreneurs when they leave school.

    Liberal “conspiracy” is not some group somewhere plotting something. Liberal “conspiracy” is uniform liberal education everywhere. When people leave liberal education, they almost all think and feel alike, so they are almost ready nationwide and international “conspiracy”. When the influence of liberal media, liberal authorities, liberal organizations, and their conforming and obedience pressures is supplement education and the life after education, the liberal collective mass “conspiracy” is complete. So it is very important to divide these to pieces, differentiate them, orientate them in other way, make them competititive with each other, and free them from unifying pressures.

    Communities and community networks would form small local power centers and perhaps even nationwide or international networks. I would educate communities to withstand dissolving pressures, oppression and incentives from a centralizing power and other sources. I would teach communities to be resilient and tenacious.

    Together with other changes, these would eat away my dictatorial power, which is my goal. My power would be self-sacrificial power. The central power and communities would form some kind of power balance. I would influence the societal constellation in such a way that those elites that come after me would find it as hard as possible or impossible to centralize the power in liberal or other ways. I would turn the central power to kingship, where the greatest power of the king is not the power to govern, but to prevent others from taking the central power. There must be constant, honest and effective feedback and communication between communities, people and power, to both ways.

    Power is, even if the elites are genuinely Christian and the power structures are thoroughly infused with Christianity, in large part secular, abstract, distant, non-human and machine like, and it has always strong tendency to veer into leftism. Lets say the dictator wants genuinely to help his people and cares about them. He helps in some way his subjects, which are abstract collective mass of people to him. He cannot avoid this. He doesnt know them, he doesnt know his powers individual effect on them and only fairly vaguely and incompletely the collective effect. He cannot care about them personally, he cannot interact and communicate with them personally, he doesnt have real social bonds to them, etc. His power is hamfisted and partly harmful at best, even if he has the best of intentions, knowledge, advisers, morals and virtues. Because of the said things, power easily breeds among elites indifference towards people, and insulation of the elites from the people. When elites are indifferent, insulated and in a way neutral towards people, and this is combined with the methods, possibilities and the nature of power, its effects on people are almost always evil and bad. If the elites are evil, and the nature of power makes them easily such, especially when enough time has corrupted them, then the nature of power multiplies numerous times their evil, bad and corrupting effect on people. Thus elites holding power are almost always more evil than they are as human beings separated from power.

    In communities people live, touch and breath the social connections, interactions, communications and influences.

    Because of these and other things I prefer that large part of the most important human things are done by communities.

    Where would you prefer to spend your old age, surrounded by your communitys loving and caring people, and their daily stimulating life, all generations of them, or in some bureaucratic old age home, largely in lonely boredom, sometimes surrounded by incapacitated and demented old people, cared sometimes fastly and minimally by overworked, busy and fairly impersonal nurses? Where would you like to spend your childhood, surrounded by your own people, European-Americans, and their culture and manners, by loving, compassionate and caring community, where everybody trusts each other, doors are always left open, nobody ever steals anything and everybody is always welcomed, where everybody looks after all the children like they were their own, where children are raised to be strong and healthy physically and mentally, to be self-confident, where you are surrounded always by numerous good close friends, where education quality is high, school environment peaceful and number of people in each class is low, where there are no corrupting influences, etc., or in some diversity hell hole, isolated, atomized, surrounded by gangs, violence, drugs, crimes, laziness, indifference, bad education, restlesness, ignorance, stupidity, etc., and where your only friends are two unstable acquintances from school, and your flickering computer screen? Etc.

    Yes, power can do and produce some good and valuable things too, but put it in the proper context, tasks and proportion. Dont let it become all encompassing, ubiquitous, all pervading and dominating. Dont worship power, worship only God. Never kneel down in front of power, kneel down only in front of God. If they make you kneel down physically, never do it inside your head. Dont be power hungry, the best leaders are mostly reluctant to assume power. Ennoble yourself with virtues, keep always in your mind the problems along with the possibilities of power. Even if you are good, virtuous and well meaning, your power still always has many unintentional negatives effects. It is important to study, find out and understand positive and negative effects of your power and their causes as honestly as possible, without ideological, wishful or flattering distortions. Know that your knowledge about power and power related things will always be imperfect and sometimes wholly wrong. Dont live exclusively in echo chambers modern power almost always produces (inside and outside of it). Find out what is right and good in your opponents and other outsiders thinking and actions, not only what is wrong and bad with them. People have psychological tendency to orient their attention, interest, thinking, strive to understand, etc. towards leaders and people of high status, and things related to them. This creates relative blindness, incomprehension and even reluctance to understand towards the massess. Even if they express themselves coarsely, they are often logical and surprisingly wise all things considered. Try to understand them too.


    … Maybe I continue tomorrow.

    1. Asian Reactionary November 21, 2016 at 8:35 pm

      “…I would increase the variance, creativity and competition of education, and make it mostly private, offered largely by communities or community networks. I would abolish all the compulsory liberalism in education”

      Anything that will allow a diversity of communities would be a blessing now from the liberal hellscape that is uniformly spread.

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