Weimerica Weekly – Episode 47 – Two Billionaires

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 47. The podcast airs every Wednesday.

This week’s podcast covers Trump’s election 2016 win, the liberal meltdown and what to do about George Soros.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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Open secrets link to presidential donations.

Jewish donations went 95% to Clinton.

Thanks to G.W. Rees for the introduction and outro music. G.W. Rees’ music can be found here on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.


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  1. Link to the German Moldbug interview?

    Great episode BTW.

  2. Great I just found out about your site from watching a vid on youtube (https://youtu.be/l26YmZOjqIw) ?!

  3. I think you not just overhype Soros Influence and Power but also the Agenda his influence fuels. When i read these publication that get money from his foundations its all about we should abolish NATO and no warmongering with russia. Also the protestors in Ukraine that were organized by Soros foundations toppled a President the russians wanted to get rid of anyway cause he rented Land out to the Chinese and made Contracts with Royal Dutch Shell to exploit natural gas in Ukraine, what would cut GazProm Profits which are essential for Russia. This guy is a communist agent and his mission is to play the psycho-oligarch and subversion and he works towards russias interests.

  4. The claim from the Forward that 95% of Jewish contributions (totalling $95 million, supposedly) went to Clinton is false on the face of it. If Adelson gave Trump only $5 million in September as they claim, that would be > $5 million on its own. And Adelson would therefore have been Trump’s only contributor.

    And if you check the same paper’s story about Adelson in their Nov 17 issue, his contribution to Trump now leaps to $30 million! And no explanation needed.

    Adelson is one of seven vice chairs of Trump’s inauguration committee. He did not get that by shortchanging DJT.

    I have no idea what the total Jewish contribution to Trump was but I’d bet that just three people on his inauguration committee kicked in $60- $70 million or more: Adelson, Steven Wynn, and Carl Icahn.

    Most reporters for the Forward are simply dumbshits, barely literate and totally innumerate. You can’t rely on any uncorroborated story from that crappy paper.

    1. In first para above, I should have written that if Adelson had given $5 million then that would have been > 5% on its own. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Your “duplicate comment” blocker makes it very difficult to correct previous posts. In the para. above I should have written that if Adelson gave $5 million, that alone would have been > 5% of the total reported by the Forward.

  5. What is the point of the CIA, and to a lesser degree, the FBI, if not to make people like Soros disappear?

    1. If you would have read any book on counterinsurgency or organized crime you would know the answer to that question. Lets just imagine for a sec that they would have proof that Soros did commit some crimes that would make him a legit target like some Terrorist guy, what would happen if you cut off the head of his well funded and well organized Network? He will be replaced. Probably by one of your own agents, probably by someone worse, probably by an agent of an enemy state. And then what happens? Most likely it made it worse. You don’t cut off heads, you cut off feet first.

      1. Where would I be without Karl to correct all of my errors?

    2. Is it not amazing. Alt-right posters and conservatism may be a hate crime. Toronto an Canada are heading for plenty of difficulty. They will be colonised and raped as United Kingdom was. The PM Trudeau is a sickling liberal.

  6. Great show as usual. perhaps more than usual.

  7. Can talk about money. It says sponsorships start at $10 per episode. Does that mean we commit to $10 every episode. I ask this because I am limited in financial ability to help.

    1. Then you should prioritize on gathering resources first before wasting time you could spending doing that on listening to internet podcasts.

      1. You’d fight with a fence post if it looked at you wrong…

  8. Liberals offer generally a better specific and short term deals than conservatives, and it is as a whole more “economical and efficient” form of power. Power consist mainly of coercion, manipulation, education, incentives, services / support, authorities and paragons.

    Lets simplify a little bit and say that one company supports “leave us alone” small government conservatives and other company big government regulation and coercion liberals. Conservative company gets relatively little from its political stake, liberal company can decide more how much and in what ways it and its competitors are regulated and coerced. Liberal company is then more likely to win out conservative company. The proportion of liberal companies increase.

    Conservatives offer blacks good entrepreneurial and work environment and “lift yourself up by the bootstraps” -ethos. Liberals offer blacks free and easy social security money and services; recognition, dignity, esteem and flattery (Doesnt cost anything or almost anything to liberal elites, in essence they offer imaginary high status and self-image to blacks. This is cost effective and efficient liberal power package. Because of this liberals can offer a lot less anything real and costly to blacks); protection and release from imaginary pervasive racist threats, which liberals have created through media and education manipulation, and which allows blacks to conveniently and soothingly to externalize their failures and shortcomings on envied and resented white Others; freedom and immunity from liberal condemnation, criticism, judgments and largely from liberal political oppression, which gives blacks greater freedom of speech, greater freedom of assembly, better possibilities to engage in identity and ethnic group politics etc., larger freedom of action, like violence, rioting, criminality, freedom from hearing inconvenient facts, etc. (It doesnt matter if and when these lead to bigger black criminality, irresponsibility and dysfunction. From the point of view of blacks they feel good and that something really important is given to them); liberal oppression, harassment, exploitation and obstruction of imaginary and created oppressors of blacks, the envied and hated “priviledged” white conservatives; etc.

    Conservatives offer editors the ideal of truthfulness, responsibility to readers and the revealing of political orientations, if what is written is political. Liberal ideals say that editors can be powerful, surreptitious, manipulative, ostensibly neutral and universally applicable social engineers and guardians of all people (from this comes the Guardian -newspaper name).

    Conservatives offer Hollywood actors and their audiences more austere and economizing morality. Liberals offer Hollywood actors more freedom by transgressing conservative moralities, and more liberal audiencies, which are more likely to squander their money, among other things by watching movies, and more likely to be pleasure seeking, seeking that more from movies too.


    And so it goes, liberals offer everywhere politically better short term deals than conservatives. Everybody would be better off in the long run and society would be more enduring by adopting more conservative morals, but short run decide the route to the long run. Realization of dominant conservative politics would require more self-control and low time preference, and more large scale coordination by culture, religion and national/ethnic loyalties. Realization of dominant liberal politics require only that individuals are selfish in the short term in competitive status, money and gratification seeking human environment (default human mode).

    Because liberal democracy gives people certain freedoms and influence, power is not in all respects secure, and at the same time liberal elites have the same power and control goals than dictators, liberal elites must rely more on constant manipulation and lying; ubiquitous little oppressions and little punishments; surveillance, distortions of human nature; luring with pleasures and gratifications; constant selective mocking, condemnation and judgments; selective insulations or prying open of communication and cooperation groups; one way routes of communications and influences; etc.

    The resulting liberal elites are strange. They lie blatantly and constantly, even when they know that large part of the population knows that they are doing so, doesnt trust them, resents this situation, tries to change it and counters it always. Foul play and dirty tricks are embedded in the liberal system. They speak to us and each other constantly, but we cant really talk to them or with them. They only analyze selectively and in distorting ways what we say and do from a separated and insulated distance. They analyses compel our communications, doings and beings to predetermined, always repeating, incomplete and cramped molds. They are generally unresponsive to us, but they react to disruptions we cause in the liberal system by trying to manipulate, oppress, coerce and tempt us into repeating straitened liberal patterns. When they deride us, it is a ritual and routine, which must be done everyday. Its content is unimportant, what matters that it regularly dehumanizes us, puts us down, lifts them up, increases the separation between us, and insulates them from us. Their culture is so simple and mechanical, that it can be condensed to a few principles, and it can easily be transformed into coercive laws. It doesnt matter if liberal culture is good for us or not, what matters is that almost everybody follows it mechanically in life-repelling way. When we watch liberal ensemble across the ravine which separates us, they seem like a machine, a non-communicating and unresponsive robot which cannot really learn and change (or which can learn only inside the parameters of liberalism), and which repeats the same patterns and traverses the same development channels day after day, year after year.

    E.g. the dominant liberal analyses of the present conservative revolution and Trump concentrates on the selective and limited part of the Trump voters and their lives. There is not enough jobs, not enough income, and these float in the air, separated cleanly from other important aspects peoples lives, liberals talk as if they didnt exist. While it is true that jobs are very important, culture; borders; corrupted and evil liberal elites, ethnic loyalties; (black, hispanic, etc.) crimes; speech restrictions/digital assassinations/speech codes; oppressive mountains of legislation; worsening living areas and schools; taxes; etc. are very important too, and often they are complexly intertwined with societal job situation. If all non-work areas are cut from our lives in the liberal analyses, and if work is one of the few of our legimate and allowed concerns in liberal context, then we become there less than human, non-human, dehumanized crippled and contorted dwarfs, which lack 3/4 of their bodies.

    In the recesses of their minds, liberal elites want to reduce us first mostly to work, that to monetary calculation and numbers, which can be adjusted a little bit here and there. Then the liberal elites would again gain at least 51 percent of votes and the problem would go partly, enough, away. Money and and numbers are politically fairly easily manipulated, they are (apparently) neutral and universal, and they doesnt touch those areas liberals feel are too difficult or taboo.

    Then there was Trump talk, which liberals said was authoritarian, fascist, dangerous, irresponsible, etc., and they cant understand how people could vote Trump after hearing him. Well, people voted for him in large part exactly because of his speech, which was:

    1) Relief after having lived under oppressive speech codes for so long, and hearing almost only sheepish politicians talking politically correctly. It was break out from the prison of the mind liberals have created.

    2) Shibboleth, which helped people to recognize, that Trump is not part of the liberal elite, that he was really advocating the interests of the people, and he is willing to take high risks for the people.

    and …

    3) It means, that Trump is not an unresponsive robot, that underneath the tough surface he seems to be warm and caring person, a good person.

    The problem is that if we are are always dealing with unresponsive, mechanical, dehumazing and robot -like liberal system, slowly we become more robot -like ourselves. We start to watch and think the liberal elites with cold robot eyes and minds. We start to see increasingly the normal influencing of the liberal system to be the same kind task as inluencing a robot arm, which makes harmful movements, but cant be changed or stopped by programming or by pushing buttons. Then the options are to force the robot arm to stop or force it to make better movements. This is aggravated by the fact that we have been educated by the liberal system to be hollow men full of technical and mechanical thinking, which combines with pixel illusions. We have already lost part of our humanity and human contacts. I hope we find other ways to move forward.

  9. Its the empowerment of r over K. Vox Day talks about this. Monarchy, or dictatorship guard against this, but democracy with universal suffrage nearly guarantees that it will happen.

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