Destination Baltimore

Pundits and commentators on news shows have been honest recently in describing Hillary Clinton’s now-dead campaign as devoid of a big idea. There is no pitch to America. An even more honest pundit would freely admit that the voting coalition is free stuff for each underclass and grievance group, as well as media-promoted higher social status for the well-to-do whites and Asians. In her own words, there is the drive for inclusion, more benefits, and being nice. Vote for me! She will bring about the utopia.

This is not different from President Obama’s 2012 pitch, which was stay the course. His convention speech practically moaned “Gimme more time“. These figureheads represent a system, which is the system we have been living under since the New Deal and cemented in the ’60s with the Great Society, CRA, and immigration. When spoken out of the mouths of everyday liberals, it sounds even more hollow, but they are right. They are good. They are the positive forces.

These are the true believers of their religion. Even if not true believers, they are fellow travelers going to the church of progressivism to look good, per the ruling priests. Approach them from a different angle. Go along with the quest for the utopia, and point out its end results.

Not Scandinavia. Baltimore.

Baltimore is the end result of Democrats ruling a city for decades. It is also the end result of Democrats needing to import black voters and use them as weapons to lock down the city electorally and therefore lock down state wide elections. In other words: insecure power. Maryland, since the dawn of the progressive era, has rarely had a non-Democrat running the state, with Baltimore often providing the cushion of any Democratic electoral victory.

It is also a place of misery and crime, fictionalized for progressives to weep over in the show The Wire. Like any good piece of progressive pop culture, the misery is shown, but no one digs into its genesis. Abstract boogeymen can be blamed, but decades of progressive policies and progressive needs set Baltimore in its place.

How bad is Baltimore? It is a city of very little industry that, like Detroit, has been cut nearly in half since the 1950s. Whites have fled, so despite all the hysteria in essays on racism in bygone decades in Baltimore, it was the white population that was ethnically cleansed or fled. A small central location for ambitious gentrification forces has popped up, but it is in the midst of a sea of misery. After the mayor and DA used Freddie Gray’s death as a means to push the nationalization of police forces, and their political futures, the murder rate skyrocketed to levels not seen in decades. Police officers have quit by the hundreds.

Baltimore needs shopkeepers, so they must import them. Baltimore has its fair share of immigrants. As Bill Clinton has mentioned with Syrians and Detroit, maybe they can fix Baltimore. Alas, it is not to be. Even the immigrants will run shops and do the crimes Americans just will not do. This is another consequence of letting the cities descend into chaos and lightly attended, feral chiefdoms. New arrivals can come in and run scams that the government dependents will not pay attention to, or even care to see prosecuted.

These devolving cities like Baltimore will still need some semblance of order. With or without police manpower, the eloi that play in the very narrow strips of safety will want security. There will be an app for that. Baltimore will use aerial surveillance to track crime and direct a limited police force to where it is urgently needed. Baltimore will not address root causes. It might be a free for all with rising murder rates down on the ground, but the eye in the sky can get the cops there after a reasonable wait. The progressives will not dare to tell their coalition partners to straight up or the city will implode.

Nothing will be done because the Left needs Baltimores across America for the votes. They need those ballots to legitimize their system. These Baltimores are dying cities, but also massive vote banks. With victories assured by their overwhelmingly loyal Democrat inhabitants, the progressive utopia the Democrats yearn for is already here for you to see.

Visit Baltimore.

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  1. Last time I was in Baltimore I went to see a rock concert at a small venue. The show was canceled because of black riots.

    Ten years ago visiting the waterfront was still rather pleasant.

  2. “New arrivals can come in and run scams that the government dependents will not pay attention to, or even care to see prosecuted.”

    The first thing that gets lost when you don’t have property holders anymore is social capital. It doesn’t make much difference if these dependents would have jobs, they don’t have territorial bounding to this specific area and don’t care about it going to shit. I never could wrap my mind around the state of mind these postmodern nomads have who rent and never had a piece of land of their own, and i’am not adressing some blood&soil formula here, then rather a “my home is my castle” standpoint. If i don’t have that and on top of that i don’t have kids, what do i care if Hezbollah runs a chop shop down the road?

  3. Many years ago, I read an essay written by a Brit who had served for many years in Britain’s African colonies and commonwealths. In his retirement, he toured the US and Canada. His judgement was that Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, et al., were in fact typical African cities, with all the malfunctions, incompetencies, crime and corruption that typify African cities.

    1. Do you have a copy/link to it?

  4. Only privileged white men agree with your analysis.

    People of Color reject your analysis full on

    That tells you something right there

    1. SecretForumLurker November 14, 2016 at 10:44 am

      This is a good point. America should aim for mini-Mogadishus across the continent.

    2. What it tells us is that POC’s are more interested in appearances rather than facts. Every POC Dem controlled city I can think of is a cesspool of shitty schools, rampant crime, one parent government supported family units, and every other social ill I can think of. I find it sad and I wish it were not the case but the numbers speak for themselves. But hey, better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, right?

    3. Asian Reactionary November 14, 2016 at 11:32 pm

      I am a Person of Color, but apparently unlike some of my brainwashed kin, can form independent thoughts and therefore can understand, and agree with the analysis.

    4. That’s a gross generalization. It’s similar when PoC say only they know what discrimination is and that privileged whites can’t understand how they feel.

      I’m not white and I agree with Landry’s assessment. You don’t need to be white to see what leftist/Democratic urban policies can do a place when they’re voted for over and over again.

      “Maybe this time it’ll work.”

  5. 1. I doubt very seriously you guys are not white. No Person of Color would ever speak in such an ignorant privileged way

    2. If you are People of Color then you are sell outs and traitors. And stupid. Don’t you realize people like Landry hate you and would be horrified if you knew his women?

    3. Liberal policies would work if right wing terrorists wouldn’t undermine them

    1. Asian Reactionary November 16, 2016 at 11:48 am

      I’m sorry that I speak in an ignorant and privileged way that involves the appropriate use of periods, grammar, or English. Clearly I should acknowledge the fact that I’m Chinese by randomly capitalizing words and hating on white people. Ahem.

      While I don’t know Landry personally, I have a feeling that he is not at all horrified at us because he, unlike you, seems to be a gentleman.

      Liberal policies don’t work because they are fundamentally flawed. No matter how many times one wishes to advocate, for example, communism – the problem isn’t with the “bourgeois capitalists” but with the nature of the theory itself.

      And thanks for informing me that disagreement is terrorism. Few other things expose liberal narrow-mindedness better than just listening to a liberal speak.

    2. Banned for stupidity and hysteria.

    3. Ha! I spent most of my young adulthood living and working in Baltimore. Please, find me the “right wing terrorists,” or even city council members, preventing that city from becoming a blissful utopia.

  6. Barack Obama is our very own Robert Mugabe — all about, and nothing other than racial revenge. Baltimore, Detroit, et al are the little Zimbabwes scattered across the country.
    In July 1967 Detroit was hit with a race riot (I observed it up close downtown on Livernois ave) that eventually made Coleman Young mayor (1972-1992), a charmer like Mugabe who drove out the remaining whites and turned Detroit-Rhodesia into Detroit-Zimbabwe. See;

    [Rescued from spam. Sorry for delay. -Ed.]

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