Our Modern Shakers

Present election voting coalitions aside, the last few years have been a revelation of sorts for normal Americans. The revelation is about the left-wing coalition, but not of the minority self-interest drives. It has been about the increasingly bizarre behavior of white progressives.

Emboldened by total control of media and schools as well as electoral security via immigration, the true believers in progressivism have publicly stated ever odder beliefs. These white progressives have revealed themselves to be our modern Shakers.

The modern Left is a patchwork of minorities and sexual deviants managed by a true believer elite class. Similar to the Shakers, sex is evil. We have feminists saying that sexual intercourse (PIV) is always rape. Shakers did the same as well with their focus on celibacy. Sex was Adam’s sin, and forever was humanity paying for it. Shakers, of course, could not have children, so they could not rely on immigration to bolster their numbers, but they did adopt. This tracks along well with modern white progressives who hold vasectomy parties and celebrate being childless. If they do feel the urge to have a child, they adopt, and preferably a third world child they can raise within the progressive church.

Shakers were obsessed with gender equality, requiring equal numbers of men and women to fill the church hierarchy. Even in the home they lived separately, despite this equality. Men and women could not touch. Progressives are on a zombie march of sorts to push women into any and every job sector, consequences be damned. Americans now read of criminals that sleep with female prison guards or cops overpowered by crooks during arrests. When on campus and possibly soon in the workplace, there are safe spaces for female faces.

Shakers were known for their convulsions, hence the name Shaker. There must be some way to get the pent up sexual energy out of the body. Glance at the feeds of white progressives and one will see startling similarities. Shaking with rage. Trembling with anger. These white progressives are often bound by their own speech codes in expressing feelings, engaging in criticism or even noticing the world around them. How can they fix the crumbling utopia they built or seek to build if they cannot identify root causes of dysfunction? They suppress it all, not revealing displeasure in their religion and its world. Those feelings find outlets. Many of which revolve around shaking while holding an iPhone.

The Shakers died out, though, because it was hard to win converts and without children, they had no organic growth. The Shakers relied on singles who were committed to the cause to carry the message. This is ultimately what the progressive elite needs now. It needs single men and women who have no ties to anything. A bachelor has nothing holding him back to travel for the cause. The childless spinster has no outlet for love or attention except the third world children that her NGO sends her to make perfect. A family would divide their loyalty. A family would cause them to be smacked in the face with the reality that their elite handlers deny.

The Shakers died out before their utopia could be realized. Whether victorious electorally or not, these progressives will die out. Whether they manage to have one child and continue their line, even their ideology will die out. They shall be usurped by the third world allies they have made who will not believe in the glorious utopia of white progressives but trust in the simple faith of the racial spoils system.

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  1. jaimeastorga2000 November 6, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    The thing about progressives is that they don’t need to reproduce or adopt to replenish their ranks because they have subverted the educational and media apparatus of the country; every kid who watches television, enrolls in public school, and graduates college is another potential recruit (doubly so if they don’t go to church).

  2. You should take a day trip to New Harmony, Indiana.

    Fun for the whole family. Great architecture. Two (!) consecutive insane utopian societies. And a more recent new-agey progressive layer on top.


  3. The Shaker parallel is a good point, but more broadly the present juncture echoes the 19th century “reform” mania which also included free love advocates, food reformers, dress reformers, quack medicines, suffragettes, various utopians, socialists, and on and on.

    Yes, there was pent-up sexual energy causing shaking among the Shakers, but there was also pent-up psychic energy resulting in messages from loved ones in the afterlife.

    Widen the parallels a bit and you might really be onto something.

  4. Our modern Shakers haven’t produced great furniture, though.

  5. I can’t argue what brought the Shakers to this but it is arguable that the Progs of today can only do this because they are well fed, kept warm and (reasonably) secure in their cosy electronic fortress. Once the real world of having to struggle for resources to stay alive then there is no time for vain and self-preening thoughts. Oddity becomes and expense you cannot afford.

    I picture at time when former Progs meet up over the meagre potato harvest and say: “Do you remember when people who knew better than us did this for us, and we sneered at them?”

  6. Even on Wikipedia you can occasionally get a secret handshake.

    The settlement also began to attract new arrivals, including emigrants from Germany such as members of Rapp’s congregation from Wurttemberg, many of whom expected the Harmonists to pay for their passage to America.[14] However, the new arrivals “were more of a liability than an asset”.[15] On March 20, 1819, Rapp commented, “It is astonishing how much trouble the people who have arrived here have made, for they have no morals and do not know what it means to live a moral and well-mannered life, not to speak of true Christianity, of denying the world or yourself.”[16]

    1. Good find. No wonder they were looking for recruits in Germany. Most terrible ideas either originate in Germany or take root there.

  7. The modern feminist progs also remind me of the Junior Anti Sex League from “1984”.

  8. Okay. But Shakers, like the Puritans (perhaps the Quakers as well), survived philosophically. That is to say, the ideas of Universal Equality and Divine Providence (proto-Progress) survived the Shakers. The motif of Equality running through the Shaker narrative–their mythos–adapted to the death of the Shakers. Hence, we have modern Shakers. They did not die off. They have been reborn, indeed–Reformed. But they are far more fierce, more powerful and more sanctimonious.

    This article highlights only a carrier of the disease, like shining a light on one departed victim of a plague (yes, victim–hey, Progs are human, I suppose, still) while symptoms of the decease still linger in the darkness, and the light, ubiquitous yet elusive to the powers of those who wish to wash it out of existence.

    Likewise, when this generation of Progressives die out, why would we assume that the virus they carry will die with them?

  9. I disagree with your parallels. The Shakers taught that celibacy–not libertinism–was the way to go. Turn on the TV. Chastity is not what they are promoting. I sat through a women’s studies course–a necessary requirement for my B.A. Alas! All the prof and other gals (I refer to them thus because of their selfish, childish ways) did was whine about how men wanted to prevent them from having orgasms, killing their babies, and fulfilling themselves with careers so they could be just like the men they hated. Not once did the professor suggest celibacy as a viable alternative to marriage, though she did think that lesbianism was great.

    They certainly promote sterility and bizarre expressions of unfruitful sexuality. But anti-sex they ain’t.

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