Descending The Tower – 9: True Election 2016 Special

For our very special True Election 2016 episode of Descending the Tower, Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony welcome two very special guests. Joining us to take your questions are media mastermind Chuck C. Johnson and the triumphant return of Clark Hat.

(Note: this episode was recorded 10/27, the night before FBI Friday.)

Descending the Tower 9 is brought to you in part by generous donations from our listeners Gladio, Bermudan Reactionary, and Edmund Burkenstock. If you would like to sponsor an episode of Ascending the Tower, e-mail survivingbabel AT gmail.

4:46 How successful has WeSearchr been? – @UshiromiyaBungl
24:05 What has Clark been up to since leaving Popehat?
32:50 How doed Chuck plan on making 4chan great again? – @JoeWChristman
40:25 Could we be having be a True Election?
1:22:50 Can Moldbuggian analysis be reconciled with supporting Trump?
1:39:28 Is Assange alive, and what are the biggest leaks that @wikileaks is hiding? – @EdBurkenstock
2:05:14 What are the odds of a military coup, given Obama’s officer purge? – @CalcPhrasing
2:23:32 Is Donald Trump the fulfillment of Ron Paul’s Paleoconservative roots, or a denial of them? – @Walrus_Aurelius
2:59:30 ATT Host Predictions

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Opening Music: “Us” by From Sky to Abyss (excerpt)

Closing Music: Hail to the Chief performed by the USAF Concert Band

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  1. I’ve immensely enjoyed this election season, but with the end in sight, the cold reality for me–coinciding with gloomy fall weather–is I think it’d be better for Hillary to limp across with the win just in time for all the wheels to come off.

    I’m completely open to better results. One idea is that this is one of those realignments the American parties go through, in this case there’s a globalist party and a nationalist party; what Trump is doing is leading a creation of a new party where before we had UniParty. That seems a pretty significant change to me, and would be very interesting, if it’s not just moving around deck chairs on a sinking ship.

    1. But I’m guardedly optimistic, if only because if nothing changes, then that’s what we were in for anyway. There’s an opening which we wouldn’t have had in a Bush-Clinton race, and that’s not nothing.

    2. Bailing water on a sinking ship is slightly better than moving around deck chairs.

  2. Moldbuggian true election is a broken link, you excluded the “l” from the file extension in the link.

    As a note on 49:45 about people asking impermissible questions , when the McLaughlin group was talking about the McCain v. Obama election, they were talking about how McCain’s election might be a return to Lincoln-era income mobility.

    The current situation is pretty bad, but we are not yearning to the Roman era.

    However if current trends continue…

    1. Thanks, fixed.

  3. Great show lads. You kept me riveted and not getting anything done this evening (but listening to you).
    Well I did drink coffee and bourbon (separately) and did a load of dishes.
    But enough domestic shitposting.
    Still not sure if I am surviving Babel or if it is surviving me.
    Time will tell.

  4. One of your best episodes. Loved the guest choices.

    I have to correct you on something. Lincoln did ignore the Supreme Court. They issued habeas writs to release Confederate sympathizers and plotters, especially in Maryland, and Lincoln’s famous response was “the Constitution is not a suicide pact,” and he ignored the writs.

    1. Ah, yes, I remember that. We’re not real historians, we just play them on the radio.

  5. Great stuff!

    [Ed. Thin ice, M***** F*****! –NBS]

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