The House Always Wins Elections

Sometime in March of this year, I added a note to my list of “article ideas”:

– Are U.S. elections rigged? Is this a joke? Of course. “We must stuff these ballots to protect democracy.”

My memory is foggy already, but as best as I can remember, back then the big controversial election issue was not rigging, but violence. That was right around the time local Illinois diversity (only partly sans handlers) mobbed and shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago, aptly reported from the inside here at Social Matter. More violent agitators attacked Trump rally attendees in California thereafter.

“Rigged” was not quite a buzzword yet.

Still, I had an inkling, as I am sure many others did. The Cathedral had dropped the “literally Hitler” bomb on Donald Trump very early in the game. It turned out to be a dud. People were too used to screaming about Hitlers in the closet and under the bed to notice much.

But you had to wonder if they believed their own 1930s narrative: after all, if Trump really was literally Hitler, then doing anything to stop him would be totally licit, up to and including violence and fraud. Would today’s epicene leftists wearing beanies and problem glasses rig an election if they were told to do so? Some overly optimistic person actually had to ask me that. To quote myself: “Is this a joke? Of course. ‘We must stuff these ballots to protect democracy!'”

We can thank both WikiLeaks and James O’Keefe for bringing a forgotten entry in my “article ideas” list to life.

Either Julian Assange has been reading Moldbug, or Moldbug arrived at the very same conclusion years ago without so much as a single secret e-mail (let alone tens of thousands) between Cathedralites.

Would our epicene leftists rig the vote? If WikiLeaks’ e-mail chains weren’t enough, guerrilla journalist James O’Keefe proved on video that they would, as anyone willing to listen to more than 60 seconds of Scott Foval’s nasally voice detailing methods of “protecting democracy” found out.

I wrote in April that right-wing activism always fails, and I repeated the sentiments in June and again in August. It’s not like I don’t wish the golden-haired God-Emperor would stride to victory in November and begin cleaning house in January with fire and brimstone, but I can’t say I’ve changed my mind about who really wins elections since the summer.

This year’s election, like all others before and after it, is and will remain a flashy fiction, convenient as a public ritual of legitimization of a regime that exists and holds power prior to and independent of the result of the election. In other words, they can rig it, which means they will, which means they are in power and you and I are not.

It only takes one precinct in one swing state to determine the election. And there are far more than just one precinct available to the Democratic Party for rigging–think Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, or Miami. The blacks and Hispanics, patronized by elite billionaires through a web of fronts and backroom deals in these cities, are going to do exactly as they are told on November 8, and they will not be told to accurately and fairly report vote totals. Nobody will catch them because they are the ones who are supposed to do the catching.

When you are held responsible for holding yourself responsible, is that not the very definition of power?

There’s a catch here, though: didn’t the elite lose on the Brexit vote in Britain? Couldn’t the same happen for Donald Trump on November 8? Theoretically, yes. Yet, here we are months later and there’s still no Brexit on the horizon. Nobody has been fired, and no bureaucratic offices have been closed. The physically quantifiable amount of brick, stone, oil, gold, flesh, and sweat invested in keeping Britain’s trans-channel bureaucracy running is quantifiably the same as it was at the start of the year.

Even though the Cathedral controls the media, academia, and the bureaucracies, even though it can rig elections and punish technically legal dissent with impunity, even though Philadelphia and Cleveland could vote with 104% turnout and it would be cleverly swept under the rug and forgotten, Donald Trump could still theoretically get more votes than any other candidate, including the regime’s.

In fact, I believe he will. But just like the English across the pond, he won’t have won anything, only started a much longer war that he better be ready to finish at his own peril.

The November 8 election is a test of the organizational strength of our ruling regime. Can the powers that be muster enough money, power, and influence to rig the vote? Rigging the vote is their most basic task, which they’ve conducted commendably through media and academic control over the years. Will they fail this year as they did in Britain?

If they do, they’re not going to automatically evaporate into thin air. The brick, stone, oil, gold, flesh, and sweat invested in running the current system is going to sit still until it is physically removed. That removal will involve a lot of effort and a lot of screaming, which has proven such an insurmountable obstacle historically that elections are de facto victories for the powers that be no matter who wins. The kabuki theater gives legitimacy to those with their hands on the levers of power — and what more could they possibly need or want with their hands already on the levers?

In another sphere of life, this principle is called “the house always wins,” because even when you win, you don’t. The house does. You can win, but they don’t have to pay you.

President Trump will need to go far beyond the typical bounds of our presidential figureheads to permanently enact his promises. To his credit, he seems ready to do it too: #DrainTheSwamp is the memetic equivalent of Moldbug’s Potomac Watershed Restoration Society.

Unfortunately, Trump’s determination just proportionally increases the determination on his opponents’ side to rig the results and keep him out of the White House. The sad sacks surrounding the Bush and Romney families have been complaining for a while that John Kasich could have easily beaten Hillary Clinton, which may be true. But that’s only because Kasich threatened nobody and nothing important, just like Hillary. The stakes with Kasich were low.

Now, with Trump, we’re playing a high-stakes game of chicken, and we won’t really know what’s happening until November 9. The stakes just keep getting higher.

If the powers that be don’t fail to rig the vote, they’ve passed the test of power. Those who supported Donald Trump will be viciously punished for their dissent. It will be up to them, and Trump himself, to defend themselves. The state will not do it. Insurrection? I can’t say it won’t happen.

Victory will not be won at the ballot box. To permanently defeat the regime at the source of America’s most visible problems, Donald Trump will need to build his own regime, his own state, and make it so good that the existing regime defects to it in fear and awe of his power. He’ll need his own NYT, his own State Department, his own CIA, his own Harvard. Basically, he’ll need to follow the Procedure.

Winning the presidency may be an unconventional and unlikely way to get started doing that. With enough wiliness and force of will, it may even be a way to create a temporary half-Restoration. But who wants a 4 to 8 year Reich? Aiming for 1000 years is a lot more fun.

No matter what happens on November 8, don’t be discouraged: the real fun will come afterwards, and was always going to.

Mark Yuray is verified on Gab. Follow him there and on Twitter.

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  1. It’s still, at the very least, going to be a shame for the USA trash one of the greatest States in human history thus far. The Dems and the rest of the elite there seem to be going through something that resembles a psychotic episode. If they are validated in their delirium by getting a popular mandate, they’re going to go completely nuts and who knows how catastrophically stupid they’ll get before they can be uninstalled. They could conceivably go and start a nuclear war that would leave much of the national territory FUBAR and depopulated for years to come. There’s an outside chance that if Trump took power for 4-8 years then maybe the present collective psychosis (if it is just episodic and not truly chronic) will abate and people will come back to their senses. On the other hand, it’s probably true that the State has to tank before the real Restoration can happen. But actually witnessing that is going to be a shame. I don’t really know what to think anymore.

  2. Some support Trump because he offers at shot at reversing decades of leftist decay; others support Hillary Clinton only because she will accelerate the collapse, so that society can be restored from the ruins . Of course democracy is corrupt, the most corrupt of all forms of government (just look at South American elections and government to get an idea).

  3. Excerpts from Donald Trump speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, 13.10.

  4. Full speech of Donald Trump in West Palm Beach, Florida, 10/13.

  5. What with Trump University and now rumours that Trump has been setting up for a foray in to news and entertainment media, pipe dream though it may be, it’s within the realm of imagination that the Procedure could be possible for him, or a man like him.

  6. Jim Donald said some months ago that if Trump is cheated out of the Republican nomination, or cheated out of the November election, or is allowed to occupy the Oval Office but all his commands are ignored, that is a victory nonetheless, because it exposes to all and sundry the truth that our Republic is a sham. Which means that you have no moral obligation to defend that Republic, obey its laws, or pay its taxes, as long as you don’t get caught.

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