The Great White Suicide

Suicide is one of the oddest ways to die. We imagine the kind of despair a man must reach to want to kill himself—the dark winds blowing through his soul, the self-piteous dry heaves, the closeted sniveling—and we tremble. Most of us have at some time, in the quiet hours of the night, brushed against these thoughts and felt tempted. But, in the end, we chose to press on. We persevered. Moreover, by choosing to live, we cannot help but look at those who chose death with disgust. Our souls must love life, or at the very least, love it enough to tolerate it. We may look the other way for suicides in the case of some terminal or debilitating illness, but we are always disgusted by a suicide of the fit and vigorous.

In our bones, we can feel the arrogance of such an act. Death is only as noble as it comes in its own due course, or given for a righteous cause.

With this in mind, it must be asked: why are whites listening to the voices telling us to put a pistol to our heads? In the newspapers, we see white feminists bemoaning the overpopulation of the world and urging women to stop having children. It won’t stop Somalian or Indonesian mother from popping out children until their wombs prolapse. It will only stop the muddle-headed and much too affluent white woman. On college campuses, we see white students apologizing to colored students for the so-called privileges of whiteness. Whatever privileges the students of color were given, from government financial aid to weighted test scores, the full gamut of affirmative action, we will find none of the colored students apologizing for these privileges. It is only the whites who grovel.

On the news, the Pakistani mayor of London lectures whites on how we have to accept Islamic terror because it is “part and parcel” of big city living. Meanwhile, in two vast metropolises, Tokyo and Seoul, we find no Sunni pressure cookers stashed in dumpsters—there are no Muslims there to carry out such attacks. The talking heads on the nightly news never lecture Asian nations on how they should tolerate the bullets and bombs of Muslim immigrants. Only whites must grit their teeth and bear it.

These voices urging us on to self-immolation come from all sides these days: the mulatto news anchor, the bullhorns in the student union, the twice-divorced actress on daytime television, the tender kindergarten teacher with a closet full of Christmas sweaters—no need to carry on with an endless list. They are a motley crew, but in their hearts they cherish a common goal: the dogmatic desire to see whites scrubbed out of existence. Of course, these same people want the fruits of white civilization, just not the grand old tree from which they fell. They want the penicillin, the smallpox vaccinations, the aspirin—just not the white men in white coats who helped bring these things into being. They want iPhones, internet access, and cookie-cutter blog sites; all originally made by whites and all used to spread hatred of whites.

These are people driven by bitter, black emotions. The ethnics among them claim that whites live in hatred of all skin tones of black or brown or gray, while most whites listening to this preaching nod their heads and agree. For a race so filled with hatred, why are whites constantly agreeing with and apologizing to those who now seek to stamp us out? Ethnic foot soldiers are motivated by envy, a universal sin that crops up in all societies and all people. But the whites who join their foot soldier cause are motivated by a sin much bleaker than envy—that is, moral cowardice.

Many whites are now afraid to assert their right to exist, to thrive, to live in the fullness of their potential. Whites want a noble cause to pursue, but they hardly ever stop to question how they define the nobility of their cause. Their minds have been bleached into thinking that whiteness is separable from “white”, and that their existence is inherently evil. Once they believe this lie, then they themselves become accomplices to this brainwashing. These people, the purse-givers and the Judases who quietly take the purse, I call “whitewashers”.

Merriam-Webster and Oxford English may raise their voices in complaint at me for taking an already defined and sharply bordered word and twisting it to my own ends. But I remain firm on this choice. One of the definitions of ‘whitewash’ is vaguely applicable to our situation: to gloss over or cover up (as in the case of a scandal, vice, or crime). In our case, the crime is being white, the vice is living up to our potential, and the cover up is to fool us into believing we have no potential. We are told that the towering churches we built are just dust. We are persuaded to think that our science is a fabrication exposed before the light of ethnic truth. In short, everything whites have done is bunk.

Now that we have identified this curious creature, the whitewasher, let’s examine him in more detail. The whitewasher speaks as if every color, every shade or tint is welcome in the great tapestry of diversity. But his rainbow is not a rainbow at all. Upon closer inspection, we find that his rainbow is a quaint mixture of browns and grays, a panorama of earth tones with one shade curiously absent: the whites have been carefully expunged.

This is the modus operandi of a whitewasher: to hand over as much power as possible, as broadly as possible, to those who are not white.

A lot of power has already been lost. It has trickled away over decades of cultural infiltration and the whitewashers now have gathered many tools in their toolbox. Let’s examine a few these tactics, or rather, surgical torture devices from the whitewasher’s bag.

The first tool of the whitewasher is a word. Just one word—deadly, insidious, and at the moment, omnipresent. The word in question is well known to Americans: the word is diversity. This is the overarching word that for decades has been spoonfed one dose at a time to the American mind. The politicians and professors assure us with smug, smirking lips that “Diversity is our strength!” They, however, live in gated communities. The military promises us that our soldiers jump higher and run faster because of diversity. Hide your eyes from the terror. Corporations also proudly flaunt their diversity in advertisements and full color brochures, as if having an Asian or Hispanic at the corner cubicle magically makes everything run more efficiently.

Whitewashers have made diversity the 21st century’s cure-all.

Now that we have identified diversity as a form of modern snake oil, it is important to understand the term more fully. First and foremost, we have to separate the word and its practice from the warm, fuzzy haze that the whitewasher has created around it.

Diversity means, more or less, a variety or multiplicity of differences. We can see immediately that words like ‘variety’ and ‘difference’ only have meaning in comparison between several unlike things. There is no ‘variety’ among a collection of white cubes, but add to that collection a gray cone and you have introduced diversity. In a society where whites are the majority, and the culture is distinctly Western, diversity must mean, by necessity, anything that is not white and not Western, but it also takes the form of various identities weaponized and co-opted by the left, namely women, Muslims, and the LGBT community.

The whitewasher has contorted the American paradigm to convince white Americans that our greatest strength is to refrain from being ourselves. To embrace diversity, our very nature must be rejected. We must be what we are not.

The only hiccup is that it is impossible to be what you are not; you can only be what you are. A tree cannot stop being a tree for the sake of the rocks and hills; it must simply exist as it is. It must be a tree. A white man cannot stop being white for the sake of other ethnicities; he must be what he is. He must be white.

Since neither our nature nor our genes can be changed post facto to accommodate the whitewasher, and since the whitewasher surely knows this, we can only conclude one thing: by hook or by crook, the whitewasher wants to remove whites from America. And since whitewashers appear in nearly every Western nation nowadays, it seems that the whitewasher wants to remove whites from the West itself.

In some quarters, this is a bold claim. To some, this is conspiracy theorist bilge. Yet if you want to spot it happening, you need only look around you. Examples are frighteningly abundant. Among liberals, notice just how illiberally the word diversity is applied. Nobody struts into Chinatown waving the magical wand of diversity. Nobody points his finger at a Chinese man and says, “You Chinese all have black hair and black eyes. You eat too much of your own food and speak too much Chinese. You need more diversity here.” Somehow when we apply this logic to the Chinese, it seems not only ridiculous, it seems insulting, and yet when we apply it to whites, it seems perfectly acceptable.

To further this point, notice how there is no international pressure on the NBA, which is over 70% black, to hire more whites. There are no calls to boycott the musical entertainment industry where black ‘recording artists’ have outnumbered whites for over a decade. There is no avalanche of lawsuits heaped upon the U.S. Olympic Committee for having a track and field team that was overwhelmingly black. On these points, there is only the sound of crickets and a few tumbleweeds brushing against the pavement.

Let us take a look at the recent riot in Charlotte, North Carolina. Keith Lamont Scott was a dumpy, middle-aged black man with a history of violence and a stolen pistol in his hand. After repeatedly telling Scott to drop his weapon, a black police officer was forced to fire several shots. Scott died from his wounds. Rumors swirled around the media wheel: Scott had had a book instead of a gun; Scott was a “family man”, despite the restraining order his own wife had filed against him; the police had planted the gun, despite Scott’s DNA and fingerprints found on it. Rioters ran wild for three days. One person was killed, dozens were injured, and millions of dollars were lost.

The curious point here is how the whitewashers appeared to praise the earth tones and place the blame on whites. A black officer had shot an armed black man, yet even that was the white man’s fault because, as the whitewashers claimed, whites controlled the system, and the system itself was racist. What went unmentioned was that Charlotte’s police chief is also black. The mayor of Charlotte is a wiry-haired, empty-eyed feminist. Diversity had triumphed resoundingly in Charlotte, and yet the whitewashers were there, spinning their webs of white blame.

Scott’s brother called all white people “devils” on television. Black rioters caused untold damage to white-owned property and the media claimed the protests were “mostly peaceful”. Ten black men brutally beat a white man, David Palmer, as he walked home from having dinner at his sister’s house. A veteran who had served in Afghanistan, Palmer had his eye socket fractured and bones shattered all throughout his face. It will take years of reconstructive surgery to set his face right again. The blacks who had assaulted him shouted, “You’re in the danger zone, white boy!” The same media that was willing to stoke the fires of diversity on behalf of Scott went curiously silent for the white victims of hate crimes.

The next tool in the whitewasher’s box is yet another word. It is a word that can stifle careers, bring down prominent politicians, or topple Nobel laureates. Once whites start to question the sanctity of diversity, this is the word the whitewasher flings like an ape flinging turds at a territorial invader—racist.

The effects of this word need not be analyzed too deeply in this article. The shiver that runs down a white man’s spine when he hears the word at his workplace is proof enough. If you have ever wondered what the Salem witch trials were like, just observe the self-righteous attitude of one man who calls another a racist.

Presidential nominee Donald Trump wants to curb immigration, which means curbing the whitewasher’s plan to displace whites, and he therefore gets called a racist. The word is repeated vehemently, and often without one ounce of evidence to prove that Trump is a racist. Trump fought to allow minorities into his Palm Beach private club. Doesn’t matter: he’s a racist. Trump hires people of all ethnicities. Doesn’t matter: racist. Trump could swim up a river to save three black babies from drowning and the media would still call him racist for assuming that black babies could not swim. He is a racist because he no longer buys into diversity.

James Watson, one of the men behind the discovery of the DNA double helix, had the audacity to say aloud what is confirmed by all scientific evidence: Africans have low IQs. He is a Nobel laureate and now he is out of a job. He lost his chancellorship at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, although he supposedly still gets to have an advisory role there. In reality, they threw him in a corner with some crumbs to gnaw on. He is not a racist because he is a racist; he is a racist because he no longer buys into diversity.

Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter rioters are stomping on a white man’s face in Charlotte. Salon publishes a piece on why white men “must be stopped”. The Huffington Post has an article telling whites what is not permissible for them to say. Two black cops open fire on a white man with his hands in the air and kill his autistic son, an event about which the media remain eerily silent. Sweden is telling native-born Swedes that they must integrate into the culture of immigrants. Germany is insisting that nothing is more dangerous than “blonde, cheerful families”.

The whitewasher wants us taken out of her society like a divorcee who wants her ex-husband evicted from his own home. Boots are already kicking on the door.

The final tool in the whitewasher’s box, at least the final tool I will mention here, is more than just a mere word. It is an idea that pads the lining of the whole diversity lie. It makes diversity seem somehow softer, gentler, and more comforting for whites who are watching their nations recede into an ethnic hinterland. This is a kind of existential Tylenol, which by the request of whitewashers everywhere, whites must swallow. The idea is that America was not founded on a distinct, ethno-religious bedrock, but rather, it was founded on ideals alone. If foreigners adopt these ideals, then they accordingly become Americans. Or so say the whitewashers.

We don’t need a pair of black-rimmed glasses to spot the flaws in this claim. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness only have meaning when interpreted in the broader tradition in which those words were born. The happiness of Jefferson’s era does not mean feeling good and riding in your car with the windows down, singing songs with a friend. It certainly does not mean that taxpayer cash has to pay for abortions or gender reassignment surgery.

America was a sapling grown from a stately British Yew that stretched all the way back to the Magna Carta and Anglo-Saxon common law. In this culture, happiness meant family, service, and lots of sweat. Its freedom was the freedom to pick a wife, to select a service, and to decide just how much sweat would be exuded for both. Being subsidized to mill around the house was not the British way. America was born out of, and crafted for, the descendants of this tradition: white and Christian. The men of early America could never have imagined how severely their words would be twisted into absurdities.

Some might say that the tradition from which these ideals were born is secondary to the ideals themselves. The problem with this claim, however, is that the founding fathers never intended for these ideals to be practiced by anyone but those like themselves. Being white and having mostly Christian convictions were necessary prerequisites.

An example worth noting is Liberia. The nation was founded as a safe-haven for freed slaves so that they might return to their ancestral land of Africa. Americans thought that, even across the Atlantic, the torch of liberty could blaze bright enough for all of the world to see. Africa would be transformed, just as America once was. Liberia’s constitution was nearly identical to America’s, Liberia’s government was nearly identical, and even the nation’s name took the word ‘liberty’ as its spiritual inspiration. Yet it did not take long for the rot to seep in. Today, the sewer rats in London eat better than the Liberians.

A tradition is not just its ideals but also its people: and the tradition that made America was a tradition of Europeans from a damp and drizzly island in the North Atlantic.

This truth, like all truths, is timeless. It will survive the frantic scribbling of the revisionists who hope to fool us into thinking America was always diverse. We can frame our axiom in this way: swipe a stodgy, pink eraser over American whites and you will erase America altogether. America will linger on as a geographical blob on maps, but America as a living tradition will be left to dust.

The whitewasher’s assurance that America was never an ethno-state has kept whites quiet as we have slowly receded into the sunset. We wait contently, with folded hands, smiling as we die. Whites comprised 90% of all Americans in 1940 and now we are a mere 64% of the population. If this had happened in an African nation, where Africans had dwindled to 64% of the population, the press would drum their soapboxes, sound the horns, and condemn it as genocide. For white genocide, there is only silence. The whitewasher will play games with the 64% statistic by merging whites with Hispanics but the vast majority of Hispanics in America are not white at all. They’re mestizo brown. Whites are a mere 64% of the nation and our numbers are shrinking each year. And as our light dims, so does the flame of our traditions.

America peers into the future only to find the ghosts of Rome staring back. A centurion with tired eyes sits on a toppled pillar now covered with weeds, his head resting on his hands, his mouth taut and frowning; he had done his best for civilization but his civilization had not done its best for him. He doesn’t need to speak. We need only look at the urban decay in America to understand how he feels. His world is quickly becoming our world.

Historians, if there are any left after the collapse, may wonder how we let so many years of mold build up and seep into the woodwork of our society. They may wonder how grown men could chase Pokémon as our borders were being overrun by enemies. They may marvel at how we could hand combat rifles to women as our birthrate bottomed out. In fact, they will have a wide range of absurdities on which to write.

The average man in this post-American America may also dream about what had come and gone. He may look at the crumbling skyscrapers and the abandoned hospitals and the half-fallen stadiums and, in a moment of quiet philosophy, wonder what the old traditions were like. He may imagine himself a vague successor to this civilization. He may fight for institutions that still hold the names of the old institutions but are mere imitations of their ancestors. If we of the present were to peep into this future minus whites, it would seem like children at charades. This future American may proudly call himself an “American” but he would be no different than a crowned ape carrying a king’s scepter: jewelry does not make an ape a king any more than an idea can make an outsider an American.

But this world-ending-with-a-whimper prophesy has one hitch: whites have to allow it to happen. Suicide is ultimately a choice. Leave the whitewashers to their pearly words; we have the torches of tradition to guide us through the night. Each year, we are growing steadily less afraid to assert our right to exist, to thrive, to live in the fullness of our potential. Let the whitewashers run rings around foolish minds, because their tactics won’t sway us—so long as the torches of our tradition burn.

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  1. Divine Son of Kek October 18, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Social Matter once again ignores the parenthetical elephant in the room. Too lowbrow, I guess.

    1. QQ moar faggot. I have problems with this article but it’s not that Jews weren’t mentioned enough. The West has been in decline since before the Jews were let out of the ghettos and ignoring this fact doesn’t make you more redpilled or edgy.

      1. Read Yuray’s other response again: “A certain elite subgroup of whites descended from Puritans, Calvinists, and Socialist Germans allied with the Jewish detritus of Old Europe…”

        I’m unhappy with your misreading.

      2. Blaming the Jews for everything is a victim attitude and unworthy of any selfrespecting individual. I mean how pathetic is it to blame the decadent decline of ones own people on the refugee religion which nation was destroyed over 1000 years ago. Not just that it doesn’t do anything to better oneself blaming the jews for ones own weaknesses, it also paints a pictures that this world ruling cultur with the most powerfull developments in history was somehow tricked by those jewish untermenschen, placing them basicly below them.

        Its anesthetic, and pathetic. It is what muslims do when they fuck up once again. Or leftis camping out on occupy. Bu-hu, my mistakes are on the jeeeeeewz.

    2. If you look at Anti-state Murray Rothbard, Friedrich Hayek, Moldbug, Ayn Rand (etc).. you’d realize that the jews, despite all their left-wing nuts in high proportion, also have an unusually high proportion of positive redeemers.

      Their propensity for Social insight could be their blessing as well as curse.

  2. That’s a great point about Liberia.

    I keep thinking about the Orlando massacre and Clinton on stage with the killer’s father a week later. The father had said gays were evil and to my knowledge has never backed down. It goes without saying that if the killer was white and killed in the name of Christ or Odin the father would not be standing next to the numero uno shinning light of the universe.

    The progressive gays don’t seem to mind. They held a rally at Stonewall to reaffirm their “rights.” While Islam does allow homosexuality at a covert level it appears it can also sanction jihad against homosexuals.

    So, apparently, gays are so hellbent on destroying the old order or what they call bigots they are willing to sacrifice themselves. That’s pretty crazy.

    It also seems that white feminist women don’t mind other white women being raped or “groomed” by Muslims or blacks, at least compared to being raped by white men. That’s pretty insane too.

    1. The gay ‘lifestyle’ is just one long drawn out suicide note, so there isn’t really a conflict – to be gay is to be consumed with self-hate and wish to be dead. A thousand ‘PRIDE’ parades won’t change that.

  3. An outstanding article which accurately describes our situation, minus a piece or two, from the puzzle.

  4. It is absolutely despicable that we have come to this point. White men built western civilization and only white men can uphold it. Look at Zimbabwe they had they most productive country in Africa exported the most and the blacks either stole their farms and businesses and killed many of them and now they are one of the poorest countries in Africa. Everything blacks touch they ruin, everything they come in contact with is destroyed. I love being white and I am proud of it and I will never ever allow someone to make me ashamed or sorry of my European heritage.

    1. “The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.”

      – Sam Francis

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey October 18, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    Awesome piece. Lest we forget, it’s going to take more than mere words to defeat the whitewashers and their pet Orcs.

  6. Remember that white populations are not interchangeable either.
    Eastern Europe is not western civilization.

  7. Whites aren’t committing suicide.

    A certain elite subgroup of whites descended from Puritans, Calvinists, and Socialist Germans allied with the Jewish detritus of Old Europe, using the great stupid masses of coloreds as a big fat cudgel, is beating another subgroup of whites, descended from typical Anglo-Saxons, Irish, Italians, Bavarians, Slavs, Prussians, etc. into the dust.

    1. I’m not sure that this is even generally true. American Irish nominal-Catholics are among the worst and most “progressive” of American whites. On a national scale, the notable ones are almost all progressive Leftists.

      1. Banned for deliberate misrepresentation and shilling.

  8. The English elite have always despised their own countrymen. It is they who are openly working to destroy England now, yes in concert with the Jews.

    I believe, and I would love some feedback on this thought, that the ending of any social mobility in the UK, America over the past few generations – documented as being less and less mobility by generation – has left the elite in the Anglo West as the increasingly degenerate and feckless members of a long-ago aristocracy.

    Of course they will hate the masses – these degenerates – I’m thinking of Blair/Cameron and their puppet-masters in the UK, and just about any high official in the US – know in their guts that they are worthless misfits who are lazy, of middling intellect, and incapable of contributing to society. Hence, the narcissism of the destroyer…

    1. “The English elite have always despised their own countrymen.”

      This is true and it hasn’t always been unwarranted. Chesterton preferred the Irish commoner to the English commoner. Of course, in those days, the Irish commoner was literate, devout, and socially conservative.

      1. Yet the illiterate English commoner was his kin, his blood.

        1. Well, both probably were. My understanding is that there is little genetic difference and much mixing. But, the Irish were his co-coreligionists.

          1. In the British Isles since the Elizabethan, Catholicism has, at the ethnic level, been largely a proxy for clannishness. Clannish Gaels and holdout clannish Anglo-Saxons tend to be Catholic, core Anglos tend to be Protestant. Major exceptions exist of course, most notably the admirably clannish Ulster Scots.

            The breaking of clannishness almost throughout the West is the real story behind White exceptionalism, whether expressed as a propensity to demographic suicide, or our extreme vulnerability to Jewish subversion (of course the real answer to how the JQ came to be is a tango – 1300 years together – not wholesale blame for one side or the other).

            There are always some Westerners from highly anti-clannish backgrounds who are throwbacks to our clannish pasts. Chesterton was one. I am another.

  9. Attention needs to be drawn to how those responsible for White suicide, though their skin may be white as the driven snow, or the hue of an olive, in their Brahminic pretensions seem to really think that they’ve transcended mere corporal existence, and are disembodied emanations of pure Enlightenment with no race as such, which they believe they’ve ascended beyond. Note in this regard that a White who identifies as White signals lower-caste status- and a White who’s proud of being White and actually admits it is an instant untouchable.

    1. Do you think that if all the Jews disappeared tomorrow things would substantially change? I doubt it. Sure, they are voting Democrat at a high percentage and even “conservative” Jews who like Israel’s wall don’t want the West to have one. But, still . . . there’s just way too many gentiles in the past 100 years or so who created alienated works of art. They developed anti-Western images when a wariness towards Jews was quite strong. For instance, you’d have to convince me that Picasso, when he made “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” (1907), was influenced by Jews. You’d have to explain to me why the son of an art professor who could paint in a traditional manner decided that it was cool to put African masks on badly drawn whores. You’d also have to show that the wealthy patrons who initially supported modernist art were mostly Jewish.

      1. Jews, to be sure, aren’t the originary font of all evils in all this. They have, however, played an amplifying role, and continue to do so.

  10. Whites are developing a victimhood cult like wveryone else. It’s no less pathetic than when Jews and blacks do it. White, Western, European cultures are not the best cultures that have ever existed. They have not invented and produced 99.99% of the modern world. Every other culture in the world has not piggybacked on their success. All medicine, engineering, technology and theoretical knowledge of the universe did not arise from white European cultures. There is much it has appropriated from every culture and called it it’s own. The rampant collective white ego enshrined at the Hollywod altar that tries to pass the beauty of the world and it’s fine products as it’s own is the reason for White Suicide. This race-fearing panic when the praise and worship of White takes a much-needed break is like Valley Girl opening a vein when another girl wears the same dress to the prom.

    There may be a small element of truth to what you’ve written here, but you surely can’t imagine that the rest of the world will allow racial absolutism like this to remain in the world? The day of White was done the day it raised itself on its own petard.

    Heroes exist by the grace of those who worship them. If you hoist White on its own petard you give the rest of the world the only reason powerful enough to stop them from worshipping at the White altar. Athens and Rome both fell for the same narcissistic reasons. The only thing that saved the West was a little Middle Eastern religion called Christianity.

    If White abandons the faith that saved it from it’s own barbarity, and forgets the fundamental humility that makes it possible to present and claim the world’s achievements as it’s own and get away with it, the consequences of which are clearly outlined in this article, therr is NO hope. On what are you basing any hope? Alpha Game in the hands of sub-intellectual Amerikaners like Trump? The One Man who will rise from the Iron Man movie script and take white to Mars?

    The feminists and minorities were never this bad. The lesson whites need to learn, desperately it seems, is that white is no longer revered. It may take the eating of few livers by savages before the lesson is learned, but the lesson will be learnt. The world has changed. Racial absolutism is as suicidal for whites as guilt. Find the middle ground like everyone else.

    1. Here he is. Here is the whitewasher.

      Your comments about whites not producing the vast majority of the world’s innovations are ignorant and hardly worth addressing. China is the only civilization comparable to the West, and they, unfortunately, had a cumbersome bureaucratic culture that stifled a lot of these innovations in their infancy.

      As for the the rest of your claims: Nobody goes to China and tells them that being Chinese is obsolete. Nobody goes to Thailand to tell them that being Thai is outdated and passe. Imagine telling black South Africans that they simply must accept a white led nation because racial absolutism is wrong. No, the Africans were within their rights to retake their nation (albeit rather dumb since whites ran it better) and since they were right to retake their nation, we are right to retake ours.

      You’re wrong about racial absolutism being the only way out of this mess. It was diversity that caused this bloated, putrid mess. If you look around the world, racial absolutism is the norm, not the exception. It’s only the exception in white nations. Why is it that whites must accept extinction and no other races?

      You, Mr. Whitewasher, are losing out. Whites are waking up. Whites are starting to grumble and spit. If you think we’re just going to lie down and tie ourselves to train tracks because you tell us that racial absolutism is obsolete, then you have another thing coming.

      1. I think you’ve misunderstood what I’ve written. Nobody expects whites to just lie down on the tracks and die. That’s the point. It’s whites tjemselves that are doing that, mostly because they can’t conceive of a world where they aren’t being revered. Racial absolutism has only theoretical meaning in the electronic world. It has no way of expressing itself in reality world without being run over by a freight train.

        Most of the world wants whites to live and thrive. Whites are heroes to many more than they’re enemies, whether or not they like to admit it. The problem is that racial absolutism works in all directions, and there are far more ruthless races than whites, and they do not need to be awakened. They’re already awake and hoovering up all the knowledge of the West.

        A degenerate White race can’t win, but Christ can. If you want to save the West, turn back to Him and help your kin do the same. Non-whites will help whites gain back their place if the moral degeneracy in their midst is halted. If you don’t have faith in them, or my words, have faith in God.

        1. If you read what you wrote above, you will see that I did not misinterpret you at all.

          “…you surely can’t imagine that the rest of the world will allow racial absolutism like this to remain in the world? The day of White was done the day it raised itself on its own petard.”

          “The world has changed. Racial absolutism is as suicidal for whites as guilt. ”

          You are saying that resistance is futile. You are saying that it’s arrogant to even try to remain racially absolutist in a world filled with dark races.

          You can try to wriggle out of these claims by turning 90 degrees from your original position, but those quotes above make your position crystal clear.

          1. Wriggling? Turning orthogonally?

            Gosh, is that the limit of your comprehension? Those comments are about how the world responds to those who try to make god in an image of themselves, as whites are prone to do.

            We can argue language till the freight train comes, or we can appreciate the difference between interpreting and understanding. The latter will help you to hopefully see in time the freight train is yourselves. You can learn and live or argue and perish. It’s up to you.

          2. I would try to make sense of this if there was anything to make sense of. You’re not a latter-day prophet allowed to speak in riddles. I want clear statements from you. I want you to spell out your position for me because I can make neither head nor tails of anything you say.

            1) Why must whites, and only whites, give up racial absolutism?

            2) What is wrong with arguing about a problem? Solutions don’t come by avoiding difficult questions. At least arguments indicate that tough questions are being asked and hard answers are being grappled with.

            3) What does any of this have to do with whites fashioning God in their own image?

            4) What is your overall point? That is to say, how does any of this pertain to the original article?

  11. Why still worry? You can get mad at these degenerates over at Salon or the HuffPost, but what good does it do? Meanwhile in Europe the most notorious victims of non-white crime are Leftis in urban areas. And don’t give me this shit about the lost sons and daugthers and that these lefti degenerates are still whites. We don’t need degenerates with dyed hair just cause they have a womb and we don’t have resources to waste to protect them from getting raped and murdered. We need fewer and better people. If BLM or Refugee violance will thin the herd, so be it. Use them as shocktroops if you don’t have the guts to do it yourself.

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