Weimerica Weekly – Episode 41 – Accessory Kids

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 41. The podcast airs every Wednesday.

This week’s podcast covers the idea of children-as-accessories, in addition to some medical observations.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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Overscheduled kids makes The New York Times. Parent after parent talking about their wonderful trans child.

Thanks to G.W. Rees for the introduction and outro music. G.W. Rees’ music can be found here on Soundcloud, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.


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  1. SecretForumLurker October 5, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    This might play into the kids toys being so cheap that parents compete via the activities because time is irreplaceable.

  2. Ryan’s got another kid? Dang. Player player.

  3. Angry Midwesterner MD October 7, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Assuming I’m around 10-15 years younger than you is what I pieced together from the clues, my generation is the beginning of the over-scheduling. Despite the moniker, I spent a good number of formative years in Texas, around a shit ton of Asians and White striver families in a suburb that felt like it was composed of 50-70%% transplants.
    It got progressively worse as I got older. My parents were the opposite of “blank slate” but definitely mind-fucked my striver instincts to get me to want to schedule more stuff for myself. Some of the other kids around, good God, the ridiculous number of lessons or random clubs. Obviously, the Asians dominated the violin and those extra calculus lessons; Whites, the club sports, student council, and “community service”, or whatever.
    Really, that Amy Chua tiger parenting bullshit is just the same old White Striving on crack/Over scheduling, same shit. Asians in Asia don’t act like that. Side note and bright side, Asians can get flipped to the Right if Whites showed some pride and quit cucking on race. Meeting enough parents in person, you should hear their views on race. Maybe, they can even be a real counter balance to Jewish power on the Left down the line.

    1. Thanks for this comment. Iv heard that Asian tiger parenting is an american phenomenon but that locking kids in the closet for Bs on math exams is pan-Asian.

    2. As long as progressives dominate the culture, media, business, etc., Asians will never turn right in large numbers. The majority instinct is to please and to not rock the boat. They are the last people to be “subversive.” They will virtue signal until the cows come home.

    3. Having spent a couple years in Asia I can’t help but disagree that Tiger Mom behavior isn’t a thing on the continent. If anything it’s even more all-consuming. The activities might change (“English” classes vs. Instruments) but the amount of time the child spends in structured activities in many cases approaches 100% for their entire schooling careers prior to University.

  4. Congratulations on the child, Ryan. Very glad to hear both mom and baby are healthy.

  5. Awesome. Thanks.

    Hopefully we’ll break the striver nonsense. Happiness isn’t elbowing your way around office buildings for the whole of your life. Happiness is family and community.

  6. I can’t find the iTunes location for the podcast. The link seems to go nowhere.
    Can someone please send me a direct link or tell me how to find it?

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