The Politicization Of Medicine: The Trans Push

One of the more grim features of the Weimerican landscape is the trans push. This is the victorious side of the culture war performing a touchdown dance after spiking the football with gay marriage. Either way, it is a well-oiled, roll out of government moves, lawsuits, media campaigns both news and entertainment, and most importantly, education.

America is moving full speed to medicalize one of its more disturbing, bizarre political projects.

The trans push is geared towards the college-educated and the strivers. Poor people do not know they can earn virtue and holiness points by chopping their son’s balls off or making their daughter a hairy beast. The children of poor folk will be damaged in other progressive-approved ways, namely single motherhood, drug availability, or obesity. Middle and upper class kids, on the other hand, interact with the trans push and so can be seriously damaged.

It just has to work at the margins, but if 1% embrace the experiment, it has obvious ripple effects on their friends, family, employers etc., first by having to tolerate, and then accept and praise.

The basic problem is that the very university and hospital that pioneered surgery for gender reassignment stopped doing it. They found no benefit. It did not help their patients. There was no benefit for the psychological issues underneath the surface and in their patients’ minds. This same psychiatrist that wrote the WSJ op-ed also wrote that trans people are suffering a mental disorder.

As such, surgery and hormone therapy is ultimately child abuse if applied to children who go through a myriad of feelings and can experience confusion. The writer, Dr. McHugh, is very open about the danger of the media-government alliance in pushing this, and the danger of such flimsy science ruining lives.

Dr. McHugh of Johns Hopkins might be more in tune with the dangers and weaknesses of the science because the underlying basis for this field was developed by another Johns Hopkins researcher, Dr. John Money.

Dr. John Money’s work has been discussed in documentaries and in long-form journalism. In short, a boy suffered a circumcision accident, and the family took the medical professionals’ offer to raise him a girl. Researchers went gaga because this boy was an identical twin. This boy became the tortured soul in the “John/Joan” case.

Dr. Money lied, his assistants lied, studies and results were falsified, and yet they continued to publish paper after paper proving that gender was malleable and just a construct. If you read up on Money, his ideas are the ideas that you hear parroted by progressives and SWPLs, namely that gender is just a social construct. Money’s faulty research was lauded for decades, receiving grant after grant and awards. Why? It pushed the progressive meme. His research became the proof for their ideology, and now is the default assumptions and framework for all of academia. It was useful to the progressives for gender egalitarian ideology. One may not be surprised to find out Dr. Money was also pro-pedophilia, as he had a nuanced approach to it. To this day, Dr. Money’s abusive methods are a controversy and disapproved of by academics, but they still love the results.

Deeper than progressives using Dr. Money’s erroneous and made-up research to push what is abuse on adults and also even children is the underlying problem of how progressives have weaponized medicine. Decades ago, John McKnight of Northwestern University wrote the essay “The Medicalization of Politics”. The key set up with how the state has used and abused politics is described as follows:

The essential function of medicine is the medicalization of politics through the propagation of therapeutic ideology. This ideology, stripped of its mystifying symbols, is a simple triadic credo:

1. The basic problem is you.
2. The resolution of your problem is my professional control.
3. My control is your help.

The essence of the ideology is its capacity to hide control behind the magic cloak of therapeutic help. Thus, medicine is the paradigm for modernized domination… Medicalized politics is unilateral – the decision of the ‘helpers’ in behalf of the helped.

This not only applies to the trans phenomenon, but now we see how the pharmaceutical industry uses the biological basis for mental issues that can qualify a person for SSDI or SSI. Understanding the medicalization of politics makes the Ritalin and Adderall pushing on little boys, who may be bored in class or need a firmer hand, crystal clear in its true nature.

Medicalization of politics is about control cloaked in the tradition of medical authority and legitimacy. It also plays into the modern American desire to be a victim and to deny all agency.

The pharmaceutical firms will gladly align themselves with this ideology because it provides a baseline for product demand. They can contribute to the ritual of authority and manufactured legitimacy by advertising and getting citizens in the habit of feeling off in some way and looking for a fix from a medical professional. Government prohibition against competition and subsidized shaming of alternatives only helps their distribution. The catch is working for the progressive state. Just look at the side-by-side comparison of the progressive-infiltrated and compliant stances of the pro-trans American Academy of Pediatrics versus the newer, non-compliant American College of Pediatricians.

This medicalization of politics now becomes an application of progressive politics. It’s not simply depression or anxiety. It’s a re-imagination of the concept of the self. Medicine has a solution for you; a solution that perfectly aligns with progressive gender politics. Trust the stethoscope. The solution of hormones and surgeries involved are far more invasive, life-altering and permanent.

The push of progressive politics does not need the barrel of a gun to enforce its will, but the doctor’s white jacket and ballpoint pen.

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  1. Excellent read. Let me tell you this about the medical establishment: it has been pozzed beyond reason.
    Honestly, the only thing keeping them from medicalizing everything is Medicare’s refusal to pay for every single thing.
    Probably the only part of the medical establishment that isn’t full poz is the US Preventative Task Force because they at least rip apart crappy research periodically.

    Regardless, the non-Poz Peds board you mentioned sounds like it was created to get out of a lot bullshit maintenance of certification scams. Hospitals and practices these days just about only hire board certified docs. Licenses are granted by individual States. The license only docs are pretty much exiled to urgent care/doc in a box careers.

    Now imagine these Boards suddenly start dropping more exam questions promoting poz shit on their certification exams… and requiring yet more bullshit for maintenance of certification.

    The kind of people who generally run these boards or other medical organizations…
    The people who become university medicine faculty…

    Be scared, stay skinny, eat well. Pray that you n ever need to see my sort unless for very routine screening.

  2. “…the family took the medical professionals’ offer to raise him a boy…” should read “…to raise him a girl…”.

    1. Thanks.

  3. SecretForumLurker September 26, 2016 at 8:14 pm

    There has to be an economic angle here as well. The surgeries and hormones must be an expensive treatment series, requiring long term and steady use of medicine. What is the cost per transition?

    1. Not sure about the cost of HRT, but in general the costs associated with these procedures are very high. I’ve seen a handful of GoFundMe pages for “top surgery” and similar procedures, which appear to run in the range of $7,500 to $15,000.

    2. _deplorable_reactionary_ September 28, 2016 at 4:26 pm

      Around $100,000 in my case. Many of the “sex therapists” are certainly running a racket and pushing a leftist political agenda. The surgeons themselves are apolitical in my experience.

  4. _deplorable_reactionary_ September 28, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    I agree with the general idea you are proposing. That said, I myself am a transsexual and I do not feel abused. Frankly, I’ve wished to be female since I can remember. Is this a result of social conditioning? Perhaps. I was born in 1988, so I’m definitely a part of a well indoctrinated generation.

    That said, there could be a biological basis as well. Brains are sexually dimorphic. It’s not so unreasonable to think that some mix-up may take place.

    In any case, I will agree with you that’s it’s a mental illness. I’ve managed to live a productive life — productive enough to pay ~$100,000 in medical fees out of pocket — despite this condition, but I have no illusion that I’m a normal or wholesome person.

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