Descending The Tower – 8

Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony are joined by Ryan Landry, the Dutch reactionary Alf, One Irradiated Watson, and Michael Pascal to talk urban legends and the Benedict Option, and light a path for atheist reactionaries to Christendom.

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0:04:15 What is your favorite urban legend?
0:25:32 Alf’s view of the current state of the EU
0:32:59 Porn – subversion or something else?
0:43:27 Is there a legal path to Emperor Trump?
0:51:22 Would an ethnically divided American have provided more for each people?
1:07:47 Is it a blessing or curse to be born in these times?
1:34:25 Should Restorationists reach out to the alt right?
1:52:16 What can we take away from the Benedict Option
2:03:21 How-to Guide for Atheists trying to into Christianity (David Hansen)

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Opening Music: “Wariors of Ice” (sic) by phantom (excerpt)

Closing Music: “Thermostatic” by DJLaser

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“The White Man’s Burden (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)”

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  1. I am in my late fifties. I pity you younger people born in this era of eternal stress and the descent into madness that is affecting the west now. When a little ambition and or hard work assured a future that would support a family. When women wanted a husband, and the wives is saw then wanted to be wives. They wanted attentive supportive husbands, but they kept their fighting private.
    People had networks of friends and social acquaintances . They actually knew and helped each other, warts and all. African Americans had families just like us. names like us and jobs. Now all ethnicities are losing these things. listen to how upbeat Motown music was, songs like sly and the family stones ” everyday people” . Whites and blacks in the band singing about we all need to try to be nice to each other. There was not the hatred and vilifying of whites . the riots had scared everyone enough that they wanted to get along and heal.
    we had our problems then, too. but they weren’t existential threat to civilization. Who can look at any trend in life from birthrate to public debt and not see horrific calamity on the horizon?

  2. Hi guys. Never commented before, but I wanted to offer as a response to the question from the guy who said he saw the value of the church without having a path toward accepting the message.

    Faith is not blindly believing bullshit forever. It is taking the first step even though there is no guarantee that the path leads anywhere. Christianity is orthopraxic as much as anything, and the truth of it can only become clear through actually practicing it with intention and an open heart. You’re not going to sit down in a room and understand something like, God is love. It’s a knowledge that awakens in you on a random day while you’re caught up in the doing of the damn thing.

    Keep it up, this is a great show. Also, continue to have Landry on as often as possible.

  3. Blessed Curse to be born into this age.

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