This Week In Reaction (2016/09/04)

Over at The Future Primaeval, Harold Lee has the why-for and the how-to of Seizing the means of home production. And he doesn’t mean the production of knit-caps for sale on Etsy, so much as the production of quality human souls. A lot of people, even normies, want the traditional single-income life. This is the red-pill article for that. Lee earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Shylock Holmes asks What’s the value of a Bill of Rights? It’s kind of an equal opportunity slam on the “But Muh Constitution” crowd, as well as the “But Muh Absolutist Rule” point of view.

Henry Dampier showed up over at Daily Caller with some astute Alt-Right commentary: Who Is Pepe, Really?

Spandrell burnishes his Alt-Right cred with a translation: The Great Ming Emperor Admonishes his Troops about Women.

Anomalyuk looks at Checked Power and answers criticisms from “reactionary left”. (It exists, apparently.)

Reactionary Future has some humorous notes on Wikipedia and absolutism.

Nick Land at his best: “Democracy ensures that grown-up government can only happen in secret.” Also this was extremely interesting: Wealth Space, borrowed from Szabo of course.

Alf provides a window into the Dutch version of The University College Scam. A pretty enjoyable scam over there, but a scam just the same.

The reason these university colleges convincingly present themselves as elite is because they pay tribute to the elite American universities (a.k.a. Harvard) and copy their material. Anthropology courses teach afrocentric feminism. Sociology courses teach how to democratise democracy. Psychology teaches about racial prejudice. The entire UC curriculum essentially boils down to the following: ‘this is what the cathedral demands of you and if you work hard you might just secure a high-ranking position. Journalism, the European Parliament, International Law, you name it.’ Which is exactly what the harder working students go on to do.

Social Pathologist has an excellent analysis of the Alt-Reich: The Black Hole of Modernism. I think he dates the divergence between modernism and realism a bit late, but he’s correct that national socialism (and much of the alt-right) is heavily infected with liberalism. Also, Slumlord has been a fountain of knowledge on Sam Francis of late. Here’s more: Sam Francis on the Jews. He held to a remarkably moderate position, which was of course horribly antisemitic even in his day.

Devin Helton over at Intellectual Detox is Introducing Counter Search: A Search Engine for Counter-Zeitgeist Thought—suitable for tenure-track normies. His introduction great:

I have created a new search engine called Counter Search. I started from a blank a Google custom search engine and then added to it a hand-curated list of about 80 sites and authors. Additionally, I added in hundreds of hand-picked links. You can read more about the sources I included on the about page. Now, if you want to get smart, alternative views on an issue like Brexit, immigration, or police shootings, you can do a quick search and read a variety of smart opinions.

The Counter Search site also includes reading lists of books and articles that can provide a one-stop introduction to counter-zeitgeist thought on a variety of subjects. If you want to understand intelligent points-of-view that go beyond the default views of academia, NPR, and the New York Times, then please check out the reading lists.


The “Counter-Zeitgeist” is growing up.

Lawrence Glarus wades into some more complexity theory with the unlikely title: Degenerate Trucks. The topic is degeneracy, but of the neural network variety. Applications to follow…

Idaho Kaiser, takes a break from his busy schedule of Kaisering, to offer some commentary on The Face of Abandonment. If progs are so affected by the horror of the Syrian war, then they shouldn’t have started it in the first place.

Rectification of Names is in the air as Titus Cincinnatus notes There is Nothing Social about Socialism. Along the way he trots out Confucius’ Analects, and that fantastic new most hated (by progs) word: lügenpresse. (Thanks, Germans!)

Confucius’ insight here is that discord of language indicates discord of soul and in turn leads to discord of society. The superior man seeks to “rectify the names” by ensuring that what a word means and how it is used are in accord, not simply at the level of vocabulary, but even more so at the higher level of its connotations within social discourse. To intentionally obfuscate the meaning of words meant for social use is to become an enemy of civilisation itself.

On to “socialism”…

Progressives use the term to describe a set of policy proposals—and the ideological assumptions underlying them – which they intend to present to their audiences as being “for the people,” hence the term “socialism,” as if to give the appearance of broad based concern for and support from “the people,” from “society.” However, progressives confound “society” with “government.” The two are very definitely not the same thing. Even in supposedly democratic systems, when the government does something, it is not to be confused with “society” pursuing a path of action.

It’s Black Magick… plain-n-simple.

1025781862[T]his assumption that “socialism” is social is false. Instead, progressives are the great destroyers of age-old traditional social institutions, and have been since the execrable French Revolution. There is not a single organic social institution—not church, not männerbund, not family, not local community, not private club or business—that the progressives have not sought to destroy, to grind into atoms and feed into their culturally marxist power grid. Progressives will not tolerate armed citizen militias patrolling their own communities to ward off Black Lives Matter rioters. Progressives will not countenance churches or businesses refusing to bow before the Almighty Fag as he demands their cakes and their doctrinal loyalties. They seek to break up all these regressive old institutions and replace them with themselves, and only themselves.

Did I mention Cincinnatus could write? Well, he certainly can. He takes home the coveted ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ for his contribution here. RTWT.

Also at The Neo-Ciceronian Times, Cincinnatus asks: Why Were Medieval and Renaissance Aristocratic Republics Limited to High IQ Germanic Populations?

Sydney Trads have up the useful graphic that’s been making the rounds: What does the “Alt Right” Want? Those are all good things, mildly put and suitable for normies. What we lack is a way to get them.

Sarah Perry brings us The Origin of Authenticity in the Breakdown of the Illusion of the Real. As usual, it is a magisterial piece. My main takeaway is that it’s rather inauthentic to care overly much for authenticity. That’s why I have a totally non-ironic, made-in-China hula girl bobble-head on my dashboard. Money, ironically an (perhaps the) original mark of authenticity, is especially problematic when seen coming from the “tourist”…

While money is constructed as corrupting by the alienated seekers after authenticity, those refugees from the ubiquitous order of symbol and signal, money is itself ubiquitous beyond the realm of European and other “alien” cultures. The meaning of many undeniably authentic objects (blankets, baskets) is in its native culture a form of money.

Local markets are exempt from pollution in these definitions, but markets with ritually impure buyers are contaminated. A basket is authentic if it was made to sell to the village over the mountain, but if it was made to sell to Europeans, it is fake.

As usual, Mrs. Perry, doesn’t excerpt that well. To get the full gist, you’ll hafta RTWT. This was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Late in the week, Mark Citadel follows up his masterpiece last week with an addendum: Our Continuing Asymmetric Conflict. It is also very good:

Alt-Right meme, snarfed from Mark

Alt-Right meme, snarfed from Mark

In my writings and my conversations with people in this corner of the dissident right, I have found an unparalleled mix of intellectuals whose knowledge of metapolitics, economics, esotericism, genetics, etc. is astounding, and this pillar is one that will endure because it is one that has endured since Reaction received its baptism of fire in the 1700s. Long after Twitter and 4chan are gone, this will still exist. I do not feel the broad AltRight is damaging this ‘school’ in any way, and instead it is actually helping achieve some objectives (one aforementioned is geopolitical multipolarity). Gauging as best one can the quality of the average shitposting AltRighter, I do not think there is a way that such people could be put to better use than helping weaken the attack vectors of our sworn enemies and thus, wittingly or unwittingly, helping to achieve something for the future of our peoples.

Nobody’s pretending that the real work of building a safe and secure future for Western Civilization is happening on Twitter and 4chan. OK, well, lot’s of people are pretending just that. But they’re idiots. Mark’s not pretending that. We at Social Matter are not pretending that. The adults are hard at work. They just don’t make as much noise as those pesky, rowdy kids.

Sliding just under the gate of this week’s observation window, Bad Billy Pratt has The Narrative of Heartbreak and “Big” (1988). Billy’s old flame Fake Amy Winehouse makes an appearance. This is The Narrative. It’s a little PG-13 (perhaps NC-17 depending on how vividly one’s mind visualizes), but there is much wisdom here:

As a man falls under the aesthetic spell of a woman, he’ll construct the rest of the narrative on his own with very little input from her. Did she try to make a joke? It’s hysterical! Did she make a rather obvious observation? She’s so smart! Is there any kind of minor nuance to her behavior that can be focused on and doted over? She’s adorable!

His misguided interpretation of her qualities will remain until his attraction for her has been extinguished, which may be accompanied by feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, or even disgust, depending on the particulars of the situation.

The collapse of that narrative, the collective return to your “new status as strangers” is where the movie mashup kicks in. The same thing happens to Tom Hanks’ character, when he decides to become his previous adolescent self again. He narrates it all in the patented Billy Prattsian way—and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Finally, in CWNY’s Saturday epistle: Fast Falls the Eventide.

Let me begin with the obvious – It is whites who should refuse to stand for the national anthem, not colored people.

If we do, we do so out of devotion to our people, in spite of their manifest flaws; not devotion to a government that hates us.


This Week in Jim Donald

Jim had two brief notes this week. And then a big, fat long one. Brief #1: Clinton’s Booby Trap. “Hillary wants the alt right to take over the right, to become the Republican party.” And if that happens, Jim predicts, the New (Alt-Right) Republican party will be exactly like the old (not terribly right) Republican party, except accusations of racist, misogynist, everything-phobe will stick a lot better.

Brief #2: Democracy explained for the benefit of a too-credulous commentator.

Finally, Jim digs into Dalrock’s data to estimate A white woman’s chance of getting married. Among other things. The tl;dr…

Julia Roberts in "Eat, Pray, Love"

Julia Roberts in “Eat, Pray, Love”

If white men had their way, and women did not have their way, most women would get married between fourteen and seventeen, and men would get married as soon as they could afford to support a wife and children. We know that is what would happen, because when white men had all the power, when men got their way, that is what did happen, for women of the affluent class.

If women had their way, and men did not have their way, women would spend thirty years from age ten to age forty sexing a long succession of wealthy charismatic socially skilled alpha males with big tools, then get married and have children using IVF and their eggs that they froze in their late twenties. We know that because there is a pile of highly emancipated women with highly successful careers in front of the fertility clinic, only without the husbands.

If you are a woman approaching thirty, and you are nagging your husband, bitching at him, interrupting him, speaking disrespectfully of him, or refusing him sex: Repent now.

Classic Jim, but with much more sympathy for things like repentance. The Committee nods with approval and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.


This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry kicks off the Official TWiR week with: Multiculturalism Erodes Security. Basically, multiculturalism makes development of männerbund much more difficult, expensive, an in many cases outright illegal. Not only does it limit the effectiveness of security forces outright, it also makes hostile organizations—usually formed along strong ethnic and cultural lines—much harder to infiltrate. Liberalism is an acid that eats away the natural fibers that bind societies together; and in the case of tight knit society’s of men, we’re talking about the bottom-most foundation of civilization itself. If männerbunds are outlawed, only outlaws will have männerbunds.

Ziggy Gruber, owner of Kenny and Ziggy's Deli, Houston

Ziggy Gruber, owner of Kenny and Ziggy’s Deli, Houston

Our long-awaited Ascending the Tower episode on the JQ made it out this week. Our guests included Ryan Landry, in Bad Goy Mode, and The Rebbe. Episode XVII: Part 1 – “Gaslighting Christians” Part 2 – “The Meme Made Flesh”.

On Episode 39 of Weimerica Weekly is on Wedding Pageants. What the devil couldn’t corrupt by making marriage less common, he hedged by turning standard marriage ceremony to into a materialistic and narcissistic orgy. Really astute, affecting commentary from Ryan in this one. This is the first time a podcast has been nominated for an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀. LTTWT!

David Grant makes a welcome reappearance Friday with Mr. Tucker Has No Idea What Drives History. That’s Jeffrey Tucker, erstwhile Ron Paulite right-libertarian, who has become a bit more bleeding heart these days. (Bowtie, check!)

In the first place, history is a good deal more complex than the battle between two cosmic forces, the side of good [individualists] and the side of evil [collectivists]. And there are more than mere individuals bouncing around in a vacuum. There are tribes, communities, and races, religions, firms, and political factions. Every historical moment involves a vast interplay of forces, personalities, interests, and ideologies, as well as the all-important factor of chance.

And what about those individuals? Well, not only do they interact with the rest of the world, they influence it, pushing little bits and pieces of it in certain directions. A father teaches his son how to be a man; an engineer designs a new device; a doctor heals a patient. Even a janitor helps keep a building clean.

RF heaps some additional abuse on Tucker’s head, in terms even less flattering than Grant’s.

For Saturday Prose & Poetry, it’s time for poetry. And E. Antony Gray has a bunch of it from Ezra Pound, along with an astute bit of history and analysis on the erstwhile admirer of Mussolini.


This Week in 28 Sherman

Over at the home address: 28 Sherman, Ryan has an equation: Women’s Lib + Black Lib = Shitlib GoFundMe. You get more of what you pay for, and with modern conveniences such as GoFundMe, maintaining the hobo lifestyle has never been easier.

More degeneracy for cash and prizes here: GoFundMe 2 Minute Loves.

"Bella", a boy whose fucked up lesbian mother actually wants to chop his balls off

“Bella”, a boy whose fucked up lesbian mother actually wants to chop his balls off

GoFundMe has devolved into a weird situation where we can see the same thing happen on smaller scales. Little causes can give donors the dopamine hit of caring. People can channel that care to causes and feel good rather than their families around them. For $5, you care. You can also seek causes that fit the progressive concept of good and righteous. You visibly are recognized on the site as a donor all for the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

This Week in WW1 pics its: Beautiful Fighting. Never has the distance between beauty and competency been so great as in the Italians.

Finally, Landry has some remarks on Gene Wilder’s passing. He was a very funny man. RIP.


This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter kicks off the week with a short sermon, with the help of Geert Wilders: Fundamentals Matter. One such fundamental being why does Netherlands exist. Not for subsidizing windmills, that’s for sure.

Next, he ponders The Mystery of Rising Tensions. Tensions are rising? My, I am surprised. Aren’t you surprised?

Yes, Daniel Rivas of the Basque-run refugee kitchen, the Greek people hate you. Vividly. And at a rapidly approaching point even the grandmothers will look at you with murder in their eyes. A prudent man would accept these signals as gracious warnings to cease. Though a prudent man wouldn’t be toiling to turn the Camp of the Saints into non-fiction either.

Gratuitous pic of dark-haired girl.

Gratuitous pic of dark-haired girl.

What are Basques doing in Chalkios, Greece?! Why, to help the Muslim migrants refugees, of course! Bigot!!

Porter contemplates warfare, from comfort of the armchair, in We Danes. War that is for the soul of the nation of Denmark, who has, to it’s credit, been thus far rather cool to welcome its future overlords. Talk of expansion, whether metaphorical or not, of the Visegrad Group is certainly encouraging.

From Denmark to France, next up is Fury and Fear in Paris. In the never-ending game of using “high” using “low” as a cudgel upon “middle”, who can become whom practically overnight. A delicious sight, for those of us who’ve been “whom” for awhile. Apparently £3 million isn’t quite enough to keep you safely away from refugee camps these days. And look who’s all rayciss now.


This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X begins another indispensable Cathedral Round-Up #13: Do Universities do Anything Good? with some good news: Yes. They do…. occasionally. Then she proceeds to deliver the bad news: more and more people are going to college and either not getting a degree or getting a degree that will never pay for itself. On net, the university system is a debilitating waste of human capital.

Another question for Wednesday: Why are Asians harder hit by Recessions?

On Thursday, she has a big—as in ginormousLoL at “anti-racists” who move to all white neighborhoods “for the schools”. This is an excellent, data-rich takedown of all the prog education shibboleths. “The schools are failing”… Nope! “We don’t spend enough on education”… Uh-uh! “But we’d do even better if we spent more”… Double uh-uh!! “Inner-city schools are underfunded”… Lolwut?!! And many more. Evolutionist X earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for her tireless efforts here.

And in Anthropology Friday, the journey through Jane Goodall’s In the Shadow of Man continues.


This Week in West Coast Reactionaries

Busy week (for a change) over at West Coast Reactionaries… Let’s see what they had.

Journeyman of the Neoreaction P. T. Carlo is writing In Defense of the Alt-Right, a response to Paul. This Paul, who had concerns a while back at The Mitrailleuse.

Adam Wallace is inspired by a Legendary Scientism Tweet Storm (read that whole status) to pen: They Care Not for Freedom. Disorder doesn’t give a rats ass about consistency or principles:

They espouse both egalitarianism and the belief that blacks and whites, in the American context, must be treated differently in education; they espouse love and support for the working class and yet they support tax and immigration policies which harm them; they claim that everything European is oppressive and intrinsically unjust, whilst their entire philosophy is Western and a continuation of Western responses to Western propositions; they claim originality and being the underdog, yet they’ve been in power for centuries and their values dominate contemporary society.

The Left is and always has been a muddle of violent responses to pre-established norms, refracted through different lenses to answer different questions in varying ways. A whirlwind of naysaying, the Left cares about power, not principle.

The fetish of freedom has been the undoing of authentic resistance—authentic conservatism—in the West. Freedom is a good; a good that you buy. And no one should ever have more than he can afford. Wallace springs back onto the leaderboard with an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Contributor James sees Alt-Right Viewed From the Right. He’s a bit grumpier (well…) a lot grumpier than I would be about it. But he’s not entirely wrong either.

If we projected the “Alt-Right” phenomenon into a living thing, what would it be? It has no true head, but rather several heads talking and vying for influence with each other. It promiscuously allows any form of rebellion into itself in an attempt to destroy the present, corrupt system. In essence, a vast swell of people who are tired of the slavery of the bourgeois machine have summoned a monster to fight it.

The “Alt-Right” is an internet phenomenon, whose criticisms may be read on… the internet.

Octavian offers an historical perspective in Democratia et Popularis.

Argent considers The Fallout from Hillary’s Speech and the Changing Face of the Alt-Right. This observation was, I think, quite important:

Gratuitous pic of girl with flowers in hair

Gratuitous pic of girl with flowers in hair

It should be noted that over time the percent of the movement that is National Socialist and single-minded white nationalists has been rapidly increasing. This is a natural consequence of the expansion of the movement, as such positions have a lot more popular appeal then some more esoteric philosophies; but the danger is that, in my experience, most of these people have virtually no tolerance for people who disagree with them even on trivial matters, and despise the idea that there should be any intellectual diversity. Personally, I see the entire situation as a ticking time bomb where all non-National Socialist positions will become increasingly marginalized, or shouted down by a vocal rapidly increasing minority. These are discussions we need to starting having now, and we have to start thinking about who we want in the movement, how much diversity there should be and ultimately who we want to be. This is the natural conclusion of totalitarian ideologies, and it should be noted the Nazi Party purged most of the reactionaries and conservatives from its ranks once it was safe to do so.

Finally at WCR, Ed Baghdady documents The Rot of Diaspora: the Jewish Example.


This Week in Reactionary Arts & Letters

More and more of the content that I’ve been linking comes broadly under the penumbra of “Arts & Letters”. So I thought I would give it it’s own subheading. We’ll see how that goes…

Chris Gale has some Donne, ostensibly for The Manosphere: Elegy IX: The Autumnal. Quite beautiful. Also some Kipling: Bathsheba’s husband.

Cheshire Ocelot reviews The First Philosophers: The Presocratics and Sophists.

William Scott has an interesting (and occasionally humorous) piece of audio art: Take the Shore: A Dream.

Over on the home blog, E. Antony Gray has a thought: The Orator Remarks Upon the Digital Word. And also an ode: Sea Before Storm. Quite beautiful.

wreck-of-the-edmund-fitzgerald-924078dfc5595985A world after our own must come.
Will it be in the brightness of Your face?
If not yet, we yield not one
Not an inch or mile from Your holy place.
That terrible wind across the sea–
We ask without question just the same;
What is freedom? We cannot flee;
Grant us that revelation;
— a revelation of flame.

At Sydney Trads, another @WrathOfGnon classic (from an unlikely source, to boot): Bertrand Russell on Love and the Human Condition. And a Quote of the Week from Plato’s Republic—an eerily prescient prediction of our current degenerative ratchet.

Also there, some more original e-poetry from our own E. Antony Gray: Forward the Foundation.


This Week Around The Orthosphere

Chris Gale has a good bit more on Diversity is without evidence, and the failures of “Diversity Education” to… educate make enough people disbelief their own lying eyes.

Also from Chris, some comments on the risks that inhere to psychiatry, and a public who wants to eat its libertarian cake and have it too: It is indeed the years of litigation. Gale thinks The #Altright is winning or maybe he forgot the question mark. If winning a safe-space for race-realist, anti-feminist gays counts as winning maybe… but I have my doubts they’ll even win that.

I think the time has come for the broader reactionary sphere to manage expectations about the Alt-Right. You want to see winning? Just look at what the Tea Party pulled off in 2010! Now that’s winning… for 15 seconds.

Briggs’ new book Uncertainty: The Soul of Modeling, Probability & Statistics got a fantastic review from Roger Kimball at The New Criterion. Add “Civilized World’s Most Amusing Statistician” to his list of accomplishments.

Gratuitous pic of Albanian girl.

Gratuitous pic of Albanian girl.

Briggs has much more On The Severe (And Unrecognized) Limitations Of fMRI. You might be tempted to say, “The Map is not the Territory”. But in the case of fMRI, it doesn’t appear to be well-enough labelled to qualify as a map. Also a look at: Gonorrhea, Wee P-values, and Tax Increases. A “study” showed that increasing the sales tax on alcohol “caused a 24% decrease in reported gonorrhea cases”. Caused!! Chlamydia rates were, however, sadly unaffected. And a few big bones to pick with a Pew Study purporting to explain why adherents of “No Religion” are “leaving religion behind”.

Filed under you really, really can’t make this stuff up: “Contemporary cultural economies of carbon fibre are, in part, a late capitalist … technology of hegemonic … masculinity”. Those damnable sneaky patriarchs.Sydne

Over at Imaginative Conservative, George Panichas wonders What Happened to Excellence? Equalist ideology has pretty much eaten it up.

Also there, Bruce Frohnen thinks he knows Why the Critics Are Attacking “Ben-Hur”. I didn’t know there was a new Ben Hur. And it sounds like it’s pretty good.

They have a review up of Bradley Birzer’s Russell Kirk: American Conservative. They call it “a definitive biography” of this founder of the Conservative Movement, whom we can only trust is spinning in his grave over what has become of it.

Cane Caldo has a heartwarming story: The Christian (Wetback) Wentback.

Over at The Orthosphere (proper), J. M. Smith reminds us of the imminent Constitution Day. It’s Sat, Sept. 17, for those who don’t know. That’s Talk Like a Pirate Day Eve Eve, I think. So get out your Muh-Nation-of-Laws-Not-Men hats and your Muh-Deontological-Ethics noisemakers and let’s celebrate!

Afro Fogey has a bit of commentary, with pics, on Black 400’er Edwin Harleston. “400er” is not an easily googleable term. I dunno what it means.

Donal Graeme permits a fantastic guest post on Groundless Fears Of Men About Their Daughters. Since I have 5, I read with rapt interest.

Oh, those crazy Italians. This by way of Mark Richardson: In light of pathological Italian birth rates, they have declared a #FertilityDay. Feminists hate it of course. Love Italy or love yourselves, feminists.


This Week… Elsewhere

Over at Dissident Right, August J. Rush has a A Quick Defense of Memetics. It’s not that quick, but rather a formidable article. There’s no question that memes have been effective. Effective at what remains to be seen. My best guess is that, as with all weapons, memes are better at tearing down than building. Therefore necessary, but not sufficient.

Also there, Aberrant Harpooner does a fine bit of political theory in Refusal To Name The Enemy: Schmittian Political Reality, Conservatism, & The Alt-Right.

The important inference from this argument of [Carl] Schmitt’s [in The Concept of the Political] is that if a people cannot rise to the level of the political and identify the enemy, then they cannot be said to really exist. They are merely a collection of loosely aligned individuals who lack sovereignty, and who are unable to safeguard the interests of their way of life (insofar as you can label such an empty modality that exists below the level of the political as a “way of life”). One could argue such a sorry lot are unable to conserve anything, as they cannot even exist on a level by which they have an identifiable way of life and group identity to preserve.

Harpooner goes on to discuss the tepid response of mainstream conservatives to identiarians of the Alt-Right. A response which fully delegitimizes them from political power. He gets a lot right in this essay, but I am not as sanguine as he is regarding either the longevity or power of the Alt-Right.


Lawrence Murray has coverage of Banal Ethnic Conflict and the Burkini. Emphasis on banal. That’s what makes it interesting. The French sure can choose their last stands, eh? “Our daughters, yes. Our country, maybe. Our cultural liberalism, never!”

Also, covering popular politics is degenerate, but someone’s gotta do it. Murray volunteers with crack coverage of Trump’s Immigration Speech.

Over at City Journal, Steven Malanga has news of the Obama Administration’s new rules to allow states to sponsor pension systems for workers whose employers don’t have them: Private Pensions, Public Risks?

Heather Mac Donald imagines Sanctuary for the Civilized. Strange that progs insist upon unfettered import of so-many brown people to a country that is so wicked toward browns…

This year alone has seen several Herculean efforts to impose the “West as the mother lode of all discrimination” template on outbreaks of violent hatred by Muslims. European feminists rushed to dismiss the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults by Muslim men as simply an outgrowth of Western patriarchy. The Islamic terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was somehow the product of American homophobia, exacerbated by opposition to transgender bathroom use. An “Interpreter” column in the New York Times twisted itself into knots trying to claim that Donald Trump’s criticism of honor killings was an attempt to shore up white-male dominance and to demonize the non-white-male Other—just like lynchings in the Jim Crow South.

But sometimes the truth makes it through the Blame Whitey narrative filters: America is a pretty civilized place, all things considered… and Mac Donald has the story.

Also there, Seth Baron takes a look at how “New York’s political leaders obscure the costs of illegal immigration under sentimental rhetoric”: Undocumented—and Unmeasured.

Not sure how to classify this yet, but it’s worth a read: The Dark Reformation Part 10: The Clash Of Memes And the Making Of A New World Disorder.

3677c13167b7601d247470b003bb840aThe West and Islam (memeplexes) are committed (a better word would be determined by their memetic programming) to world domination. Russia and China have expressed no such ambition (yet), and may never do so. Russia and China, as of this moment, are interested in only maintaining their sovereignty from Western attack (memetic infiltration and subversion). Islam, however, is engaged in a struggle for world supremacy against the West and the rest. “Cthulhu swims slow, but he only swims left.” Allah dances fast and furiously — but he only dances right.

Harvard’s grand strategy against Mecca is, as it does with most of its enemies, is absorption, digestion and excretion. In essence, it eats its enemies. Harvard’s strategy is to divide and conquer. First, create a self-imposed distinction of “moderate” and “radical” Islam. Co-opt the “moderate” wing and then either eliminate, marginalise or ignore the “radical” wing. The end is that Islam becomes, essentially, Unitarianism. Harvard’s strategy is feminine. It seduces Muslims (marginal and oppressed Muslims — women, gays, atheists, intellectuals and artists) with promises of power, wealth, prestige and equality and freedom. Furthermore, it is feminine because it provokes the ‘males” of both cultures to fight each other.

Hard to argue with that analysis, but if Harvard really is at war with Islam, it sure is fighting like a girl. And that’s the only thing stupider than fighting at all, because… in my view Islam is not a threat, and has never been less a threat. Islam poses no threat that well guarded Western entry points cannot solve.

Ace has a respectful bone to pick with Roissy,

I’m not quite sure these are Aphorisms, but they’re pretty interesting definitions all the same.

William Scott was inspired by James’ not entirely temperate rant, to pen a very temperate and remarkably hopeful: The Kids are Alt Right.

Henry Gloucester, having taken leave, at least temporarily, of the subject of wife-beating, offers up a Book Review: Norman F. Cantor’s The Civilization of the Middle Ages. Well, the first 30 pages at any rate. Clearly, Henry did not care for it.

The Undiscovered Jew (TUJ), long-time commentator at UR as well as around the Reactosphere, grabbed everyone’s attention for a couple weeks. Just who was this “co-host” going to be? The hints strongly suggested Moldbug. But that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, because… reasons. And we forgot: this guy was a Jew. Turns out it was Metternich—a fine enough chap I think, but not one that necessarily requires TUJ filtering. TUJ is also a big Alexander Hamilton fan… big fan. And also Lincoln. Meh.


Welp… that’s all I had time for. Let me know what I missed. Don’t be Donatists. Keep on reactin’! Til next week… NBS, over and out!!

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  1. I think the Alt Right will win if they stay in the realm of culture. The tea party tried to win by political struggle. That will not do: the current US elections are but an epihenomenon.

    You need to change the culture, and you do that by reflecting the truth, particularly when it is called hate facts.

    I do like Mark Citadel on this: we have learned to use rhetoric and memes and satire. We have stopped being polite to those who would destroy us.

    The next step is to start building a better society, without asking the keepers of the cathedral for permission.

    Thanks for far too much reading.

    1. SecretForumLurker September 8, 2016 at 9:56 am

      This comment is spot on. maybe Richard Spencer will stop talking to anything that looks like a reporter’s microphone long enough to take note.

  2. Glad you liked the post! Have a great week.

  3. Well, thanks very much Nick and the Social Matter guys for linking to my Dark Reformation.

    A very generous sample. Thank you.

    I feel bad, because I was planning on “officially” announcing it a few weeks from now, when the manifesto/treatise was all done. I put it up early (Nd I thought in secret) to motivate me and give me incentive and personal sense of achievement. But, it is not fully edited. Working back over my stuff, I notice that my writing needs a good degree of work. Well, I am trying. Nick Land started linking to my site, and so the horse is well out the barn door now.

    My final part should be up sometime next week. It is about strategy, and the Anti-versity (I’m thinking of recalling it Nous — what do you all think?)

    After the Dark Reformation I was considering posting a major piece on Islam, and I also have a very controversial “piece” on the Rotherham scandal (I have been sitting on it for months. Because I fear releasing it.) Also, I am going to write about my country — Northern Ireland and how it connects with Neoreaction. After that, I am going to start getting involved with other blogs and reading them in greater depth and commenting and cross-linking and posting stuff to read. I read lots and lots of stuff, and I save it for reference….. So I will start putting it up.

    Finally, once again, thank you. And this website is very, very cool. Excellent design.

    [Ed. Rescued from spam filter. Sorry for delay.]

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