Ascending The Tower – Episode XVII, Part 2 – “The Meme Made Flesh”

In part 2, Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony cover the last four centuries of Jewish foreign relations with guests Ryan Landry and The Rebbe. They ponder the question of the future of Euro-Jewish relations, and we have, not one, but two Out of Left Field questions.

This episode is brought to you in part by generous donations from our listeners Anonymous in VA, The Bermudan Reactionary, Gladio, Edmund Burkenstock, and a special gift from our guest, The Rebbe. If you would like to sponsor an episode of Ascending the Tower, e-mail survivingbabel AT gmail.

00:50 Christ explicitly taught the avoidance of holiness spirals
12:52 The Qabbalists against the Torah
26:26 The events that led to the Frankfurt School
52:21 Where do we go from here in Reactiono-Judaic relations?
1:07:39 Are American Jews their own nation?
1:25:14 Out of Left Field – The Rebbe
1:31:42 Out of Left Field – Ryan Landry

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Opening Music: “A Handful of Sand” – Sins of Shadows (excerpt)

Closing Music: “Hassidic Celebration” – German Shepherd

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Admonitions of Ipuwer – Ancient Egyptian Political Treatise

Sabbateanism, from the Progressive Jewish perspective

Freud and the Frankists

Spinoza, from the Cathedralite Professor perspective

Matt Damon is a WASP Nationalist


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  1. Whatever their laws, the OT narrative has significant of examples of Jews getting into positions of power in goy states and manipulating things to their benefit.

  2. Much of what your guest talked about is also mentioned by the fantastic book, barring the Catholic apologetics imho, in E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History ”

    Audiobook with PDF for download in description here:

  3. Why should a “goyish patchwork country” have _any_ jews? Whites/goys deserve their own country without having to accommodate anybody, esp not jews. Jews can go to their own “patchwork country”, or Israel or wherever.

    1. You want the Jews to keep building your atomic bombs whilst keeping them away from writing sitcoms.

      Also, no one “deserves” anything that they didn’t get for themselves. There is no Cosmic Parent Emperor doling out homelands to all his children equally all fair-n-square.

  4. As a Jew, I found the Rebbe very misleading in his explanations of Kabballah, some aspects of European Jewish history and especially Nazi-Zionist relations. I would encourage anyone interested to actually read the history or check out the Martyrmade podcast for an excellent exposition of Israeli Palestinian conflict and modern Jewish history. It’s done by a Gentile so it’s very fair.



      Would you mind telling me how many “Palestinians” lived in “Palestine” circa 1880 with ancestral homes there (not nomads), i.e. actual “Palestinians.” I can identify no “Palestinian Muslim” culture or evidence of anything that they did or famous people. Can’t even find any distinguished ones here:

      Either the least accomplished people in human history or they are imaginary.

      1. Be they nomads or farmers every people have ties to the land they inhabit. Maybe their identity wasn’t preserved in writing but their identity cannot be dismissed so easily. Our struggle with the Palestinians is with no clear right or wrong. But I am a Jew and I support our state and I recognize that only through violence is anything real created. If one digs hard enough even our Zionism might be deemed “imaginary”… But however it comes about this national identity is here to stay. Same as theirs. That said I fully support Israel annexing the West Bank and more as the only clear long term “solution” to the conflict.

      2. I should say though I did enjoy your perspective on many issues.

        Following on your Nazi gene theory for Israel, I half agree with you. I definitely see the German focus of a strong state, militarism, and hero mythology. In a way Nazi Germany and Israel are metaphysical brothers in the virtues they hold true. Just one went full berserk while one slept incubated. Hmm Jacob and Esau? One dwelt in his mothers tent while the other was savage and red…

  5. Interest rate set by central bank = monetary policy

    Taxes = fiscal policy

  6. Great podcast! Incidentally, Rebbe’s story of how the Jews got expelled from England in 1290 agrees with Prof. Mark Koyama’s story on this Research on Religion podcast:

    Medieval kings had a hard time collecting taxes, but there were conflicts with the minor nobility, who kept getting over their heads in debt, and wanted to drive out the Jews instead of paying it back. The 1290 expulsion was basically a dirty deal that Edward I made with his nobles.

  7. Clarification: Medieval kings had a hard time collecting taxes, and Jewish moneylenders were the easiest people in the world to collect taxes from, but there were conflicts with the minor nobility…

  8. Might I recommend the documentary entitled, “Inventing our Life” about the early Kabbutzim. You want to talk about the Nazi genes in Isreali political thought, you’ll definitely see it in their propaganda films.

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