One Man, One Vote, One Time

As America prepares for another election, which happens to be the most important election in history, the punditocracy grapples with the specter of whites entering the identity politics game. This is not desired by the regime, which is why there has been educational indoctrination and media messaging to emphasize repeatedly that this is a bad thing for whites to do. Racial coordination is bad for whites, but good for all others.

The brainwashing is working, as it appears higher status whites would rather commit voting suicide by pulling the lever for the Third World flood to continue, rather than possibly stem the tide. What exactly was the tide meant for with America? “Good food,” is the only thing a SWPL can say, and it is not stupidity that limits them to this. Actual benefits are strategic or economic, which they cannot grasp, and one big unmentionable item: One Man, One Vote, One Time.

From a strategic point of view, there is a defensive weapon that exists to protect the empire by being open borders. Leftists will not admit we are an empire that dominates the globe, but any empire must fend off challengers. By leaving our borders open, defense against rising threats is easier. By using the system of higher education and post-education material security, America can pull in the best and brightest out of other nations and prevent their home nations from applying the human capital to their social and economic systems. An anecdote one may hear often starts with a Nigerian or Pakistani pre-med undergrad student saying he or she wants to become a doctor and go home to help their people. The anecdote ends with the storyteller finding the Nigerian or Pakistani on LinkedIn living in Long Island, or the suburbs of Atlanta.

By the late ’60s, the American economy was not as overwhelmingly dominant as it was after the Allied bombings of Japan and Germany, which created the American middle class by destroying competition. The American labor force could extract raises, and as John Kenneth Galbraith wrote in the ’60s, capital would seek automation as much as humanly possible. The way immigration comes into play is that while free trade allows for the offshoring of work that is simpler, more complex and location-dependent work would need to be automated or made cheaper. America’s open door with regards to immigration, both illegal and legal, sucked in labor to reduce costs and make American businesses more competitive, while boosting returns to capital. Immigration also feeds into social service needs, new consumers, and with the birth of the FIRE economy, new marginal borrowers.

This is beyond the average SWPL’s grasp. This is also only a benefit to capital, as the millions of laborers in America would be harmed. Even if they did understand it, admitting they are foot soldiers for international capital would short circuit their wiring as they politely sidestepped the coalition members that shared their anti-Brexit heartache: immigrants, SWPLs, and multinational corporations and finance. Without that knowledge or admission, they run into the only other benefit which is an unmentionable: importing voters.

The racial lockstep voting of modern America means that outcomes are merely calibrations of the ethnic composition of the electorate. There is no debate when all percentages are predetermined, and America is rapidly, if not already, at a predetermined 51-49 (or worse) outcome. This inevitability is hinted at in gloating essays by liberal law professors on the future erosion of 2nd amendment rights. The goal of third world immigration is to create the one man, one vote, one time situation that so much of decolonized sub-Saharan Africa witnessed. It is possible LBJ realized it would be easier to bribe the black underclass and import impoverished “Future-Americans” than to persuade whites. Looking at the insurgent, anti-status quo campaigns of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders, it is evident that the American regime has a much harder time controlling its white population than it does minorities. Clinton won due to rigging primaries with the DNC’s help and the Democrats being just beige enough to carry her in several states.

This is the goal for the Left in order to lock down every election. If one wonders why the mask slipped in recent years, it may be due to the Left assuming they had stuffed America with enough imported voters to secure the presidency forever and had conditioned whites enough to vote “I’m no racist!” to prevent a backlash. Even if Trump is elected and has some success, forget about a blue Texas. That will not matter. Once Florida is Mexican enough to be reliably blue, it is over. One man, one vote, one time will take place. The GOP — if it exists after 2016 — will fight a rearguard action, but at best they can delay the inevitable.

A one party state will exist overtly. As the one party state becomes explicit, all that matters is what the Left wants to tolerate. Does open borders immigration finally end? Does the Left accelerate all of their maniacal anti-Western Civilization and anti-White fringe rhetoric? Does disparate impact get applied to criminal prosecutions? Does political conflict descend into open violence? Will white America accelerate its heroin despair and depress their fertility below German levels? Do America’s whites and Hispanics come to a truce and power-sharing system of sorts? This is wide open.

Even in a one party state, there are factions. The factions and battles move from the national debate stage to backroom party control. Those party leaders will all go through the proper credential programs via Harvard, Yale, etc., which we are oh-so-close to now in America. American democracy by that point will have become a true U.S.S.A. If the Democrats of 2016 are a preview, the Bernie-Hillary contest was neoliberalism vs. full communism, which blacks overwhelmingly rejected, despite being in line with their ideological aims because they were clients of the faction running Clinton. Power plays existed in the Politburo and in the Chinese Communist Party. Xi is purging his rivals after all, not only the corrupt.

With a party securely in control, would policies change to guarantee more safety, order, and possibly the return of segregated living and Jim Crow, but with a smiley, progressive face? A future media glorifies “All-Black Safe Spaces!” The Austro-Hungarian Empire suffered separatist movements and parties for decades, and with ethnic bodies far closer than what 21st century America contains. With the ends finally secure in one man, one vote, one time, the progressive project can unravel, due to the collateral effects of its means.

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  1. Ryan, you write “it appears higher status whites would rather commit voting suicide by pulling the lever for the Third World flood to continue”

    “Higher status” gives one more choices in such a situation. Acceptance of diversity and multiculturism is in direct proportion to your distance from it.

    The purpose of a college education is to give you the politically correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible.

  2. The purpose of immigration is to enable one half of society, the left, to shut out of democracy the other half, the right.

    The purpose of the Genocide Convention of 1948 is to enable one half of society, the right, to try, find guilty and execute the leadership of the other half, the left.

  3. Now that the ‘One Man, One Vote, One Time, One Comment’ synergy is no more, I feel I can pile on.

    (No, Nxx, that’s not a complaint at you.)

    Thanks, Ryan, for pointing out the strategic reasons for mass immigration. Especially interesting is the idea that open borders allows the continuation of political hegemony via ‘brain drain’ from client states. The economic focus on depressing wages to prop up capital has been covered before (though could stand to be covered again), but this is a relatively new angle to NRx and can use some further analysis.

    Why? Not so much because it’s a good attack vector, though it is for converting fringe progressives to our cause. Rather, because if we’re going to install a new government, or survive through the collapse to rebuild, we need to understand these perverse incentives in order to keep them from recurring.

    If we want anything better, we need to understand the failure states of the present model.

    And it’s a fairly common failure model. Athens did it with the Delosian League (albeit she wasn’t given enough time for it to take full effect). Persia did it. China probably did it in one of her dynasties at least (ask Spandrell). Rome did it.

    So how do we keep from doing it?

    The simplest answer is, of course, “Don’t be an empire,” but that has the unfortunate effect of requiring a sort of cultural, political, and geographical triple blessing that can’t easily be engineered. Further, rulers like empire-building, because what’s better than ruling your patch of Earth? Ruling more of it!

    Maybe the answer is sufficient xenophobia. Don’t assimilate client populations; replace them. Unfortunately, this requires a sufficient TFR to accomplish, which cannot be guaranteed, because if you give people nice things they don’t like to have babies, and further, has the nasty tendency of turning you into the Assyrian Empire. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live under Assyrian rule.

    1. Along this line, the Orthodox Christians in some African nations have asked the Orthodox here to help them build a seminary there – not pay money to send people here. Obviously you cannot build a national church without talent, and if the talent runs away to the North East of the USA, you’re nowhere. It’s also interesting, and very true, that of the two components, the education and the talent – the talent is the more significant. Those Africans would do better with less comprehensively educated but talented priests there, rather than comprehensively educated priests which might end up anywhere on the globe, leaving them with the dregs.

  4. Xopher Halftongue August 14, 2016 at 9:22 pm

    Voting machines can be hacked. I doubt that wise Latinas and sassy black women are a match against Russian hackers. There’s a price to pay for being anti-White. Russians are White too.

    1. This ritualistic Putin-bashing comes at a time when US national security requires long-term cooperation with Moscow on vital fronts and makes rational US policymaking all the more difficult.

      But, where have we really seen totalitarianism trending? Why, in Amerika, of course. Drone attacks on civilians abroad, presidential kill lists, unrestricted and unabashed monitoring, data collection, and snooping not only on all US citizens, but also world leaders, together with the covert activities of the NSA, FEMA, TSA, CIA, FBI, ATF, IRS and a host of other secreted agencies tucked away in Washington’s hidden portfolio.

      It is again this demonization BS, by assuming that Russia is ready to invade the entire world, a USA specialty. In reality they do everything to provoke Putin to defend himself in what he sees his sphere of influence. Rather than leaving Russia alone, the Washington DC neocon revolutionaries are meddling everywhere, in an attempt to overthrow every government they don’t like, all under the pretext of “bringing democracy”.

  5. Plus, we have to consider the idea that the ruling elites are, in some sense, actually mad. I’ve always been amazed that the American Left seems to have so much less intellectual heft than the European Left and always has.

    It’s not just that their thinking is muddy, but they seem to believe it’s unnecessary. Immigration is good and that’s it. “Love wins” and that’s it. If it’s not working we just need to do it harder and pretend that it is working.

    In the Timeless Christian, EVKL discusses the tremendous “stupidity” of the Devil. The Devil, while endowed with great raw intelligence, nonetheless frequently engages in actions that are self destructive from his own perspective. The American Elite is kind of like that. They’re just so damned trained to think a certain way their minds are safety wired to the course they are set on.

    Also, frankly, the Right isn’t ready. We don’t have the organization in place to mount any kind of a real resistance to a genuine article tyranny. As much “woofing” as is going on, we all know most of us would just keep our heads down and hope we get eaten last. That’s because the first guy to make a move has no real confidence he won’t be acting alone and unsupported. Why die if it won’t make a difference?

  6. Think about what the left will do if they have electoral impunity. The debate will be “do we confiscate guns or just ban all future purchases?” Or “which oppressed groups do we give reparations to”? Think about the waves of Muslim migrants. This blog will be shutdown as banned hate speech.

    1. SecretForumLurker August 15, 2016 at 1:16 pm

      This line frightens me since I see academia’s filth “As the one party state becomes explicit, all that matters is what the Left wants to tolerate.”

  7. Goliaths are always big. Davids are always small. Its one of the things that makes the inevitable victory of the Davids so unexpected to the howling mobs behind the Goliaths.

    Chins up, gentlemen, there’s enough white pills for everyone.

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