The Red Empire’s Manchurian Candidate

Recent hysterics in the media have centered on crafting a false narrative that Russian authorities hacked the DNC emails, disseminated them through Wikileaks, and are actively trying to help Trump win the election.

This hysteria reached fever pitch as Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference, and in a throwaway line, said it would be great if the Russians had Hillary’s emails and shared them. This event inspired journalists to extrapolate from that line the meme that Trump was being treasonous and calling for international espionage and sabotage.

A modern Manchurian Candidate meme was born–just the wrong one.

Lost in this hysteria, which is simply the media protecting itself and favored candidate, is a deeper truth worth exploring. Looking at the framework of the globe as made up of three sovereigns: International Community (USG Empire), Russia and China, as well as USG being split into Red Empire and Blue Empire, one can come to a better understanding of this Trump-Russia connection. The Red Empire is the empire of bases, our security forces, the good ol’ Pentagon. The Blue Empire is the empire of  consulates aligned with the securely blue vectors of the polygon that rules–e.g. media, academia, State, CIA, etc.

Foreign engagements are proxy wars between these two factions, and each faction seeks clients and more power to eventually beat the other for supremacy.

The view is that these factions Red and Blue interfere globally and seek allies to use as cudgels against the domestic opponent. The Blue Empire twice has worked to secure China to beat at the Pentagon’s Red Empire by first handing China over to Mao in the Chinese Civil War, and over forty years later, handing many Red Empire military secrets and trade perks to China to help them catch up. China has been ungrateful to the Blue Empire for never properly aligning with them. This view may be under fire as the USG Empire in totality weakens.

As the USG weakens, and this is demonstrable in multiple ways, suddenly its factions become ripe for partnering. First, the USG is weakening, as its debt-fueled economic Frankenstein is not responding as it once did. USG now relies on hashtags and cannot exert will to stop anyone or anything (#BringBackOurGirls, correct?). USG is also seeing its Blue Empire tentacles cut in nations that expel NGOs and pushback on American subversion.

There were twin events in particular that USG was caught flat-footed on that reveal a change in the international game.

The USG system worked a coup in Ukraine with the Maidan fiasco. This all began out of a simple choice by Ukraine to sign an economic deal with Russia, rather than the EU. Little covered by the American media was the fact that Ukraine had also sold prime agricultural land the equivalent of the size of Massachusetts to Chinese interests to secure reliable food production. USG pulled off its coup with neo-Nazi groups as shock troops, but then Russia responded by funding rebels and successfully beating back Ukrainian forces, as well as annexing the Crimea. Each time Ukrainian forces are routed, and while the Crimea remains in Russian hands, USG is reminded it is mired in the muck in Ukraine for no gain.

On the heels of the Ukraine events, the latest gambit in American democracy-exporting turned Syria into a land of ruin. Russia decided to intervene. President Obama claimed Russia’s kinetic intervention was in fact a sign of weakness, while skipping over the fact that America had been supplying arms and non-lethal aid to rebels for years. Russia did something new in multiple ways. First, Russia used air power without USG approval for a non-USG aim. Since the end of the Cold War, America has ruled the skies, and if a country were to use air power, it better have American approval or a no-fly zone would form.

Russia used and continues to use air power to help Assad. Assad is still in power and in a move that would make Red Empire jealous, Russian aid has allowed Assad to defeat Blue Empire-funded and supported elements. The State Department and CIA suffered a rare loss.

If the USG is slipping, then its two factions become potential partners for the remaining other sovereign states. Goals can overlap just by having a common enemy. Russia was a land empire and has a mindset formed from the steppes. No need for global expansion. The goal is ending the bipartisan neocon drive for confrontation with Russia. Russia wants breathing room, secure sovereignty, and pushing different systems for different nations (paraphrasing Xi Jinping) is appealing. Red Empire is the empire of bases that while completely competent to destroy militaries as evidenced since 2001, grows tired of the never-ending drive for regime change in CIA and State. CIA’s current reshuffling might be the only thing holding up more regime change in the Middle East. Red Empire’s military industrial interests need to be fed, but need a new target.

Enter Trump.

The first step in destroying the Blue Empire would be in destroying the outer party: the GOP. There’s a definite need to destroy that aggressive wing of war hawks. The inner party has competing wings of anti-war peaceniks and Trotskyite democracy-exporters. Neutralizing the hyper-aggressive GOP wrecks the bipartisan war party force in the USG. Killing the false opposition network of power, while building a nationalist, non-progressive approved political power structure is a first step.

To win the presidency is supreme. The takeover of the Democrats by the banks and the Democratic Leadership Council first started as moving within state parties, but junked that approach for the “grab the big chair” drive. It won the presidency in 1992 with Bill Clinton and set up the political arrangement we have today. Trump did not need the big money donors and generated ratings that the media could not resist. But Trump’s path became a fight against the media. His daily smears of the media delegitimized it as a source of truth and stressed an already widely held belief that the media is corrupt and rigs the system. The Red Empire’s many foot soldiers in the military and veteran network views the media in a negative fashion. A sign of USG slippage is the media’s drift to regime press and the emergence of alternative news sources.

The Russians help by providing simple information that Red Empire cannot get due to legal constraints. Do the Russians have access to hacked information? Possibly. America’s own security pundits have claimed that China and Russia likely hacked Clinton’s private server. Russia may have information. Russia also has channels for dissemination that Red Empire does not have. America’s freedom of the press allows for these alternative channels. America’s regime press has also forced people to look elsewhere and grant authority to these channels.

The DNC Leak story reveals Trump as absolutely correct that the Democrats’ system was rigged against its own supporters. Extrapolating from there, the general will be rigged just as the economy and society is rigged.

If Trump were elected, the payoffs for the Red Empire and Russia would have to be enacted. An easing of relations, formal recognition of Crimea as Russian, removal of sanctions, even a strategic alliance with Russia would be a global game changer. Russian sovereignty could be secured without having to become a vassal of China, and Russia’s alliance with a victorious Red Empire would secure it from physical threat and prevent Blue Empire subversion.

The payoff to Red Empire is more difficult. First, the economic interests that gain from Red Empire’s foreign adventures and budgets would have to be sated. Trump does have a plan for that, and a reorientation of foreign policy and law and order that would satisfy them. Consider what an armed, fortified border with surveillance would require for operations and budgets from the military industrial complex? If people are returned to Mexico, Mexico will have intense strains placed on its society. Add to that idea the concept that America would go after the cartels (unless making them properly recognized sovereigns of Mexico) that operate on the border and within our nation. The money still would pour into Red Empire coffers.

As the Russians and Red Empire would need to map out spheres of influence, the focus of American foreign policy could return to the old Monroe Doctrine, Western hemisphere centric view. One can look at not just the flow of immigration since ’65, but the mess that is Latin America to know that even with deportations and a wall, America will become more Latin if it survives as one entity. Properly rehabilitating South America so that immigration does not become an easy release valve for those nations would damage Blue Empire by removing voters for its legitimacy and potentially removing their NGO and consultant class influence and power. The Red Empire may need a new political system to implement this in South America, and possibly even in the US.

Foreign policy victory is not total victory, though, as Red Empire needs to destroy Blue. Appointments and hiring in the USG can place a young female with a law degree at a desk in Pakistan. In effect, Blue trained priests in place all over the globe. Trump could appoint veterans with any number of degrees in many spots and staff Red Team-trained warriors all over the USG network. Trump has spoken of ending nation building and regime change. This stabs at the heart of State and CIA.

Blue Empire’s foreign policy aims would be blunted, but domestic reign would still be firmly in their hands.

Consider Trump’s economic policies. Bankers treat Trump with uncertainty. He has stated he would repeal Dodd-Frank, but what would he replace it with? Trump has made noise about the Fed, but would he give up the reserve currency status? This would provide one boost for his program to bring back jobs. The dollar’s loss in worth would make America’s labor costs much lower. Any normalization in interest rates is going to choke off significant activity, since our finance-focused economy depends on the marginal borrower. How many Blue Empire domestic programs and state governments need low interest rates? Most, maybe all.

If America reorients away from the FIRE economy and back towards a productive economy based on manufacturing, natural resources and infrastructure, different power nodes aligned with the Blue Empire would suffer. Trump has hinted at doing something to help student debt loads and provide jobs. If Trump were to simultaneously address student debt, while bringing back decent paying jobs that do not require a degree, he would level a strike at academia far greater than anything Russia or Red Empire could. Removing the incentive to attend university strips demand, and American encouragement for the marginal student is well into negative marginal returns.

This is why immigration matters so much. It factors into Trump’s economic policy. By removing a pool of labor that suppresses wages, it allows individuals a proper choice of employment. Even just removing the lid that illegals place on construction wages has a huge effect. Suddenly, small and mid-sized construction firms have to pay decent wages. By doing so, other industries facing the same labor pool must compete with elevated construction pay rates. The working class finds employers competing for them in pecuniary fashion rather than just sucking in the latest the Third World has to offer.

How many men will add on $50,000-$200,000 in debt if they know they can get a job debt-free that pays $40,000 a year? Do people need to run to an exurb if their community stops taking in Third Worlders? The societal agreement that a ticket to the good life was earned by getting a bachelor’s degree is damaged, if not dead.

There are many essays written on Trump’s connections to Russia, with Paul Manafort being one of the main points cited. The media even ridiculously pointed out how Trump adviser Gen. Flynn once sat near Vladimir Putin at a dinner. Few consider the footsie being played between the Red Empire and Russia. The U.S. military shared intelligence with Russia and Syria about rebels. Red Empire-Russian cooperation is close to being formalized in complete opposition to Blue Empire regime change goals in Syria. Similar to the Clinton Administration’s aiding of China with military secrets in the ’90s, the USMil system allowed Snowden to not only abscond to Russia with the NSA and intelligence community’s secrets, but has allowed Russia to keep him. The Pentagon does not huff and puff over this, despite the gift to Russia.

Knowing American systems and methods gives the Russians a huge boost in the game. When combined with the potential possession of the 2009-2013 Secretary of State’s emails of every bit of unredacted intel that crossed her desk including her analysis and broader, long term USG goals, one can understand why and how the Ukraine and Syrian push back occurred at all.

What none of the media’s conspiracy theorists is considering is that there is an element not just of American society, but of the American elite that supports Donald Trump’s run. There must also be an element within the American political system. Old lions like Zbigniew Brzezinski call for stronger relations or even an alliance with Russia since many interests are aligned. Looking at the system as two competing factions within the whole, one can start to see how a faction would use such a figure for its gain. As the USG global empire unravels, the Red Empire faction that formerly was happy with limited to zero domestic power, so long as it was allowed foreign adventures, will want compensation and power back at home. While the USG system may look rickety at times, it is still an immensely powerful entity with powerful factions. Trump owes nothing to the GOP’s current configuration, nor the Democrats’. He can be their man.

He can be the Red Empire’s Manchurian Candidate.

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  1. Arthur Marian July 31, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Ryan – no comment on the American electoral dimension, but some of your assumptions about Russia and Ukraine are suspect. The well-worn Russian theme about the Maidan in Kiev being a CIA inspired plot is rather thin on evidence, but even if true nothing would have happened if the critical economic and social conditions were not there. Society was so sickened by systemic corruption that something like the revolution was just a question of time, irrespective of what the US did.

    I don’t know what you mean by Russia “….successfully beating back Ukrainian forces…”. This is tendentious, and implies that there was some kind of invasion of Russia by Ukraine. There wasn’t, and you and I know it. The Ukrainian state was just trying to secure its borders and confirm its sovereignty within those borders, and was thwarted by Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens and regular Russian soldiers, with heavy weapons supplied by Moscow.

    I would not agree that the US is “mired in the muck” as regards Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula – if anyone is, it is Russia. No one in Central and Eastern Europe has any illusions that the US will lose a single soldier for the Crimea. What Russia HAS achieved is given everyone on its Western border the heeby-jeebies, and has achieved the virtually impossible, and started to unify very disparate and often mutually distrusting societies into realizing they have a common interest. The election of Donald Trump as the next President will only accelerate this process.

    This is the paradox of Putin’s European strategy – the Eastern flank of NATO prior to the Ukrainian events was a fiction to satisfy the Eastern Europeans, and Moscow received a strong signal of this reality, that there wasn’t the slightest threat to its stategic interests there. Putin, for his own, internal Russian reasons ignored the signal, and in his speeches inflated the moribund Alliance into a major threat to Russia, and responded to this imaginary monster by reorganizing the defenses of Western Russia to counter this mythical threat.

    I believe he could have achieved far more by diplomacy, and by acting the “honest broker”, and having the Europeans eat out of his hand ages ago – most were ready to do so.

    1. I’d like just add that Putin needs the strong-man image internally. That’s why he didn’t choose diplomacy over the military option. Otherwise, very good analysis.

      1. Yes, he does, Cristina, and this is his way of appealing to the populist genie in the bottle that he himself has nurtured. And yet there was no need to do this. There are so many aspects to Russian society – the spiritual, the intellectual, the emotional, as well as the chauvinistic, anti-Western and xenophobic elements which Putin has decided to claim as his own political heartland. Perhaps he was just aware of the social and political realities of his own country, and being the clever politician that he is, used them to gain and keep power.

        And yet somehow I think he has sold Russia, and Russian potential, short. Being a child of the Soviet Union, and a career KGB officer has restricted his vision, and at least in Europe, has reduced the role of Moscow to being the naughty boy of international diplomacy. No-one trusts him, nor any agreement he signs or assurance he makes, becaused he’s lied too often.

        Things could have been very different. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a new opportunity for Russia, and it seems that everyone else was convinced of this except the Russians themselves. Charles de Gaulle had a dream of a united, prosperous and peaceful Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains – the Russians had this one window of opportunity to actually achieve this, and they blew it.

        1. “The collapse of the Soviet Union was a new opportunity for Russia”
          A new opportunity for what? A democratic society by chance? That’s not what Putin wants. He sees the collapse of the Soviet Union as the bigger geopolitical tragedy of the past century and is working very hard to reestablish the past glory of the previous empire under his own power.

        2. Things could have been very different. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a new opportunity for Russia, and it seems that everyone else was convinced of this except the Russians themselves.

          Precisely the Russians were convinced of this and nobody else. They were roundly disabused of it during the 1990s.

    2. The well-worn Russian theme about the Maidan in Kiev being a CIA inspired plot is rather thin on evidence, but even if true nothing would have happened if the critical economic and social conditions were not there. Society was so sickened by systemic corruption that something like the revolution was just a question of time, irrespective of what the US did.

      Where did the author say it was a CIA inspired plot? It sometimes seem to me that people use this trope as a strawman to discredit anti-Maidan positions.

      Yanukovych was not popular, but his ratings were still higher than Poroshenko’s today. Corruption did not begin with him; as a matter of fact, “Orange” Ukraine had already done a revolution ten years previously, but failed completely to do anything to clean up the country (just like the Maidanites have done nothing since 2014 for that matter). More to the point, support for joining either the Eurasian Union or the European Union (the latter never a realistic option) has consistently been split 50/50 in Ukrainian public polls, and even immediately prior to Euromaidan, only 40% of Ukrainians approved of it. And while not organized by the CIA, there is now a huge amount of evidence that the Kiev “snipergate” massacre that was the most proximate cause of the revolution was a false flag organized by far right militants linked with the Orange forces.

      So there was absolutely nothing inevitable about it.

      1. Akarlin – Straw man argument? Ryan wrote “…The USG system worked a coup in Ukraine with the Maidan fiasco…”, and “…USG pulled off its coup with neo-Nazi groups as shock troops…”. Pretty clear, I think – no straw man here.

        Whilst I agree with your text on the politics in Ukraine, I am not convinced by any of the evidence that the “snipergate” was a far right/Orange plot. Whilst a hostile sniper is a potent weapon when concealed, out in the open he is extremely vulnerable to immediate suppression. Snipers with their exposed weapons were observed by various news cameramen in close proximity to the armed riot police, who did not interfere with their movements – a pretty clear indication as to which grouping they belonged to.

  2. so that’s why the neocons candidate, rubio, was defeated in virginia gop primary (the one who was crucially for him to win) because of an enormous amount of votes for trump in military dominated districts.
    so that’s why globalists and neocons like paul ryan, john mccain, marco rubio, debbie waserman schultz have powerful adversaries in their gop and democratic party senate primaries. the red empire wants to get rid of those warhawks

  3. It has been rather perplexing the false outrage over the likely Russian leaking of DNC emails, for a few reasons:

    1) Countries meddle in other countries’ elections all the time, because they have geostrategic interests tied to certain outcomes. Why did Obama try to influence Brexit? Why did David Cameron treat Romney horribly during his 2012 visit? Why has Venezuela helped to fund Bolivarian leftist movements in other South American countries? Why has America outright and with no pretenses overthrown foreign governments? The question is not how outrageous is meddling, but what the motive is, which brings me to point 2

    2) The motive for Russia’s desire to see Hillary lose is very simple. Hillary is for the complete invasion of Russia’s geostrategic arena, including a recently stated demand to take down the ‘murderous’ Assad regime. When the world’s top superpower has a candidate dedicated to eroding your nation, you have a vested interest in not seeing that candidate come to power. It would be one thing if Russia’s interests conflicted with those of the American people themselves, but they do not. The American people in general are not for overthrowing Arab regimes, or penetrating distant countries they could scarcely locate on a map via subversive agents and NGOs. The entire panopoly of war-hawks are a minority interest group with absolutely zero backing from the American people. Does John McCain really represent Arizona?… really?

    3) This has been a very obvious media drive to shift focus away from the content of the leaked emails. People are now talking about Russia meddling in the general, rather than the DNC meddling in the primary. If Sanders had any balls, there is probably enough evidence for a legal investigation into the DNC for defrauding him. The media tell us that the American voters deserve transparency, but apparently the source of that transparency is capable of making it evil. Whether this narrative works remains to be seen. I suspect Assange is playing his own game, and has more tricks for the Clinton campaign up his sleeve.

    Oh, and in the current chaotic, terror-soaked climate of Europe, don’t be surprised if the Ecuadoran embassy in London gets hit by ‘terrorists’, the ‘tragic’ consequence being no more wikileaks.

  4. Mark – let’s not get too carried away by hyperbole with “…the current chaotic, terror-soaked climate of Europe…”. Media coverage and the compression of perspective may make it seem that way, just like the current, almost daily epidemic of random shootings in the US can seem to Europeans that Americans are busily wiping themselves out in an orgy of mass killings. Clearly sickos are a headache for security services on both Continents, but let’s not play their game and keep a sense of perspective.

    I agree with your statement that Russia’s interests do not conflict with those of the American people. Nothing would please Moscow more than to play the “sphere of influence” game with the US, and return to the comfortable Cold War arrangements, or even those of the nineteenth Century. However, what would be seen as a convenient arrangement between these two parties would be seen as a mortal danger to the lesser pawns on the Global chessboard.

    I am skeptical that Russia wants Hillary Clinton to lose the election. I think Moscow sees her in a role similar to that of Nixon in his dealings with China, where a bitter enemy of Communism started the rapprochement with the enemy. What could be more convincing and appealing than a proponent of American power projection finally having a tete-a tete with Putin? It would be a massive propaganda coup for both, maybe even landing them a joint Nobel Peace medal. Both have a self-image as Global leaders, and I think both have a need to be seen that way by others.

  5. It is rather humorous to see American statists decry foreign influence on American elections and warn foreign governments not to get involved in American elections. What have these same statists been doing around the globe for 3/4 of century. The US has attempted to influence every election on the planet. I thought that they didn’t believe in the “nation state” anymore? On one hand they want as many foreigners as possible to come here and vote in our elections, but if the foreign influence goes to the wrong candidate, they raise holy hell. The Left was more than happy to channel Russian (Soviet) money and influence into the “civil rights” movement, so long as it went to destroying our traditional culture, civilization and Christian religion. The Clinton’s welcomed Chinese money and influence and the Bush’s welcomed dirty Saudi money and influence. Absolutely hilarious. Thomas Fleming said that a democracy is any form of government that agrees with the United States.

  6. SecretForumLurker August 1, 2016 at 8:58 am

    The leap of faith is that the red vs blue framework is correct. Syrian rebel on rebel fighting is an explicit confirmation of this proxy war. Trump has to have some support internally from domestic interests. Why the media is not talking about them at all is a huge “dog that didn’t bark”.

  7. This is why immigration matters so much. It factors into Trump’s economic policy. By removing a pool of labor that suppresses wages, it allows individuals a proper choice of employment. Even just removing the lid that illegals place on construction wages has a huge effect. Suddenly, small and mid-sized construction firms have to pay decent wages. By doing so, other industries facing the same labor pool must compete with elevated construction pay rates. The working class finds employers competing for them in pecuniary fashion rather than just sucking in the latest the Third World has to offer.

    Seems to good to be true. In economics there is always a tradeoff. But the problem is if you cut-off cheap labor, companies may respond by raising prices, which eventually hurts consumers, by cutting jobs, cutting production, cutting hours, or by shutting down.

    1. I have always thought that the benefit of low prices is generally grossly overstated and used as an excuse by the elites to justify their economic model. Low gas prices save the average driver a couple hundred bucks a year, but they cost tens of thousands of domestic jobs. In turn, we end up paying twice for the “low” gas prices because these people join the unemployment line. Throw the social costs of chronic unemployment on top of this and the globalist argument shatters on the ground.

      1. SecretForumLurker August 1, 2016 at 3:24 pm

        Labor costs are 10% of the average product’s cost. Slight uptick in prices though is buffered by people having more pocket money to pay for things. The inflation game becomes a chain thru wages, not assets.

        1. If no one works at all, will 90% of the average product still be made?

  8. An interesting article. Russia certainly has the means to hack into various e-mail servers and such, after all, they have Edward Snowden to give them pointers. Hillary calling Putin, “Hitler” would certainly be motivation to work against her election as Commander-in-Chief.

  9. Yet it was the State Department and CIA that advised caution, and the Pentagon that pushed for invading Iraq. While it is entertaining to indulge your conspiracy theories, they are nevertheless unlikely to be true.

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