Blue-Haired Girl

You cut your hair last month and dyed it blue
There’s choices now, but which choice will you choose?
You choose to hold a blue sign at the march
A rebel searching for a patriarch

But patriarchs have vanished—you are freed
The government supplies your every need
You left us for a better man: the State
Red, white, and blue: the colors of your fate

The State says you may ride the carousel
With partners serial—or parallel
No judgment from down here nor from above
You have your pick in lovers—but not love

A life of disassociated scenes
Are acted out for men on bluish screens
These men on screens can make you feel alive
But what will be your plan at thirty-five?

Become a doctor, lawyer—rule the world
Play any role except for Wife, or Girl
If this blue future makes you feel alone
Remember that we love you, remember and come home.

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  1. The last line in particular is striking and unexpected. Well done to you.

    1. Even the most depraved leftist trash can potentially find redemption. It’s just extremely rare.

  2. Laguna Beach Fogey July 30, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Age of despair.

  3. Blais Richelieu July 31, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Glad it surprised you.

    This poem is basically an open letter from traditional men to modern women. Not all women are easily redeemable, though plenty are.

    But the real audience is not them, but us. The more that modern women abandon tradition, the more their lives lie in shambles. They put on brave feminist faces, but we know many of them are broken inside. Or they see that they are on a bad path, but aren’t aware of alternatives, or don’t have the will to make themselves walk the virtuous path.

    So I want us to remember that we have the strong hand, and they are living in a hellish world of confusion. Ultimately, they want love, but modernity will not give it to them.

    It’s clear that young modern women do not have the agency and introspection to fight against the temptations of leftism. They do not know what they do, so that means we need to forgive them and take them back.

    It would be nice if we got an apology, but I don’t think we can count on it, because if we win, women will deny ever having been feminists.

    One of the main goals of this poem is for us to realize our strong position, and give us the will to shepherd our lost girls home.

    1. Hadley Bishop July 31, 2016 at 3:32 pm

      “They do not know what they do, so that means we need to forgive them and take them back.”

      What redemption looks like in this context is definitely deserving of an article.

  4. I like the message of redemption. I’d like to think that even a coal-burner can come home; provided she hasn’t made any little briquettes.

  5. “Remember that we love you, remember and come home.”
    ….but you’re gonna hafta lose the blue hair and maintain a healthy BMI.

  6. Most Western women are irredeemable. They have been ruined by feminism and false notions of equality.

    1. They were always the way they are and thats why society as a whole had to build culture at first to keep everyone in check and the tribe as a whole alive. Stop blaming feminism, it was you who let your guard down.

  7. ” Remember that we love you, remember and come home.”

    That gave me a short shiver. Most of these “girls” you couldn’t even sell to ISIS for a few bucks cause they are so worthless. Blue haired girl, thank you for being so out int he open marking yourself out for what you are. Now get lost.

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