Meaning, Globalism, And Death

The fight between globalism and nationalism has escalated since last explored at Social Matter in 2015. The elites saw this fight coming as western liberal capitalist democracy was victorious over Soviet-sponsored communism. As Benjamin Barber wrote about McWorld (globalism), the boring seduction would calm the waters and fight off the last shout from the identity-based tribalist crowd (jihad). Third World importation does help the globalists, but unknowingly creates the situation to breed greater disturbances and greater incentives for tribalism. Tribalism need neither be violent nor suicidal.

The great pitch of globalism is that it provides material comfort, hedonism, and fulfillment of the most basic of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the progressive “freedom of children,” where daddy big business and mommy big government take care of you, so you can have all of the mindless fun you want without consequences.

The system also treats people as interchangeable parts with no concern over the units it inserts into its machinery. The progressive regime cares not for the genetic traits of individuals it pulls in because the dominant blank slate ideology and its trust in the ability of technological and sexual delights to calm even the most angry of Third World imports.

What the west is seeing now, what McWorld is struggling to grasp, is that the lumps of clay that its system manipulates and seeks to sedate are easily radicalized. With radicalization comes violence, and suddenly what was once a rare event (jihadi-planned terrorism) becomes a weekly headline. What does the West have to offer a young Muslim immigrant or second generation Muslim? There are attractive native women, drinking, greater safety than in the homeland, technology to stream anything right to their phones, and a cornucopia of secure food sources. There is also the progressive feminist legal system. There is competition from native men who earn more and have access to higher status goods, services, and areas. There is a spiritual emptiness surrounding these men.

Jihad offers what McWorld cannot. While the West has many tantalizing things that are just out of reach or if grasped, the law slaps down on you, jihad offers the chance at glory, martyrdom, and conquest. It offers meaning. There are suicide missions, but with the ultimate goal of conquest for Mohammed’s vision. Those cheap, tawdry Internet advertisements are in Muslims’ faces non-stop, but via the Internet, so is the call for martyrdom and glory to Allah.

In their hand, they can make contact with a network of men who want them, who need them, and who guide them to sacrifice for the cause. After their death, they will become Internet video heroes and inspire other jihadis. The average immigrant may not answer that call, but if impulse control is lower on average and future time orientation is weaker on average, more men will answer it.

This is not just a problem of jihad. There is a growing echo of that concept within the American black community. Black Americans are on the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder in America, yet have access and use of many technological marvels the elite have. The phones in their hands are roughly the same as those in the hands of people in the middle and upper classes. Basic food and shelter needs are taken care of, and even as the black family disintegrates, the government is there to fill the gap to avoid fatal impoverishment.

There is no flourishing black culture. The shared identity is not in being black and striving, but in placing focus on being a victim. Jim Crow and slavery are long gone, but the struggle against racism binds them. The latest hysteria is that the police are out to kill them. Over twenty blacks are murdered every single day by their fellow blacks, but the media has created a panic over the every other day death of a black at the hand of the police (forget that blacks often get taken down and out by police, while in the middle of committing a crime or pulling a gun on authorities).

This media-driven black victim culture is also creating a pathway for black men to take on suicidal missions against the police. The latest cop ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rogue reveal similar killers. Both were black men who served in the military, but they were not front line infantryman with PTSD. One was a Marine tech, and the other never saw a day of combat in the Army. The Army veteran was discharged, not dishonorably, despite early reports, but honorably, for stealing panties and harassing a young woman.

These men were raised in the black American matriarchal system that virtually reduces men to the role of sperm donor, in order to generate a government revenue stream for the women who run the families.

These black men were seeking meaning. Michah Johnson became Michah X. Gavin Eugene Long became Cosmo Ausar Setepenra. The black American identity, which is uniquely American, was discarded for an identity linked to the African homeland. These men were not satisfied with what was around them, as Gavin Long was a self-described “Alpha Preneur” who wanted to raise his level up. He was obsessed with the masculine and the idea of being alpha. There was no structural system helping him feel alpha, or secure the women who he felt gave him alpha status, so he sought it through coaching. Micah X was discharged for being friendzoned by a woman.

What ultimately provided these men with meaning was the opportunity to kill cops. These were suicide missions. The men wore body armor, but by attacking multiple cops, they knew the end result. Their glory was in striking back at a regime in the name of their tribe.

The Islamic State makes videos quickly and effectively for their martyrs in the creation of the caliphate. Black Lives Matter, but more importantly, American media and black social media, turn these cop killers into voices of a crying, hurting community. They become lionized and praised. They become memes for their tribe. Fiction has become reality as the “His name is Robert Paulson” line from Fight Club becomes real life. Atomized nobodies in a system of SCALE are born in death.

They suddenly have meaning. The globalist world provides everything you could possibly want, but lacks the one thing you absolutely need: meaning. Empty jobs, broken communities, constant entertainment distractions, but no glorious struggle.

The progressive system also needs to enforce its will, which is in contrast to male desire for attractive females to have sex and securely form a dynasty with and not be fired for the slightest joke. The progressive system encourages female liberation with fiscal empowerment and body positivity for any size.

While these jihadis and cop killers exemplify the negative side of the struggle for meaning in McWorld, the nationalism-globalism fight hints at a positive channeling of this yearning.

The nationalism of today is unlike the nationalism or jingoism of the 19th century. While nationalism of yesteryear was a competitive nationalism often linked to colonial possessions, military size, and influence around the world, the modern incarnation is one simply of existence.

This is our identity, this is who we are, and no, we will not be melded into the bland blend of McWorld globalism. A Polish nationalist, a British nationalist, and a French nationalist are not preparing to fight one another, as in the 19th century, but are rather looking at one another as brothers in arms in the fight against globalism.

With the emergence of Donald Trump, conservative commentators have been pointing out the legs of the Reagan three-legged coalition stool have been kicked out.

Reagan’s three legs were social conservatism, national-security hawks, and economic/libertarian free marketers. Folks like Erick Erickson lament Trump’s destruction of those legs, yet fail to see the replacement. Folks like Erick Erickson wave the Constitution and Bible around, forgetting that a people are not the papers they read, but the minds that create them.

Meaning can be found, and not in a violent, suicidal manner. There is a trio focused on meaning and being to replace those three conservative legs wrapped in his message. There can be a shared struggle for those who remember what the promise and the achievements of our nation were. There can be a coalition that invites those who have the shared identity of culture, history and struggle to rally around–not through sacrificing life in suicidal attacks, but in sacrificing individual, selfish drives. Mega-states and globalism have possibly rendered this impossible in our current configuration. Consumerism is a hollow, meaningless system regardless of the latest nationlist surge, and empty materialism and consumer thrills will not nurture the soul. To transcend and reject this system is to struggle and build a society for our children worthy of the memory of what our ancestors bequeathed to us.

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  1. If people have nothing to live for, they may find something to die for.

  2. Very well done.

  3. “A Polish nationalist, a British nationalist, and a French nationalist are not preparing to fight one another, as in the 19th century, but are rather looking at one another as brothers in arms in the fight against globalism.”

    And then what?

    As a European I don’t see nationalism ever returning in any significant form here. Most of my friends are in relationships with people from other European countries. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t regularly travel to other European countries and have friends abroad. This sounds anecdotal but it illustrates the conceptual integration of Europeans; people see themselves as having a European identity as well as a national identity.

    What is the point in being divisive and nationalist? It’s parochial. There’s no benefit to it. I wouldn’t consider myself a leftist by any means, but in the interests of playing devil’s advocate, globalist socialism – invariably humanitarian in principle – gives people meaning. Is that all that nationalism offers? Because meaning can be found in more positive places. As far as I can see, the majority of nationalists are working class or lower middle class. They’re frustrated with their lives and want to feel as though they matter more than they feel they currently do; or do in fact on any objective scale. It often strikes me that white nationalists are some of the least educated or capable people in western society. As far as a eugenics program might go, I can’t imagine many of them would survive long. Certainly many people of non-white ethnicity would have a higher IQ than that portion of the white population with an IQ below the national average. It’s absurd that a low IQ nationalist would point to some of the great minds of his country and say “we are the best” as if he played a role in their success simply by being born in the same country or having the same ethnicity.
    Any rise in Nationalism across Europe is mainly due to the handling of the immigration crisis. Assuredly, that was the tipping point for Brexit. Granted, there were other issues including immigration from European nationals. But again, these issues predominantly affected lower class people. The immigration crisis was the tipping point because it affects middle class people. For the rest of Europe to support nationalist parties the middle classes would need to be far unhappier than they currently are. Given the recent talk of caps on the number of refugees to be accepted across Europe it’s unlikely any nationalist party will take power. With the prospect of ever closer union – a clear objective of the European project – it’s really now (the next few years) or never for a nationalist party to succeed. Probably, it’s never.

    As for meaning, there are higher aims than adjoining oneself to the success of one’s national identity. I’m thinking of Nietzsche’s response to nihilists, that we should choose to excel in the arts, sciences and general cultural innovation. Social bonds and culture can give life meaning (and there’s no reason those bonds need to be nationalist). The problem for lower class people is that not only can they not contribute to or excel at high skilled endeavours, but they may not even be able to succeed at being average. That’s frustrating. Vexing. But as long as that problem remains a lower class problem, we are not going to see nationalist parties take power in European countries.

    Examining this point further, it’s clear that middle class people are finding meaning in their lives. There is more to Western societies than consumerism. Sure, consumerism is stereotypically American. But then America has also always been a nationalist country. Any time I visit the US I’m taken aback by the display of national identity – stars and stripes flags flying everywhere. The only comparison in Europe is Belfast. An estimated 13.4% of American males have served in the military at some point. What percent of the population agrees with the slogan “support our vets”? That is nationalism. You’ll almost never see such a slogan outside of a few tabloids in Europe. Europeans don’t care. Why would they want their armies fighting wars in foreign countries? Nationalism is a hugely defining aspect of American culture. It always has been. In Europe it’s just not that important. And Europe is less consumerist in culture. Just google Middle/Upper Classes and see how the terms are defined in various countries. In America it’s all about material wealth; consumerism. In Europe it’s more about cultural affinity and awareness. If there’s a lack of meaning in America it’s because Americans are uncultured. Or maybe your culture just aims low. But it’s not a problem for the average European. Certainly not to the same extent as it is for Americans. The average European has more than consumerist vacuity to give their lives purpose. Not all maybe, but on average. Nationalism is a poor response to a purposeless existence. We should all aim higher.

    1. This has to be the smug-est, snotty-est batch of Euro-masturbation I’ve read in many, many moons.

      I bet you’re loads of fun at parties, Euro-Logan, as you’re obviously superior to nearly everyone but willing to patiently Vox-splain Everything to the plebs.

      Do you have a lot of mirrors at your digs?

    2. Anonymous Bro July 24, 2016 at 9:20 pm

      European and white nationalists are ahead of the game here. How long do you suppose your European comfort will last with a 50% third world population and never ending debt spiral? We are at the end of an era and the middle/upper classes will have to get on board, but they will probably let the much maligned lower classes do their fighting for them, as usual.

    3. The_Interloper July 25, 2016 at 1:14 am


      It’s as simple as this:

      No we’re not going to pay for your retarded and profligate lifestyle. Fuck you.


      The United Kingdom

      And France is next. You long-winded fucks are the reason why the EU failed. You couldn’t say it in 20 words or less, so you tried to hide your inability to express the EU’s purpose under piles and piles of meaningless blabber like what you’ve dribbled right here.

      1. 1. Yes you are going to pay for it. The UK will continue to pay subsidies to the EU in exchange for access to the single market. This is not going to change. The remain campaign made this abundantly clear in the run up to the referendum and the idiotic leave campaign called it scaremongering.

        2. The EU’s purpose can easily be summarised in less than 20 words: Operating as a single bloc makes European nations stronger in a global economy.

        In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is globalising. This will continue to happen irrespective of your ignorance.

        3. It’s telling that you expect a complex political and economic project should be summarised in as many words as a tabloid headline. Perhaps you want to know what is going to happen but you need to ask why and how otherwise you’re investing in empty promises. The leave campaign, we’re discovering, made many.

        1. Phileas Frogg July 26, 2016 at 8:54 am

          History would like to disagree with you on the inevitability of “globalization” in point 2. Quite strenuously.

          And the old saying goes, “If you can’t explain it to your grandmother, you don’t really understand it.”

    4. European Nationalism in its latest iteration may be more about anti-Globalism than it is about Nationalism. Globalism is all about the money, and the immigration wave is all about keeping the bubble afloat. The EU does allow for some improved efficiencies by breaking down trade barriers, and improving economies of scale; however, this does not explain the importation of thousands of barely employable people. The reason for importing all of these people may be that they are simply intended to be consumers of the low aiming variety that Logan dismisses. My knowledge of European history is limited, but in America before WWII we had many economic cycles in which the economy became heavily over-leveraged and indebted, followed by a rapid de-leveraging in 1921 or 1929 for examples. Such a corrective event has not happened in the USA now for over 50 years, and the bubble has become rather immense. Globalist economics is analogous to the red queen’s race in which one must run ever faster just to remain in the same place. For a long time improved technologies and trade were sufficient to keep the expansion going.
      It was thought that expansion into the developing world would allow for sufficient growth, but ZIRP or NIRP policies by the European Central Bank, and the American FED indicate that this style of expansion is no longer enough. The solution was simple: Import lots of people who will tend to assume the American or European style consumer lifestyle, and buy a lot of goods and services. From the viewpoint of the globalist the unemployed migrants are a resource even if they seldom hold jobs simply because their presence fuels economic expansion. Globalism tends to reward those who are well connected rather than just those who are more intelligent. This understandably causes resentment by those without connections to power and influence. The solution is anti-globalism and de-leveraging rather than pure nationalism. Once the economic motivation for importing unemployable third world people is removed, they will stop coming, and many will return home.

    5. “If there’s a lack of meaning in America it’s because Americans are uncultured. Or maybe your culture just aims low. But it’s not a problem for the average European. Certainly not to the same extent as it is for Americans.”

      Here we see the resentful European, seeing America’s position and eating sour grapes over it.

      However much the pseudo-intellectuals (and especially the Europeans) would try to deny this, the truth is that America won. It won in art, in sports, in business, in science and technology, in health and medicine, and even in education (say what you will about SJWs, but if you want the majority of the top universities there’s nowhere else to go). Its military record, on the other hand has defeats or successes on which it failed to follow through and capitalize. And yet, for all that, they still lead militarily.

      Contempt for the powerful is ressentiment in action.

    6. logan thats not true 5 out of 6 african americans or hispanics statistically have lower IQ than the AVERAGE american.Your perception is very elitist and leftist. the author is clear its not about this euro country against that euro country or isolationism its kids fron all white countries resisting being commodified by global elites and dispossessed of their homelands. Youre a spoiled brat you have no idea what awaits you very soon you think nothing can harm you that it will only harm those bad whites soo you will beg them for help to teach you how to fight how to survive

  4. “The nationalism of today is unlike the nationalism or jingoism of the 19th century. While nationalism of yesteryear was a competitive nationalism often linked to colonial possessions, military size, and influence around the world, the modern incarnation is one simply of existence.”

    Fantastic point. Unfortunately, the very word “nationalism” still carries a negative connotation, as most ethnic Europeans remain unaware that their civilization is facing dissolution.

    1. The_Interloper July 25, 2016 at 1:34 am

      That used to be true. The veneer of legitimacy on the horrors of Hitler is wearing off with the advent of the internet. Now, everyone has been called a bigot and a racist by some retard online and the words are now rendered meaningless. So fucking what, I’m a racist. You’re a fucking retard, and a mouth breather, and a government dependent parasite. Next to you, I’m PROUD to be a “bigot”. I pay for the food that’s in your mouth, and I pay to pull your snotty and illegitimate offspring from the dripping birth canal of the fat whore you impregnated.

      At least that’s my response. I suspect I’m behind the early adopter curve, and not in front of it. Here’s another example.

      As is common on the internet, some left-wing turd tried to shame me into being sorry for telling the truth about the Bell Curve, and FBI crime statistics regarding race, and my support for Donald Trump and posted a YouTube video comparing and contrasting speeches made by Donald Trump with those made by Adolph Hitler. The ideas were exactly the same, and in some cases the words (via translation) were almost identical.

      Liberals REALLY do not understand what “unintended consequences” are. So months later, today, having seen this supposedly persuasive video showing Trump to be like Hitler, instead of changing my mind about Trump, I’m wondering if Hitler was really as bad as I’ve been indoctrinated into believing. The door opened a crack. Then I read newspaper articles from the early 1930’s about how organized international jewry were going to boycott Hitler’s Germany, because of their distaste of Hitler and all he stood for.

      And so, now I wonder if the jews didn’t bring some of that Holocaust on themselves. I read the article myself.

      Thirty years ago, information like that was controlled by the jew-controlled mass-media (TV and newspapers) and the only people that saw it were highly supervised academics, screened by jew-controlled universities. One assumes that anyone that might use the existence of an openly acknowledged organization of international jews attempting to interfere with a sovereign nation’s economy as a way of explaining certain effects and dyanamics that took place during the war as “the other side of the story” would be branded as a racist, and a bigot, and all manner of other epithets and dismissed.

      Those days are over. Only most people don’t know it yet. They used to be able to lie to you faster than you could learn the truth, but the internet makes everything available to everyone instantly so any lies, bullshit and propaganda is instantly debunked.

      Like the gender pay gap. Only retards are still saying it. And look how successful the 1960’s era style of blacks threatening whites and scaring them into submission and cooperation has worked. Now everyone knows blacks resist arrest and get killed. We watch “COPS”. We watch “48 hours”. We see the FBI statistics and we see the surveillance video footage of the “Knock-out Game”. We see the incarceration rates and we’ve read “The Bell Curve” online.

      In short, killing police officers hasn’t moved the needle towards whatever retarded goals and objectives black americans may want, instead white americans are now hardened in opposition. All those guns and ammunition that have been purchased in record levels have been purchased for REASONS, and those reasons are blocking traffic and demanding the right to kill police officers in response to black male’s unwillingness to submit to lawful arrest. A race war is coming, and whites are going to win. There will be no capitulation and no compromise. The jews had better think REALLY LONG AND HARD about their response, because while I support Israel, I am not willing to sacrifice my country and their retarded notions of what a multicultural police state utopia is supposed to look like. I’d rather hand Israel over to the Palestinians and put those blacks that refuse passage to Africa back into slavery, where they can collectively produce at least as much as it costs to maintain them, which is something they haven’t done in over 100 years.

  5. Anonthy Bartolomeo July 24, 2016 at 8:23 pm

    This was well-written but, like Logan above, I think the proffered solution is insufficient.

    It’s certainly true that people who have rightward inclinations might find Landry’s program to be worthwhile but the number of people about whom one can say that is rather low.

    As conservatism has become increasingly identified with religion, that’s made it less relevant to those who not believe. Given how attacked nationalism has been by all western societies’ elites, the number of people who might find such pursuits emotionally satisfying is, sadly, rather small.

    Think back to your Plato when he described the three types of characters: philosophical, martial, and manual.

    Your solution is really only of interest to those of the martial character. It offers little to those of the other two. The philosophical person would find it insufficient while the laborer would find it irrelevant.

    I think you can get there by coming up with something which is nationalistic but it must be multifaceted.

    1. Yes.

      Religion is key. The problem with many “bible thumpers” is that they are not really thumping the bible. It makes religion seem like a weaker force than it is. Sadly gone are the days where 5000 French priests joined the army in 1914. Also gone are the days of the great Christian philosophers and the work ethic that claims that even menial work is honorable.

      “Whiteness” has been proffered as a substitute, but Northern European whiteness was definitely not my ancestors at their finest. Christianity was responsible for that. Unfortunately on the alt right there will be continuous tension between those who reject Christianity for its Jewishness and multiracial character and the believers in Christendom.

      However, full blooded Christian religion is the only software that really works for Western men that appeals to all 3 types of men.

      1. The_Interloper July 25, 2016 at 1:58 am

        I just want to know what part of Christianity it is that thinks it’s a good idea to import barbarian arabs from 3rd world toilets into civilized western countries so that they can roam the streets in gangs and rape women?

        Most of the antipathy aimed at Christianity is fully deserved, and we don’t have to go all the way back to the Crusades like some retards do. The Catholic church’s criminal complicity in a world-wide conspiracy to molest young boys and then hide the evidence in an attempt at obstructing justice is just one example and the shiny TV evangelist begging for money is another. We know you by your works, and your works are self-serving and if they aren’t explicitly self-serving then they are explicitly socialist, which is another word for slavery. Most Christians are quite stupid and use their association with “God” as a means of redirecting attention away from their stupidity and meaningless blatherings.

        What’s missing from the “church” are common sense biblical lessons for day-to-day living, such as preparing for an uncertain future and that all debt is bad. Radio talk show personality Dave Ramsey is ten times the christian leader of any formal religious person I have ever met, because while his teachings are biblical based, they are firmly grounded in the day-to-day real world, such as how to balance a budget, pay your bills and the importance of working hard. And he’s just a financial adviser. Christians are treated with contempt because they deserve contempt. Homosexuals are getting married, negros are murdering police officers and babies are being butchered in the womb and sold off as parts for profit.

        And not one word from so-called “Christians” except how guns are bad and that we need to celebrate diversity.

        1. Anonthy Bartolomeo July 26, 2016 at 1:43 am

          The core problem of Christianity is that it imported the cosmopolitanism of the Stoics. Christians believe in the universal brotherhood of man when history confirms it is nonsense.

          Christianity tells adherents that all people are inherently good. Some of its forms believe that everyone goes to heaven.

          These are ridiculous and wholly unbiblical ideas but they are widely popular in Europe and America. They create the pathological altruism that makes people think it’s a good idea to import illiterate Muslim men by the millions.

          I’m afraid that restoration can only come from a destruction of contemporary Christianity and its replacement by clear-headed atheism and traditional Catholicism.

          Marxism’s roots are in religion.

          1. true

    2. again a spoiled fucking brat you dont get the luxury philosophy and labor until you have won the war. you are being boiled slowly while being fed porn and video wake up its time to die

  6. Certainly an interesting analogy, well worth pondering between Jihadists and Black Lives Matters martyrs. Who in their right mind would fight and die for MacWorld?

    1. SecretForumLurker July 25, 2016 at 8:42 am

      This is a great point because if the architect class of McWorld is dependent upon the beige, brown and blacks that find deeper meaning in jihad and BLM race struggles, what holds McWorld together? They all are fighting against the system but the system is the system that McWorld assembled. It could just be intra-progressive competition.

  7. The_Interloper July 25, 2016 at 1:59 am

    Both Islam and Black Lives Matter are religions of peace. If someone kills someone, they are an extremist, because both of these organizations are religions of peace.

  8. Laguna Beach Fogey July 25, 2016 at 8:09 am

    Well said. The Struggle gives our lives meaning.

  9. Narrative is all important to society. As humans, we enjoy stories and find it necessary to have them.

    Jihad, Nationalism, all have a narrative to tell. Who you are, where you fit, where have your people been, where do they need to go.

    McWorld gives no compelling narrative. It offers all the wordly delights one could ask for. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Even the jihadists will indulge in these. Why not? It is fruit that costs nothing and does not require you subscribe to the narrative of universalism. A McWorld narrative is bland and hopeless; end of history, all one race, equality for all, spiraling endlessly towards eternity. A human becomes simple economic machines, worth only what they produce.

    That is an extremely hollow life, as floor managers in factories have learned.

    Without a strong compelling narrative, the McWorld and the civilization that spawned it will fall.

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