SWPLs, Amerikaners, The Alt-Right, And The Coming State

In America, there is a major political and cultural divide among three different kinds of people:

  • You have your Amerikaners, driving pickup trucks, clutching their guns and Bibles, who want safe neighborhoods, good jobs, and the preservation of their own culture against invaders and a hostile political system.
  • Then you have your SWPLs, who drive hybrids, clutch their canvas shopping bags and ethnic food, and want vibrant neighborhoods, self-actualization, and to experience other cultures and ideally help everyone else to do these things, as well.
  • Then you have your underclass of “oppressed peoples” (or whatever the term is these days), who drive tough cars with 22-inch rims, clutch their old English 800 and low-riding, oversized jeans, and want neighborhoods they can feel welcome in, more money for social programs, and to overcome the historical challenges faced by their cultures.

These characterizations are not the majority of each group, but you know exactly who I’m talking about, whether or not you like my pointers.

You also have your Jews, Mexicans, Muslims, other immigrant groups, White union workers, power elite overclass, and so on. They are sometimes significant, especially the Jews and power elite, but getting into the fine details of that is a whole other post. For now, we will squint, pretend these other groups don’t exist, and focus on the big picture factions, which is the above three groups.

Moldbug describes the modern political situation between these groups perfectly:

I still reserve the right to refer to the red-staters, collective, as “Amerikaners.” Like their lexical analogues, the Amerikaners are a cultural group of European stock, but their present-day traditions cannot be easily connected with any group in modern Europe. We cannot say this of the Universalist Eloi [Ed. note: SPWLs] of the coasts, whose connection to the English Dissenters and their secular, liberal heirs has been continuous since day one. For example, American traditionalist or “fundamentalist” Christianity, which is nominally Protestant but seems almost Catholic next to the thoroughly Quakerized blue states, has historical roots which are quite obscure and thoroughly American.

The future is what it is. No one can predict it. But if we could ask the future questions, and it actually answered back, and we could somehow know that it wasn’t lying, we could become far more confident in our expectations. If I had some such magic 8-ball, my question would be: when will the Amerikaners decide that they’ve had enough?

Sixty (60) percent of American voters call themselves “conservative.” Voting as an organized, disciplined bloc, it should be straightforward for them to defeat and destroy the remaining 40—let’s say 20% Eloi, 20% Morlock [Ed. note: nonwhite underclass]. Moreover, if such a majority demands a comprehensive reconstruction of government, not just a cosmetic change among a few ceremonial officials who have no real executive authority, the Eloi and Morlocks can hardly resist them. Especially since the American military class is, almost by definition, Amerikaner.

In retrospect, any such reconstruction would be accepted by all, of whatever caste. The Eloi will see the light, as they always do. As Osama put it: they like the strong horse. In an Amerikaner Republic, Eloi will elbow each other out of the way to eat overpriced American food, wear marked-up knockoffs of American prole clothes, live in actual old American buildings, etc, etc.

Of course the Eloi already do these things. But in our New Albion, they will do them with flags, God and guns. (Possibly even Confederate flags.) And the Morlocks will be forced to deal—as they already are. (Although once the bar is reset, I suspect that less force will be required.)

New Albion will expose and exhume ad nauseam the crimes of the old regime, its predecessor USG. Its satellite states in Britain, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa will receive full independence under classical international law. The substance of the change will be obvious. The old progressive history books will be recalled. New reactionary ones will appear. (No burning or banning is necessary. Few Albioners will have the time or energy for 20th-century progressive cant.) And Sarah Palin will put together a small edition of her family’s wise old Alaska sayings, bound in red, white and blue, which fits nicely in the lapel of your blazer.

You may, or may not, be thankful that this is not going to happen. It is not going to happen because the Amerikaners are not organized enough to make it happen. Given infinite time, they will certainly get organized, which is why I say “when” rather than “if.” But time is not on the Amerikaners’ side. Their horse has been weakening for the last century.

The Amerikaners’ problem is that they’re governed by their enemies, the progressives, who have converted democratic politics into a reality show and rule through the extended civil service. The civil service is nominally responsible to the elected arms, but the latter would have to put up a terrible fight to even touch them. And progressives fight the peril of a “populist” democratic reaction with two slow, but inevitably lethal, strangulation tactics: subsidized progressive education, and Morlock voter importation.

The last quasi-successful Amerikaner reaction was the “Return to Normalcy” of the 1920s. Considering the royal ass-whupping the Amerikaners have been taking since then, “normalcy” (which, in classic Amerikaner style, is not even a word) is an awful mild description of the converse. But not even a gentle, Harding-Coolidge style restoration is a real possibility today.

The fatal flaw in the democratic mind of the Amerikaner, or “conservative,” is that he believes that his country’s political system basically works and is the best in the world. It has just gone slightly off the rails in the last few decades. But it can be set right with a minor corrective operation, ie, replacing a few ceremonial officials with good, clean-minded, child-bearing Amerikaners.

This belief system, which has no correlation with reality, is at the heart of “conservatism.” It shows no sign of going away. The fatal allure of insisting that right-wing conservatism is really the true democratic liberalism, the other having strayed, is an irresistible anglerfish lure. (The Rev. Dabney will set you straight.)

Therefore, the Amerikaners are unlikely to organize and act effectively until their electoral position has declined to the point at which a democratic restoration is not only nontrivial, but in fact impossible. At this point, USG will have imported tens if not hundreds of millions of new Third World residents. It will be obvious that military government is the only route to any kind of American restoration. The inevitable alternative is a North America indistinguishable from the rest of the Third World.

Have you been to the Third World? The armed forces will have to act. Let’s hope they can all get it together to be on the same side.

Indeed. To summarize, SWPLs control and are aligned with the system, Amerikaners are getting screwed, and the underclass is used to bolster the overclass vote and terrorize the Amerikaners. One of these days, this system will end, either by Brazil-like dissolution into the Third World, or some more radical reactionary reboot.

Moldbug paints a rosy picture, which he admits will never happen, of the Amerikaners rising up and installing a military dictatorship where political conflict disappears because no one has to maintain power through democracy anymore, and everyone can just mind their own business.

That’s one way it could go. Indeed, Donald Trump is openly running on a platform of serving American (which, of course, mostly means Amerikaner) interests, and a good chunk of his support base, and by far its youngest and most radically vocal element, is supporting him on the chance that he might be “the real deal.”

That is, that he might install a military dictatorship, complete with Duterte-esque right-wing death squads to purge the most traitorous elements of the journalistic, academic, financial, and criminal classes, and rule absolutely with a policy of cultural and economic protection for Americans.

But unless Trump has something big up his sleeve that he hasn’t revealed yet, like a fully formed state-in-exile secretly constructed inside the shell of the Trump Organization, which he and his family can use to bypass the Washington bureaucracy and rule directly from his New York penthouse, it’s basically not going to happen like that; he’ll get in, come up against the bureaucratically entrenched leviathan of the SWPL ruling class, and struggle to do much more than build his wall and renegotiate a few trade deals.

The problem is that his crypto-reactionary restructured Trump Organization would need a large staff of dedicated, talented, and well-organized reactionaries, with a real living tradition of reactionary governance theory for America, and a real and comprehensive Program to completely replace the Washington bureaucracy, restore the Potomac watershed to its former natural beauty, and unify and formalize the American Empire under Emperor Donald Trump I.

He doesn’t have those things because there is no subculture in America both intellectual and radical enough to produce them. Trump can’t rally those things into existence. Even Hitler didn’t create his wave, only surfed it. The Amerikaners have been too politically naïve, and the SWPLs too invested in the system, for either to really develop a new tradition of Anglo-American Reaction.

Or at least there wasn’t such a subculture. There increasingly is, though; young, hip, intellectual, and radically right wing; the Alt-Right, and nearer to us, Neoreaction. Donald Trump’s rabid fan base is drawn from the more populist elements of this crowd. So, who are they, and how is this going to play out?

The new subculture of radical right-wing politics is largely drawn from two groups: radicalized Amerikaners, and apostate SWPLs. The former is straightforward; demographic conservatives who have dropped the silly Buckleyite fiction of small government, preserving the constitution, and social conservatism, for an openly no-compromise White Nationalist, anti-leftist politics. The latter group is interesting; people who grew up liberal, who have realized that the SWPL vs Amerikaner system is evil and unsustainable, and that they themselves are increasingly being thrown under the bus by that same system.

Apostasy is to stop believing in your religion. In the case of SWPLs, the overwhelming majority believe in liberal progressive democracy: all the latest social changes like gay marriage and civil rights are good, racism and unchecked authority is bad, we should be tolerant and humanitarian towards other cultures and aware of our own “privilege”, except the Amerikaners, who are backwards scum who need to be reeducated and marginalized, etc.

The process of apostasy, at least for me, was getting a bit too disconnected from the political Kool-Aid, and a little too close to actual truth-seeking, and realizing that the above claims are essentially just lies. Lies might be tolerable, if they are noble, but once you’re out of the mindset, it becomes clear that the system propped up by the above is anything but noble.

The system is decaying and unsustainable. It is increasingly liquidating a limited pool of capital to keep the economic charade going, while all the real productivity, and the culture of hardworking self-reliance that goes with it, goes overseas. The Amerikaners are, while not sophisticated to SWPL eyes, a good and virtuous people at the core, and their social institutions, communities, and culture are being systematically gutted and flooded with foreigners to keep the political demographics favorable to the current elites.

The underclass, bought by the system with free stuff and license to run rampant, are otherwise left to rot in burned out ghettos. And even the SWPLs, once the democracy-goggles come off, are being encouraged to ever greater degeneracy, cultural self-annihilation, atomization, and loss of any practical skill or connection to reality. We’re all turned against each other by the system, and none of us are even particularly benefiting from the arrangement.

Hence, SWPL apostasy. Spiritual rebellion against the metaphysical, political, and cultural degeneracy of the modern world, and a turn towards ancestral pride, cultural self-interest, self-reliance, independent revision of history and political theory, non-secular metaphysics, self-improvement towards virtue, traditional marriage and social norms, and radically authoritarian right-wing politics.

The radicalized Amerikaners reach the same, the sociopolitical distinctions start to dissolve into a new shared identity and subculture around the rough vision of some kind of authoritarian pro-white spacefaring future, and we have our subculture of hip and intellectual right-wingers, who could staff and program the civilian governance arm of a Trump-brand military dictatorship. We aren’t anywhere near that level of readiness yet, but give it another decade and a whole lot more research and organization, and when Eric, Donald Jr., or Ivanka Trump run in 2024, things could look very different.

But what’s this politics business got to do with us? For the most part, we would rather go about our lives, and understand the world only to the extent that it affects us, and generally keep our heads down.

The trouble is, if you’re paying attention, keeping your head down and minding your own business no longer seems like enough. To stay out of trouble in the short term, one has to accept, and sometimes even participate in, increasingly violent anti-white and anti-civilization rhetoric that can’t be good in the long-term.

Even humble goals, taken seriously in a chaotic world, become world-changing ambitions.

So. We need “a whole lot more research and organization” for the coming state. How is it going to work? How do we get the best of the best to come and work on it? How do we make it work for everyone, not just the folks who set it up? How do we get from here to a future in which we can be assured of a place in a glorious and expanding civilization? These become the pressing questions even for practical life in the long term.

Right now, the Alt-Right is preoccupied with crafting and spreading its memes, terrorizing and calling out the hypocrisy of its enemies, and cheerleading for Trump. These things are fun, of course, especially for the common internet meme magician, but are ultimately insufficient. To really make the future work without descending into civil or race war and a new dark age, some more intellectual faction within this general current of dissent is going to have to get itself organized and do the research and network-building to be ready to actually rule the next time a big surfable wave like Trump rolls around. Anything less than that is just more chaos and division.

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  1. “How do we get from here to a future in which we can be assured of a place in a glorious and expanding civilization?”

    Get out of the suburbs and retake the cities, the source of culture and power. Use the gentrifying gays, lesbians and feminists as the shock troops and go in behind.

    If anyone wants pointers I’ll be glad to help.

  2. Nice synopsis of the current situation.

  3. This article ignores the different white ethnicities. The whites of the Southeast are a different ethnic group from those of the Northeast or the German descent people through much of the US. It is probably best to work toward a breakup of the US along these ethnic lines.

    1. Michael Perilloux July 16, 2016 at 2:22 am

      Yeah I ignored a lot of stuff for simplicity. The southern wing of the Alt-Right (I hate the term, but you get what I mean) definitely has a different flavor that I just ignored. I think the solution is the same though: alliance to build a subculture around building a better system that works better for everyone.

      I don’t think breakup is the right thing. Once you abandon invasive federal democracy, being stuck under the same top-level imperial system is no longer such a pain. The ideal order is substantially more local and feudal than the current order, and if we got our way at the federal/imperial level, no doubt y’all would get something satisfying down there.

      I’d love to hear more analysis from the ground though, as I’ve never been to the south (despite having some southern ancestry), and the politics of the southeast are definitely relevant to our thoughts about the fate of America.

      1. A Dixie after being restored to aristocratic rule without a Cathedral telling us we’re awful racist ignorant Bible-thumpers and without a huge criminal underclass degenerating our society is not one I would want as an enemy or a subject. I think it’s been proven that we’re a difficult bunch at heart. A Restored America that embraces Southern culture would likely not have to worry about any issues from us. The gratitude for solving our dindu infestation alone will probably earn the sword of any Southern successor state, however. That being said, even as a Southern nationalist, I don’t think there’s much fight left in Dixie. She fought too long and too hard, only to watch it all crumble in a single day in my city of birth.

        Oh yeah, then there’s Texas. Does anybody know what will be done with Texas? I’m of the mind that it’s far too valuable to be left independent.

        On a side note, I’d love to hear from more Southerners on this site. At times it seems like there’s Yankees, Yankees everywhere- and the worst thing is, I can’t hate them because they’re sound of mind and spirit. I can’t tell if this is because we’re backwards rednecks, NRX isn’t appealing to close-minded protestants, or this whole thing just doesn’t appeal to Southerners in the first place.

        1. I think Texas is already majority non-white. The Mexicans aren’t, in my experience, bad folks, but they aren’t Texans. A Texas that’s 5% or even 10% Mexican can still be Texas, but a Texas that’s 35+% Mexican is no longer Texas.
          At any rate, if the South goes its own way, Texas–what’s left of it–should go with it. The heart of Texas is closer to the heart of the South and the independence of the West than to anything up North.

  4. The best will cross the seas again, the worst remain at home;
    what proves the blood more readily than that?
    Our primal sorting engine is the endless will to roam —
    it’s how the lean escape the years of fat.
    When states collapse and nations split,
    woe to them what fret and sit:
    there’s always somewhere new across the foam.

    1. Michael Perilloux July 16, 2016 at 2:28 am

      Across the whale road. I dig it. Trouble is there’s precious little escape from this thing we’d want to escape.

      Go set up shop in Somalia, hold the line against the warlords, and start a farm. But things aren’t so bad yet; they’re going to boil us slow.

    2. Must be comedy hour here. You forgot marrying an Asian from the Philippines. Hope she isn’t a gold digger.

    3. I suppose this is the “spacefaring” part of “some kind of authoritarian pro-white spacefaring future”. Shall this, like the old empires, be driven by need? Or shall it, like the new colonialism in Africa and Asia, be driven by moral aspiration?

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey July 16, 2016 at 2:05 am

    Research on Provisional Government of National Restoration (PGNR) is already in the works.

    1. Michael Perilloux July 16, 2016 at 2:14 am

      Sounds cool! What do you mean?

      There’s definitely a lot of us looking into research and organization on the future Restoration of America. Part of the trick will be collaborating enough that we have one big successful project instead of 10 little failed ones.

      1. I think you are correct that collaboration is key, but said collaboration is much easier when groups are concentrated by ethnicity, religion, and geography as much as possible. Concentrating efforts towards “one big project” greatly increases the chances that collaboration will fail because there will be too many genetic and philosophical obstacles to overcome. Therefore it seems best to take a decentralist and localist approach towards Restoration.

  6. The system is decaying and unsustainable. It is increasingly liquidating a limited pool of capital to keep the economic charade going, while all the real productivity, and the culture of hardworking self-reliance that goes with it, goes overseas.

    good passage worth exploring

    See one three outcomes:

    1. What we have now, in which the productive minority still supersedes the forces of decay and parasitism , although the gap may be narrowing. There us evidence it narrowing (welfare spending for example) and isn’t (technological progress, steady GDP growth, etc.).

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