Another Letter From Royal America

Last week, you received a letter postmarked Royal California. You scratched your head at first, but got a vision of a bright future for America, led to sandy shores and tropical islands by a wise King. The letter went into depth about how the American monarch reclaimed warzones on America’s borders and in her near abroad, but barely mentioned the King’s efforts at pacifying the warzones at home. Your physics-defying epistolarian sent you another letter through the Time Matrix this week.

Yearly welfare spending by the U.S. federal government reaches $949 billion. Despite all kinds of too-clever-by-half schemes, requirements, and justifications attached to the welfare money, the government has not managed to circumvent the economic law: “you get what you incentivize.”

Welfare recipients tend to remain on welfare, and while idling on the dole, tend to commit crimes, ruin their own health with drugs or junk food (and foot the bill to the taxpayer), have children out of wedlock (who then need more welfare), and otherwise ruin things for the rest of us.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, these welfare recipients tend to congregate in certain urban areas and turn them into dangerous no-go zones, or completely undesirable locales.

So, how do we fix the welfare problem? Again, the current crop of experts, bureaucrats, pundits, public thinkers, journalists, activists, professors, and politicians are on the case – but, despite their heroic efforts and a nearly $1 trillion budget, they just can’t make any headway. Perhaps we need more money, they wonder. A sarcastic shrug is not even a millionth of the contempt deserved by our public thinkers on CNN and NPR. Listen! Here is how you fix the welfare and ghetto problem:

To begin with, it is obvious to everyone that there are certain areas all over the homeland that cannot be safely traversed without a military convoy. It is also obvious to everyone which neighborhoods these are, and where their borders lie. There are hundreds of thousands of expensively trained and armed U.S. servicemen in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and a myriad of other random places across the globe they have no good business being. Bring them back, shut down the overseas bases, and put them in every ghetto in the mainland United States.

Convert abandoned buildings that serve as crack dens and havens for prostitutes into military installations. Station U.S. servicemembers on the streets of their own cities instead of the streets of Baghdad and Kabul. It’ll be much cheaper to supply an army that hasn’t left home than an army half a world away tucked away in mountains crawling with hostile desert people who blow up supply trucks for fun. The soldiers, being naturally steeped in the culture of the United States, will find it easier to practice effective counterterrorism, urban warfare, human intelligence, etc. at home than in Iraq or Afghanistan, where they are cocooned in a thick language barrier and an impenetrable cultural barrier.

Contrary to platitudes, violence most definitely is the answer. With enough heavily armed soldiers patrolling the ghettos, pacification will be a piece of cake. If for some reason there aren’t enough active servicemembers to man every sketchy streetcorner, call up the reserves and the National Guard. If lacking still, call up the national militia. Every third American owns a firearm. There are tens of thousands of Americans who can privately equip themselves to be volunteer citizen deputies at the service of the local military pacification unit. Lots of these volunteers will be positively ecstatic to assist in the reclamation of their country from violent barbarism. Some of them might arm and armor themselves even more luxuriously than the soldiers!

A groundswell of disposessed, bored, unemployed, and college-aged young men sign up for the quick-deployment irregular divisions set up by the army to reinforce the occupation effort. And remember that we already cut federal spending on the military by half by moving our troops and supply lines back home.

Now, with the ghettos sufficiently occupied by experienced soldiers, fresh recruits, reservists and armed volunteers, we can begin to phase out the yearly welfare transfers with minimal unrest and casualties. Nobody will riot with lethal law enforcement on every corner. The peacekeepers have been given legal permission to use deadly force (no questions asked) against non-compliant persons long ago. After a handful of foolhardy deaths, the ghetto-dwellers get the message.

Needless to say, this is a journalist-free zone — sedition is a capital offense.

There is no common-sense way of telling how long the transition from welfare dependency should take. The rule is that the quicker it is, the more violent it will be. For the interests of speedy restoration, we decide to take a decade’s time. Each year, we cut the welfare budget by 1/10. Whatever mild unrest is awakened is quickly and decisively quelled. The welfare-dependent population, feeling the noose squeeze around its neck, suddenly begins to discover new ways to make a living without resorting to the dole.

Some of the problematic population is killed while resisting the rule of law, a fair number are imprisoned for breaking the law, many file exit permits and move far, far away from the urban ghettos with a suddenly developed taste for small-town or rural life. Without the crypto-communists legislating “UBI” and “minimum wages,” manual labor becomes a viable trade in demand again. The military relocation office ensures that no former ghetto-dwellers congregate in any locality.

The local economy of the ghettos – strange as it may seem – is not inhibited by the ubiquitous presence of security forces, but invigorated. For the first time in a century (if ever), honest traders, peddlers, small businessmen, entertainers, and other assorted figures can make a pauper’s simple living without fear of crime. The streets become safe communal areas. A generation of children grows up with fond memories of street play, street vendors and the ever-present turtle-men with boomsticks who make life possible in the former ghetto.

Investors and entrepreneurs from the rest of the country file permits to move into the occupied ghettos. Low property values used to be the result of never-ending crime and destitution, but with crime fully eliminated, the invisible hand of the market fills empty real estate with happy tenants and new landlords. These outsiders bring money and business with them into the ghetto, employing the locals without tax impositions or burdensome regulations. Taxes are entirely eliminated from the occupied areas in order to accelerate the normalization process as much as possible. The only laws in the occupied ghetto are against sedition, murder, theft, rape and property destruction, and they are swiftly and mercilessly punished.

No armed lawman needs a J.D. from Yale to identify these crimes and mete out the appropriate penalty.

3650 days after beginning the occupation and pacification of the urban wastelands, welfare spending has been reduced to $0, the nation is at least $1 trillion richer every year, and all no-go zones have been reclaimed and put under the sovereignty of the King. Domestic military readiness is relaxed and reduced but unusually well-armed and trigger-happy patrols will continue to remain in the former ghetto areas for sixty years according to the King’s latest decree — another two generations, to ensure that the peaceful habits learned by force remain well-supported. After nearly three generations of life in security and consistent swift execution of the abnormally violent and barbaric, the area will be naturally pacific enough to confidently end the military-police presence. Until then no wishful thinking may interrupt the civilizing mission.

Almost a century after the occupation of the ghettoes, the entire country is prosperous and secure. No resident worries about “sketchy neighborhoods” or “being out too late” anymore. Every nook and cranny under the sovereign’s nominal authority is within the rapid jurisdiction of a lawman’s gun barrel. With peace, security, order and liberty well established, the King may consider the domestic military presence no longer necessary, and begin to contemplate a foreign expedition to enrich the nation… but you already know about that, don’t you?

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  1. Of course, you can’t slash the welfare budget without eliminating free trade and/or putting restrictions on automated manufacturing techniques to create a demand for manual labor that simply does not exist at present.

    Ideally, these restrictions are on industrial technologies in industries, such as farming and craftsmanship, that are good for the soul- both teach personal and societal values that being a button-presser on an assembly line can’t match.

    The only other solution is to liquidate the population as the less-intelligent and capable are made obsolete by machines. But then you don’t really have a culture at all- just a bunch of isolated aristocrats hedonistically enjoying the fruits of a mechanized world. The solution our society has settled on is to subsidize the obsolete population with welfare, making them into human garbage and creating all these ghettos that we just stay away from.

    1. Don’t forget all those soldiers want to go home at night. Better COIN does not automatically means successful COIN

      In any case the US general population even of White people doesn’t support the more extreme measures has essentially limitless small arms, vast supplies of explosives and the potential to create an intelligence network of unparalleled capability . The later could be shut down maybe but hackers are usually smarter than the State and given limited use, mesh networks and a host of other technologies could fill in.

      Just as the OPM hack gave every security clearance holder to Red China, a single intelligence slip can ruin every functional system the state has, a few hacks inflict untold damage.

      The USG even one turned ultra-nationalist could not control the US and nor would its soldiers want to risk an absolute war to for genocide and holodomor

      Also Sig Sawyer, you point regarding jobs is so very true. We haven’t needed anything but most men and some minors and women to work more than 30 hours in a century, Its probably less now, 20-25, 30-35 for a very few trades and everything would get done.

      We cannot however get anyone to pay the wages required to make that work, beyond minimum wage for minors who are subsidized by the parents, simply wages must go up and if a working class person cannot afford a modest house on one salary, modernity is kaput.

      No money for toys either.

      Even with massive deportations, its going to be very hard to get a decent functional economy that grows wages past the Ayn Rand Jihad types

    2. We don’t currently have free trade, and technology creates jobs rather than destroy them. What we need, in order to eliminate welfare is in fact free trade and an end to labor restrictions. It’s not technology that makes people unemployable, it’s laws and regulations, that kill off many of the jobs on one hand, and price many people right out of the market on the other.

      You can go into organic farming and craftsmanship today. The thing is, people on welfare are not too suited for such a fine work. Trashy people like that, they’re, like the trashy consumer goods, literally the product of industrial revolution, and would’ve had nothing to offer back in the Middle Ages, where they would’ve remained childless at best, but most probably starved to death.

      Superficially looking at the problem makes you think that banning technology will make such people instantly employed, and superficially it’s true. But, is working 16 hours a day for a crust of bread really a desirable destiny?

      However I do see a case for instituting protectionist policy for food and weapons (purely for strategic reasons, in case of conflict a country needs to be self-sufficient as far as food and military hardware are concerned, a mild, probably negligible hit on the standard of living is the price worth paying for the national security).

  2. eugenics for welfare recipients, immigration restrictions

    1. How?

      Immigration restrictions and even deportation are somewhat doable but its not plausible to get enough force to replace the current system with a despotism , avoid a civil war with those unlimited small arms I mentioned earlier and maintain enough economy and order for a soft genocide campaign

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey June 20, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    I love it. As I’ve mentioned before, I have my eye on settling Baja peninsula with European American colonists. For young Whites, the area will provide endless sun, sea, and surf, and cheap land for family formation. Also, awesome waves. At the King’s behest, I would be more than happy to start organising the Baja Expeditionary Force (BEF).

  4. The piece is a nice fantasy, but if it ever somehow became possible to do this, it would be better to go all the way and send the African-Americans back to Africa and the Latino-Americans back to Latin America. That’s the real solution. The second-best solution – and way way back in second place – is separation from them in a new country in a divided-up America. But that just leaves them on the same continent as us, which leads to more problems for our descendants at some point down the line.

    I understand the pleasure in imagining solutions like having the American military occupy the ghettos. But I see no real-world way of getting there. One of two things is going to happen: either whites never quite get angry and organized enough in large enough numbers to take real action, in which our enemies use their growing political power to make sure whites basically disappear through genocide or demographic suffocation; or, whites get angry and organized enough in sufficient numbers, in which case whites’ pent-up fury is going to be such that half-measures like pacifying the ghetto and distributing ghetto dwellers around to the countryside (horrible idea!) will be laughed off in favor of bigger, more permanent solutions. The hope is that mass death can be avoided, and the best way to do that is separation and then repatriation to their own homelands. Let’s take full advantage of that nice big ocean between us and Africa.

    1. Laguna Beach Fogey June 20, 2016 at 1:24 pm

      Whites are probably never going to get angry and mobilize in large numbers.

      The vast majority will have to be coerced; many will have to be detained or eradicated.

      It’s time to stop giving a free pass to our people. It’s time to stop forgiving our own kind.

      First we fight a civil war, then we fight a war of national liberation.

      1. They already are angry, who do you think is prepping? This isn’t just the “buy some guns and food” of the 80’s and 90’s but includes training, courses, reading. Its not all the real world stuff needed in the field but its far more than before.

        The problem is that no one trusts anyone to lead them and the various White factions (.alt right, sane liberals, cuck right ) don’t agree on enough to make a new system.

        Most of them don’t even have a good idea on what the system should be, you have your PGNR thing and the Northwest Front its Pacific Northwest NDSAP 2.0 (which is well thought out though it won’t work) and the others American Demographic 1968 but I’m not seeing a good alternative and I think people are too attached to this toothless old bitch of a country to let her go and just have a few smaller homogeneous ones

        Its not a new problem, the US was based originally on treason and bullshit anyway and almost didn’t happen.

        If we can get passed that, decide on something new we can have it. Otherwise its just as MY said, it can’t Balkanize just explode

  5. No army may enter Rome. The same unspoken principle is followed by America. The military occupying American cities will lead to disaster: warlods, military coups, rebellion.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey June 20, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Contrary to platitudes, violence most definitely is the answer.

    Yes, exactly. As I’ve been saying for years:

    Violence works.

  7. Another taboo thought would be repatriation to Africa (as Jerry suggests) but instead of just blacks individuals or members of ANY organization who have publicly called, implied, or presented whites as racist. We are a generous people but our patience has run out. This has the added advantage of not only deflecting the racist slander but in fact throwing it back at them. Thus we ship Eloi traitors to the dark continent. So, the SPLC, ACLU, NAACP, BLM, Congressional Black Caucus, most media staff, Hollywood and academia, Obama, Spike Lee, etc., would be televised/streamed live being frog-marched onto large airplanes or ships. Week after week like body counts during the Viet Nam war. They could take up to, say, US$ 1 million with them.

  8. Under a racial state, this letter wouldn’t even need to be written.

  9. Indian reservations and black ghettos are holding pens for legacy ethnic groups whose abilities are completely irrelevant to the 21st century. But we were never so foolish as to house Indians on prime urban real estate.

    An extremely effective solution to urban crime is to follow criminals around, or wait for them in high-risk areas. When they commit a crime, shoot them dead on the spot. Two decades of Duterte’s death squads turned Davao from a third-world slum into one of the world’s safest cities. L.A. and NYC police had great success with similar policies in the 1970s but politicians forced them to stop because so many black voters’ sons were getting killed while attempting robberies.

  10. Of course there’s always going to be welfare.

    In a homogeneous society there will always be people that fall through the cracks and aren’t able to become well adjusted citizens. Life is a tragicomedy like that, otherwise we would be the Borg.

    It’s just gotten way out of hand with immigration and all.

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