Ascending The Tower – Episode XV, Part 2 – “Correct Theologically, Incorrect Politically”

Anthony, Nick, and E. Antony are joined by Aaron Jacob to talk relations between trad Christians and ethno-pagans. In part 2, we talk about the transition from Paganism to Christianity, and how the two sides can find common ground.

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00:57   Religious and geopolitical covergence in pre-Christian Rome
14:16   Roman transition from Pagan to Christian
20:45   Nominalism in Abrahamic religions
30:49   Catholic universalism vs. ethnic nationalism
43:01   Traditionalist Christian & Ethno-pagan reconciliation
54:29   Out of Left Field – Praise Kek?

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  1. This discussion was great. I found it hitting a number of similar notes to those found in Charles Taylor’s “A Secular Age” . Worth a read.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Great show. So long since the one before I quit looking till I knew the new show was up. Glad to find.

    Looking forward to Aaron Jacob’s next time on.

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