The 2016 Symposium of the Sydney Traditionalist Forum

The Sydney Traditionalist Forum, our partners Down Under, have gathered together an impressive host of traditionalist social, religious, and political intellectuals for their symposium this year. The primary portal is here. Contributions include:

The editors of Social Matter urge our faithful readers to go and imbibe of some cask-strength wisdom.

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  1. Thank you to Social Matter for the promotional mention. We appreciate your, and your reader’s, support.

    1. Happy to do it mates. First class stuff.

  2. This will complement the readings (Notice the “What did Nicolás Gómez Dávila think about…?” on the left side of the page):

    1. N.B.: A notation and link to the “Don Colacho’s Aphorisms” website has been added to the end of footnote 6 in Dr. Urbanek’s dissertation on Nicolás Gómez Dávila.

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