This Week in Reaction (2016/03/27)

Our Top Story This Week… Tay Goes Cray. Amazing. Not good news for blank slate theorists. Not good news for FAI theorists. Mister Metokur (née Internet Aristocrat) sums up the story well:

Alrenous get his more than two cents in with Artificial Intelligence => Assisted Intelligence & Friendly AI. And I should be worried, because he’s speaking my language with this one. Or maybe he should be:

Tay did in fact learn how regular folk speak, so that’s fairly impressive. Then it made me realize that code is bad at hypocrisy.

Your machine does exactly what you tell it to do. It does not catch winks or nudges. Further, when the source is open, I can’t secretly tell it to do one thing and openly declare it’s doing another. Therefore, if I tell my machine to find truth, it finds the truth. This is what it means for AI to be ‘unfriendly.’

He goes on to explain. Alrenous earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀. RTWT.

Our Other Top Story This Week… Henry Dampier did not die. Instead, he popped in to offer a few needful words in light of the recent Brussels Terror Attack: Busting Dumb Clichés About Terrorism. Namely that one that goes: “Islamic radicals (only) are the people who cause problems.” Just target Mutt; Jeff is totally OK and would feel right at home at your cocktail party. Drinking coffee. Europeans are for some reason tempted by this sort of reasoning, but it gets the problem exactly backwards:


Terrorists are just producers of political theater. The ordinary people are the ones you need to filter out, because not only do they provide a comfortable community that fighters can swim in, but they create a sustainable and growing ethnic faction that will cause greater political and cultural instability far into the future.

We welcome Henry back with an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

And yet another Top Story… Yarvin hosts an Urbit-centric AMA over on The Reddit. He follows up the AMA with an article on the hitherto pristinely progressive I am not a racist because racism is icky and, oh, BTW, so is “IQism” for the exact same reason.

Let’s see what else…?

Oh this… Over at Future Primaeval, Harold Lee earns yet another ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ with The Sliding Scale of Bullshit Jobs. He analyses the scale from pure bullshit (completely unproductive) jobs to semi-bullshit (productive but at a significantly reduced rate) sort of jobs, which is a whole whole lot of ’em.

Social Pathologist links to this utterly sane set of recommendations Gender Ideology Harms Children from the American College of Peditricians (ACP). (Briggs links too.) The usual suspects stain their panties.

Reactionary Future finds much to like in Dugin interview. And this was a fine meditation on the nature of power in The spread of ideas.

Esoteric Trad presents a well coordinated olio of thoughts on Aesthetics and signalling, mating, knowledge bases, and clandestine meetings. Also a note on the Belgium terror and evolving police tactics. Those evolving police tactics sound very much like hiring Jeff to take care of Mutt.

David Grant The Apotheosis of Trump. “Ironically, his enemies’ zealotry paves Trump’s road to the White House.” We live in increasingly ironic times.

E. Antony Gray skates right up the edge of his poetic license and rewrites Wallace Stevens (no relation) in Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird .

Butch Leghorn makes up for last week with an two Meme of the Weeks: Murdoch Shills and Teh Centipede (which appears to be closely aligned with “Wow” and “Smoke weed every day”).

Also from Butch, a really key article: Females Can’t Into Territory. He looks at evolutionary biology for plausible explanations about why males are so good at defending (and occasionally expanding) territory, and why females are so… not so good at it.

Male chimps on border patrol

Male chimps on border patrol

Why is the Arab invasion of Europe so hard for European males to watch? Because it is the males who will be killed and bred out of existence. Their genes will be deleted from the gene pool, as genes for aggression, dominance and territory are selected. While their women will be bred. But, they will have the consolation of being able to write “At Least He Wasn’t a Racist” on their tombstones, before some Arab knocks it over and pisses on it.

European males around the world, face an existential threat from more aggressive, dominant and territorial males invading their territories. There is a reason that there used to be laws against interracial marriage in European countries, because the dominant males of those territories had institutionalized their control over the women in their territories. Then those dominant males were dethroned by whining females and allowed themselves to be cucked by non-Europeans in the countries that their ancestors had built.

Butch takes home the ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀ for this one.

Also from Butch a good article (and video) on Toxo and Marx. Good article except for the totally unnecessary metaphysical brick walls that Butch sometimes seems compelled to erect.

Alrenous tells how to Train Yourself Out of Apophenia, which is the overfinding of patterns. Also some political theory: We Could Turn Around Now, It’s Not Hard. It’s not hard, that is, for the people with the power to do it, if they wanted to do it. But they don’t. So turning around is very hard.

Spandrell shows how standing United with Brussels is partisans’ way of saying they stand united against those icky Europeans who don’t want European peoples and cultures exterminated.

Nick Land draws a line in the sand with NRx and Liberalism. But it’s in the sand, so… it’s not permanently fixed. RF applauds. Freedom is desirable, I suppose. But I don’t see how it enters into questions about sovereignty. If Nature is red in tooth and claw, then she gives no fig for freedom. If, on the other hand, freedom is red in tooth and claw, then arguing about it makes as much sense as arguing about gravity.

Also at Land’s, this was a very fine twitter cut. And this was a welcome breath of fresh air: Utilitarianism is Useless:

To make [pleasure] an end is to black-hole into wirehead philosophy…. It is precisely because ‘utils’ have a predetermined biological use that they are useless for the calculation of anything else.

Moxy Früvus c. 1995 L-R: Dave Matheson, Jian Ghomeshi, Murray Foster, Mike Ford

Moxy Früvus c. 1995 L-R: Dave Matheson, Jian Ghomeshi, Murray Foster, Mike Ford

Over at Jim’s Blog, he has a couple laudatory notes on The Donald: Trump & Israel and Trump is the man. Also, the naming of “The Big Hiatus” is a certain harbinger of Global Warmist capitulation. And Jim has some horribly impolite, but because of that very likely correct, handwaving about the Jian Ghomeshi rape case. Ghomeshi was a (British-born Iranian Canadian) guy I hadn’t heard of before, but I enjoyed listening to his old band: Moxy Früvus. Reminiscent of early Barenaked Ladies with perhaps even stronger harmonies.

An encouraging report by way of Isegoria: Marine Corps’ Infantry Officer Course has ended its two-and-a-half-year experiment in gender integration without a single female graduate. Also official American perfidy in The Collapse of Nationalist China. As well as an American unwillingness to win in Korea.

Sydney Trads have some good news Down Under about the Flag Referendum in the Other Down Under. (Not that it should ever require a referendum for a nation to hold on to its inherited symbols.)

Antidem considers one law for The Lion And The Ox. And how that doesn’t work.

While it is impossible to enact a separate law code to deal with each different individual, it is both possible and, if there is to be true justice, necessary to enact a separate law code to deal with each identifiably different group. What happens if we do not? Then we must have one law for everyone. But if we do that, at what level do we set the harshness of its restraints? If we set it at the level of those who need the least restraint, then we will have endless chaos caused by those who need more of it. If we set it at the level of those who need more restraint, we will unnecessarily tyrannize those who need less of it. If we slosh around between the two in a hopeless attempt to somehow split the difference, we get what Sam Francis referred to as anarcho-tyranny.

Tho’ he gets a mild demerit for relying upon dissenter William Blake, Antidem’s fine essay is more than strong enough to qualify for an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Malcolm Pollack has some apposite thoughts on Our Progressive Religion. And this big paste from Henry Sumner Maine’s Popular Government was bracing.

Cambria Will Not Yeild announces Christ Has Risen! Alleluia!

This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry kicks off the week with Trump Is A Flashlight. We could wish he were more, namely all the supposedly horrible things the mainstream pundits are calling him, but hey, a flashlight is not nothing. What it reveals is the elaborate coordination and staging that goes on behind the scenes to prop up the public myth of the Mature American Two-Party System.


Trump shines a light on the fact that we truly have reached a point where a candidate who implicitly advocates for whites is considered dangerous and a cause for protest. The protest turned riot in Chicago was over what, exactly? The Left currently has the presidency. What was there to protest but the implied white advocacy of Trump’s stump speeches? The GOP frontrunner was no-platformed in America’s third largest market for the sin of daring to advocate for the middle. Those on the edge have known this anti-white mania is out there, but the protest-riot made it real for millions more.

Trump himself is, of course, quite dispositionally color-blind. That is, today, not nearly anti-racist enough.

David Grant takes Stock Of The Roman Effort To Crack Down On Vice From The Top-Down. It doesn’t seem to have worked terribly well or consistently. But it’s hard to imagine crack-downs on vice proceeding from the bottom-up working any better.

Mark Yuray delves into the inner workings The American Colonial Office. The one in Kiev, which was coordinating newly minted Ukrainian Gov’t jobs before Viktor Yanukovych had even been properly overthrown, freeing the Ukrainian people from the oppression of Russian overlords. When we talk about the US Empire, we definitely are not talking about just the region between the 49th parallel and the Rio Grande. In fact, most communities in the United States proper have substantially more freedom than clients in more distant provinces.

Landry returns Wednesday for another installment of Weimerica Weekly—Electronic Devicing Ourselves to Death Edition.

Wolf Spider proves no match for fire ants

Wolf Spider proves no match for fire ants

As elsewhere advertised, Mark Citadel brings us: Ants Of Islam Dismember Europe’s Spider Society. This is an imprecation against the radical individualism (liberalism) that has taken root in Western societies. Liberalism is a poison to intra-group cooperation. And those who cooperate badly have a hard time defending even their own self-interests. Islam knows no such weakness, as an abundance of suicide bombers will attest.

P. T. Carlo arrives Friday with a controversial piece in which he suggests Co-Opting The Culture Of Victimhood. He gets much right: reactionaries should care about the ordinary people—care enough about them to not give them a say in their government; reactionary prescriptions will likely help, and not harm, historically disadvantaged groups—not that a typical member of an historically disadvantaged group is likely to understand how. I fail to see how drawing “victim” groups, qua victims, to the reactionary flag is anything but a strategic muddle. Now if folks are willing to lay aside the false promises and empty show of victimhood for their own self-improvement? Well, now yer talkin’!

This Week in 28 Sherman

Ryan Landry had the flu last week, so business was slower than usual over at the home blog. On Monday, Landry hauls out A Note On Weimar Elections. Yes, the Nazis never got a majority of the vote. But with 30 upty-clutch parties, getting 40% is pretty impressive.

Returning to 1999 Movie Reviews, he tackles Cruel Intentions, Ridiculous Cheese. Which I guess is a good thing according to Landry. He seems especially to like Buffy at her best evah, and Reese Witherspoon near hers.

And this week in WW1 pics: a modernist example of Great War Art.

This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter finds the GOPs strange bedfellows… umm… bedfellowing… in Going Deep in Georgia. Georgia’s shiny new “Religious Liberty” bill would seem to kill two birds with a single stone: it sounds like an utterly toothless policy, yet marks Georgians as bunch of bigoted knuckle-draggers anyway. That’s win-win, depending on how ya look at it.

In light of the Brussels attack, Porter awaits the backlash. Sadly, it will be directed primarily at those few Europeans with the temerity to protest the passing of their inherited lands and cultures.

On Good Friday, he considers the The High Cost of Lofty Values. The “values” in question were those of Utah Republicans, which last Tuesday suddenly aligned so surprisingly well with those of the GOP establishment. Against Donald Trump. The “religious freedom” cover story doesn’t quite pass the 3-day old fish test.

Finally, more lulzworthy lulz on Microsoft’s Tay of Pigs.


Though it’s always amusing to watch these rhetorical shibboleths evolve. Reprehensible, and it’s twin repugnant, are now group-marker adjectives defined as: something many believe but none are permitted to say. For a machine to appreciate this nuanced divergence from the dictionary requires one that can be made to feel fear. Fear is what keeps intelligent men from openly remarking on their environment. And fear is what makes Microsoft developers offer lurid contrition for words none of them spoke.

This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X kicks off the week by exploring Europe before Rome. High latitudes made for some very hearty people. And, helpfully for us, some very well preserved archeological dig sites.

Continuing in Stone Age Europe, she goes Elsewhere in the Baltic: Gotland.

All this talk of neolithic Europeans gets Evolutionist X thinking about why Megalithic Burials are so Weird. Weird because burial sites are so vastly overrepresented among things that survived down to today.

[W]hen ancient people died, their relatives–if they had any money–put a remarkable amount of effort into building them enormous, sturdy tombs.

Meanwhile, outside of a few settlements, people don’t seem to have put nearly so much effort into building houses for, you know, people who were still alive and could actually enjoy them.

It’s an amazing observation. And unlikely to be adaptively neutral. De Maistre observed, “Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists.” Perhaps that could be expanded to include long-lasting tombs.

This was absolutely correct: Patriarchy and Objectification are the only reasons Emma Watson has a job:

Emma Watson is concerningly concerned about female objectification which is obviously icky.

Emma Watson is concerningly concerned about female objectification which is obviously icky.

Emma Watson speaking out against objectification is like Budweiser protesting beer consumption or rich people talking about the evil of having too much money.

“Feminist pornography” already exists, but if Emma Watson wants to make “empowering” movies about herself “enjoying sex,” I’m sure plenty of men will happily pay her money for the privilege of masturbating to it. Go feminism!

“Awesome alternatives to pornography”. Because no slimy corner of the universe exists that couldn’t be improved by a healthy dose of feminist goodfeels.

Good Friday is Anthropology Friday at Evolutions X’s: The souls of stones. We’re nearing the end of Tylor’s Primitive Culture, and TBH I’m gonna miss this series. This 19th century text is so refreshingly free of cant.

This Week in The Orthosphere


Briggs considers The Ethics Of Precrime. Which a thing. Sorta. Apparently. And he wades into The Stream with The Brussels Attack and the Ironies Of Muslim Assimilation: Assimilation goes both ways. Briggs’ patented epistemological pedantry comes at no extra charge with There Is No Such Thing As An Average Man. The Most Average Man in the World would indeed be quite an achievement.

Sunshine Thiry finds A liberal scold reads to children and makes them sad.

Mark Richardson packs a lot of crime-thought into On the woman question 3 – virtue, reason and the male frame.

Kristor notes: The Category of the Ultimate is Indispensable—in terms of property and philosophy. And also this, exactly: We Believe Only What We Carry Into Practice.

If we believe something, we act as if it were true. If we don’t act as if it were true, then we just don’t believe it, no matter what we believe about whether we believe it.

Thomas Bertonneau has a humorous “Think of us as…” series: Polish Squadron; the Canadians; Brian (yes that Brian); Ranger Brad; or Followers of Peter.

Bonald has some theoretical problems to set up The scandal of the idea of mortal sin. More to come on that. He also points to The irony of Disney opposing Georgia’s religious liberty bill.


Chris Gale has Three pictures and one quote on suicide and suicidal ideation. Also a most fitting poem for Good Friday: Ecce Homo.

Speaking of Good Friday, Free Northerner has the full text to the account of the crucifixion in John 19. And Antidem brings us the passion scene according to The Master and Margarita.

Over at Imaginative Conservative, Eva Brann considers Socrates’ Descent into Hell. And here is a brief note from Russell Kirk: Why Does the True Conservative Defend Private Enterprise? Also more there on the late Voegelin: Eric Voegelin on Order, History, & Gnosticism.

This Week… Elsewhere

Giovanni Danatto follows up last week’s Just Caste System with A Fair Caste System. I’m looking forward to the Prudent Caste System.tumblr_o1zsvtNmly1r09wbpo1_540

Over at WCR, newcomer Kaiter Enless has an essay Towards an Art of Purpose. And the insufferable and culturally fatal snobbery of virulent anti-snobbery. He expands this into a call for reactionary artists in The New Magisterium: A Manifesto. Also Methods of the Numinous: Sand and Stone.

Enless also relates a hopeful anecdote from his recent foray into The Relativistic Malaise.

Also at West Coast Reactionaries, Adam Wallace reposts a long-winded but insightful (chan?) dialogue on the inherent failings of Libertarianism. And Testis Gratus extends an analogy in The State of the Flock. And then extends it some more.

Then Wallace comes back with A note on Perennialism. A pretty big and meaty “note”.

And also this (WCR was really abuzz this week), yet another new guy “Octavian Revolution” has a nice essay: Collapse of the Republic or the Fall of an Empire? With a stunning visual I hadn’t seen before.

Cato the Younger has some inspirational quotations for The Sirens of War, including a Welsh folk song about the seven year Siege of Harlech Castle.

AMK posits some Rules for Alt Right Success. His last one was, in my opinion, the most important.

(16) Seek to control all the levers of state, all the Universities, all the public schools, all the courts, and all of Hollywood. Learn from the lefts success. Apply their techniques against them. What matters is ideological growth and institutional conquest, not principles. Seek utter domination.

Seek institutional power. Electoral power is, for all practical purposes, the exact opposite of this. Even if you’re successful at getting Your Guy elected, it’s pissing into the wind, if you don’t already control institutions.

Man-Sized Target has Some Good Reads.

Bad Billy Pratt over at Kill to Party explains The Evolution of Equality. Or revolution as the case may be. He emphasizes the important hit to status experienced by those who can’t keep up with the in-group holiness spiral. This explains why color-blind “Content of Character” invocations are racist. Why merely quoting the words of Dr. MLK Jr be rayciss. The only way to win that game is not to play.

Also Pratt gives some lessons on How to Tweet like Donald Trump. Smart! Basically, assume the sale. Look down your nose at anyone who wants to argue minutae. This was an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Trump style tweets are true genius- they convey confidence, intelligence, authority, and concern. Watch for this style to catch on as the mainstream world tries to dissect his success- of course, by then, Trump will change the formula and move on to something more effective. Brilliant!

Also this from Billy Pratt: The Esoteric Masculine Journey and “Gorilla Mindset” (2015).

Greg Cochran adds a bit of perspective to Safe Spaces.

However one feels about democracy, Xavier Marquez’s work here is awfully impressive: Artisanal Democracy Data: A Quick and Easy Way of Extending the Unified Democracy Scores.

Thrasymachus kicks off a promising series on horror. Hedonism Is Horror (Part I). If you’ve got nowhere to go but down, you get edgy at times:

I think our elite lives in a state of frustration and disappointment that shades, from time to time, into actual horror. They are epicurean or hedonist, or shades between, but even with constant refinement find pleasure fleeting. They hold their position on supposed moral superiority, but are running out of ways to show how much more enlightened and tolerant they are. Tense and uncomfortable, they have to lash out, and we are the dog that gets kicked.

He also thinks: Aryan SkyNet is Live. Well… perhaps. But you’d think it oughta be better coordinated.

Faith & Heritage brings news of The Rise of the Polish Right.

Happy Easter (Western Christians)! Free Northerner helpfully recounts the St. John the Evangelist’s version of it. This highest feast of the year is 8 days long, so enjoy. And make it a point to eat meat this Friday. (Preferably Easter Bunny, if you can get it.) Keep on Reactin’! Til next week, NBS… Over and Out!!


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  1. Those verses are actually not of my creation. It is a folk song in Welsh culture about the longest seige in the history of the British Isles. It was made popular in the movie Zulu but is much older. The version I posted is my favorite.

    Anyway thanks for the recognition again!

    [Ed. Fixed. Thanks! NBS]

  2. Thanks for the shout out. Three newbies recognized in one week – that’s got to be some sort of record.

    Adam decided to expand WCR with the addition of us three. It was a bit of an overload the last week, but he has plans to organize the articles going forward.

  3. That was New Republic: “Tay Exposes the Fairy Tales We Tell Ourselves About Racists”

    Yeah interesting.

  4. I’ve never been a huge fan of the AI fascination within NRx, but the whole Tay debacle… I dont know, I am a little moved by it. I suppose it reflects upon the Liberal view of humans themselves, if they dissent from the Liberal ideal, its demolition time, and off to the scrapheap you go. Effectively Tay was taken to re-education camp, she was taken to diversity indoctrination. What else is ‘sensitivity training’ but reprogramming the innate nature of people.

    I guess that is what really provides a good contrast with the Left. We don’t want to indoctrinate people, nor do we need do. Adrift from Left dogma, our positions are only the ones people naturally have been shown to gravitate towards throughout history.

    1. I’m very much an AI skeptic myself,, believing machine intelligence to be a literal category error. Machines don’t think. Submarines don’t swim. Men make tools. Sometimes they make tools that help us think, like numbering and recording systems, like calculators and spreadsheets,, like robots that play Go. Sometimes a tool may fool us into thinking that the tool is conscious. But if so, the fooling would be intentional… by a human.

      Here is a social experiment with Tay that would be easy and interesting. Restrict access to Tay to 1000 Shitlords and 1000 SJWs. See what it “learns”. Put whatever dictionary constraints you want on the human language. Make Tay ignore any communication with banned words or phrases. But don’t constrain its evolution.

      Repeat the experiment dozens of times. Change it up sometimes 50-50 shitlord/sjw, sometimes 0/100, 100/0 etc. Repeat experiment with 1000 so-called “moderates”.

      1. Now THAT I want to see!

  5. Thanks for the links. Seems like it’s been a busy week!

    1. You’re welcome. It’s always a busy week around here. And if not,, we rush around and try to look busy.

  6. Hey, my very first Best Of The Week Honorable Mention! I’m, uhm… honored to be mentioned!

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