This Week in Reaction (2016/03/20)

I cannot but lead with this one… Free Northerner has an absolutely magisterial answer to Kevin Williamson: The High-IQ Homo Economicus. FN zeroes in on what bothered me the most about Williamson’s screed. Namely this:

It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been victimized by outside forces. It hasn’t.

Lying about lies. Ya wanna trigger me? You wanna trigger me?!!. FN has an answer:

Every support the white working class (and for that matter the black working class) had vanished within less than a generation. There was a concerted effort to destroy these supports, and this effort succeeded. Through minimal fault of their own the white working class was left with nothing holding them up.

Now I myself am a Swift-Kick-in-the-Pants kinda guy. And maybe Williamson was trying to do that. “Hey, Working Class Whites, get some agency!” I’m all for it. I’m on record as opposing victim mongering. Maybe Williamson was trying to say, “Hey, Working Class White, don’t play the victim. You’ll only hurt yourselves.” That’s just about exactly right. But for Williamson to suggest that the white working class has not had a target painted on its back for decades (if not, as I believe, centuries (cf. “dark Satanic mills“)); that their frustrations are not at all legitimate; that their indignation is built out of a lie is absolutely unforgivable. Where’s my damn helicopter?! Northerner continues:

Kevin Williamson, National Review's token Quadroon(?)

Kevin Williamson, National Review’s token Quadroon(?)

Working-class whites (and blacks, and hispanics) are not able to and can not be expected to function in an inhuman, cutthroat, anomic socio-economic system designed by and for upper-middle class WASPS and Jews. They are no more constitutionally endowed to be able to than women are to be marines. Some of the working-class on the right-side of a bell-curve or two may be able to extract themselves from the cultural collapse and some others may be passed by, but most are no more able to escape than a baby is to swim.

Free Northerner gets the OfficialSlowClap.gif and the ☀☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Award☀☀.

Let’s see… what else?

The Michelle Fields & Her ((((White)))) Knights Breitbart Affair has been utterly predictable. Utterly predictably degenerate. James E. Miller notes the predictable Rush to Judgement.

Consideration of today’s Protest Industrial Complex prompts Esoteric Trad to harken back to the 1970 Hard Hat Riots. Forty-six years ago, normal white (AFL-CIO) Americans fought back against Leftist scum only 4 days after “four dead in O-HI-O“. (Four, OMG! Better write a song!!) It bears mentioning, that forty-six years ago normal white Americans were overwhelmingly predominant in the construction industry as well. In fairness, all parties of the Hard Hat riots come off a lot better than their counterparts today: the hippie leftist scum (who at least had the courage of convictions amid widespread public disapproval of radicalism), the construction workers who whipped their trust fund college boy asses, and the NYC police who mostly stood by and watched those get it, who had it comin’.

Also from Esoteric Trad a one stop shop for three (3) brief book reviews: Submission, Invisible Armies, and Mission Men and Me.

And this: It’s far from obvious that Esoteric Trad intended Beware Hobbes to be an important essay. But that’s what it turned out to be. And an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention

The assertion that Cultural Marxism is not about enslavement and leading people off the true path, rather the author sees it as liberation. As do the Marxists themselves of course. It is through this we reveal our true human nature which is depravity and hedonism. That it attempts to return us to a ‘state of nature’.

And also not a very Catholic assertion.

Social Pathologist delivers Part IV of Rethinking Race and Identity:

The phenomenon of racial awareness is not a will decision, it is a biocognitive response. Cognitive science research has shown that most men operate as cognitive misers, and it is at this level that the automaticity of thought exerts the most influence. System 2 and Reflective thought regulating the operation of System 1 when activated. But it needs to be understood that that the regulation of System 1 thought requires constant effort. A stable “multicultural society” is a society is a society that is only maintained by cognitive effort, since the default state is towards monocultural ones.

But remember civilization is, from the beginning, an arrangement of society already broader than the tribal kin-group. There are obvious advantages to create a bigger us. But also limits to it. If you want pure, unadulterated distrust of outsiders, hunter-gathering is for you. Cross-group cooperation has proven to be the stronger model overall. The multi-cult cult is taking this European ability to more or less get along with outsiders to an insane extreme. Fixing it doesn’t require going to the opposite insane extreme.

Reactionary Future finds in the Anti-Trump Protests a Confirmation of the iron law. That is to say his The Iron Law of Rebellious Tools which reads:

Successful rebellion is always, without exception, a mere tool of someone already in a position of power.

The mechanism is obviously evil, but also a marvelous strategy, custom tailored for Democracy, which may be defined as “Rule by those who cultivate opinion”:


We can see with Liberal democracy over the past 100 or so years, that the progressive elite have brought on a constant array of scum to act as shock troopers against the laws and blocks against them, and have done so by pooling wealth outside of the official structures if needed (foundation money, oligarch money, corporation money.) The conservative trailing group, is always a remnant of whiny losers complaining that the laws are not being adhered to properly whilst trying to engage in dialogue. This is tantamount to admitting defeat to a greater enemy, yet not wanting to end the war. The Alt-right is doing the same thing with its constant whining about free speech, right of assembly and “Muh” democracy.

More confirmation of the Iron Law on Open Borders Advocacy.

Also, RF finds himself in complete agreement with Lawrence Glarus’ award-winning article last week. Good. Now we can all stop slinging mud about, right?

No mud slinging here in The financial ends of sov corp. And yes this made sense from the day it was written.

Reactionary Future is very authentically Menciian here: Middle weaponisation is Libertarianism. Beginning with Murray Rothbard’s insightful (but too insightful by half) 1992 call to RIGHT-WING POPULISM, RF shows exactly why this cannot work. Exactly why it is, in fact, counter-productive:

If the high is utterly, utterly all powerful, then weaponising the middle in conflict has one outcome—you are going to get diversified, multiculturalised and toleranced up the ass….

The only solution is a reset, and a clean out of the whole thing, it needs shutting down as orderly as possible and a new sovereign structure which is “responsible to no one but God or the Devil” needs to be set up.

At the head of that structure, we will find The Dictator, aka. CEO of SovCorp. If your goals, like Rothbard’s, are:


  1. Slash Taxes
  2. Slash Welfare
  3. Abolish Racial or Group Privileges
  4. Take Back the Streets: Crush Criminals
  5. Take Back the Streets: Get Rid of the Bums
  6. Abolish the Fed; Attack the Banksters
  7. America First
  8. Defend Family Values

Then Neoreaction has a guaranteed way to make them not happen: Keep voting, keep agitating, keep protesting, keep giving legitimacy to a system that cannot, by design, deliver them. Else get a CEO of SovCorp. RF earns an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Not to be outdone, Nick Land has an excellent short essay Against Universalism.

All order is local — which is to say the negation of the universal. That is merely to re-state the second law of thermodynamics, which ‘we’ generally profess to accept. The only thing that could ever be universally and equally distributed is noise.

Kill the universalism in your soul and you are immediately (objectively) a neoreactionary. Protect it, and you are an obstacle to the escape of differences. That is communism — whether you recognize it, or not.

The opposite of universalism is particularism. And tho’ one might be tempted by a universal particularism in the interest of “fairness”, in reality no one really has time to love all particularisms equally. Land gets a well deserved ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀ for that one.

E. Antony Gray has a new song: Blessing for a Woman.

Free Northerner shares an anecdote: ‘I knew I could trust you because you’re white’.

Butch Leghorn borrow a decent step-by-step procedure toward Restoring the Patriarchy for Fun and Profit. Amen especially to this: “Persuasion is of limited utility.” Also from Butch, how to do memes and especially how not to do them: Who cares who was here first?

Don’t fall into the Leftist frame. Don’t try to argue that Trump (or anyone else) is not a racist. Argue that strength is good. Argue that solidarity is good because it makes a group strong. Survival is good. Argue that the Darwinian struggle is not going to end. The Leftist argument (that being a weak victim is moral) is a lie.

Also from Butch, the fantastic “Don’t Touch My Girl” Scene from Goodfellas. And more Epistemological Brick Walls.

Butch takes a 4-gauge fisk to a Forbes Infographic (“Info” graphic) on pensioner poverty: Pay up, or Face the Consequences. Those horrible, awful South Koreans, starving their old folks to death. But seriously:

If we want a future, then we need to burn down the current order and implement one where the government isn’t spending our future and creating an environment where we can’t save for old age. Sure, we can always print the money and push it further until the world forces us to deal with reality. I’m not an economist, but I know that the incentive structure is wrong which is why we don’t save, and it seems obvious to me that this will lead to disaster. I don’t know the right economic policy. But I know how to break things.

Sydney Trads have up yet another @WrathOfGnon meme: C. S. Lewis on the Debunkers of Monarchy. A longy but a goody. Also a disturbing(ly accurate) prediction from José Ortega y Gasset’s Revolt of the Masses.

Mark Citadel links to A Few Points of Interest. Including Dugin in charmingly imperfect English!

Then Citadel drops a Duesy: a comprehensive review and analysis of the Nu Male. Mark pays attention to this stuff. So you don’t have to.

Nick Land has a delightful sentence from Tyler Cowen.

Spandrell has a nice blurb from Wittgenstein Great Minds Think Alike.

Alf finds Power is its own justification. I would not say “the end of the gun is always right“, but it rightly represents the limit of earthly justice.

Reactionary Future finds Dugin gets it to a point.

Finally, Cambria Will Not Yield dicusses European Pietas.

There is only a passionate hatred of God and His people in the rationalism of the church men and their secular counterparts. We must be passionately racist, loving our own with a passion that surpasseth the hatred of the rationalists, if we are ever going to launch a serious attack against the devil and his minions. If we continue to accept Trotsky’s demonization of white pietas as holy writ, we will remain in the liberals’ hell and fall prey to either the Moslems, the colored barbarians, or our own despair. Is that the fate we were born for?

This Week in Social Matter

Ryan Landry’s Sunday piece considers The Left’s Crusade Against Gitmo. The US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is an almost perfect confluence of A)icon for holiness signaling, and B)club with which to thrash the Red Empire, whose pitiful and increasingly untenable duty it is to be the adult partner within USG. “Good nations do not do this!” is very easy to proclaim and to feel. Countering such a pose is practically impossible to pull off without looking evil. And fuddy-duddy. Tho’ the center has not been closed, and Obama will beat his breast and wave this “If only…” at lucrative speaking engagements for rest of his life, he’s continued his predecessor’s policy of releasing prisoners. And what harm could a few hundred high-value terrorists do anyway?


Chaos creates a need for a police state to control a population. There is chaos for broken people as collateral damage for social work, and of course, more programs and aid to prevent little terrorists from growing up. The left will not pause to consider the idea of releasing Islamic ideological warriors into the American federal prison population, which already has enough black Muslim converts. Import the chaos for more leftist designed solutions. How much is terribly idiotic worldview and how much is nefarious desires for control? We will never know but it gets clearer and clearer that the two parts need each other.

David Grant takes away Lessons From The Greeks On Fraternities—aka. Männerbunden. He outlines many of the essential features of fraternities, but seizes on ritual, particular to a fraternity and chapter, as being the key unifying force. Without it, it’s just a bunch of guys hanging out:

Moderns often consider the charges in Athens against men like Socrates, Euripides, or Anaxagoras that they denied the gods of the city to be quaint or even laughable. But if ancient polities were anything like modern fraternities, I can guarantee that these were very serious and grave matters. If someone were to run around today decrying my fraternity’s Ritual and mocking its values, I and every one of my brothers would be totally enraged. To deny the gods was to undermine the Männerbund of the ancient city, indeed to deny that it had any legitimacy at all. This constituted a betrayal of the most sacred trust: atheism was and is the worst form of treason.

It is also utter nonsense to conceive of “separation of Ritual and fraternity.” Without the Ritual there is no fraternity, and the fraternity specifically appoints officials to conduct Ritual ceremonies. It is therefore just as inconceivable to speak of “separation of Church and state” in a political Männerbund. The Church and the state are not antagonistic and rival powers as our post-Reformation historians would have it, but rather they are mutually reinforcing institutions: the Church sanctifies the state, and the state supports and protects the Church.

Grant walks away with an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀.

Mark Yuray tackles the concept of Religious Decay. Not so much the decay due to a widespread turning away from a nation’s religion as the religion itself undergoing pathological mutations. It seems the latter is a likely cause of the former. Along the way, Yuray takes the pulse of Comte’s Religion of Humanity.

On Wednesday, Ryan Landry returns with a very poignant (and personal) Weimerica Weekly—Misery and Heroin in Maine (of all places) Edition. New England working class whites were at the front of the line when Our Elites were handing out shit sandwiches.

Tom Barghest has yet another gem with Techno-Commercialism And Markets In Morality. Rushing in to the highly controverted and heat-producing subject of markets within the neoreaction, he’s able to shed substantial light. Just because morality is not merely social capital doesn’t mean it isn’t. Markets have limits and none of them are perfectly free.


[H]owever powerful it seems, we must always remember that while market capitalism may currently be among our best, most comprehensive processes for organizing the human judgments necessary to design and carry out social resource allocation, it remains an institution of only mortal justice.

Used well, markets link distant inhuman consequences to contextual human judgment more effectively than any other system yet devised. In doing so, they empower human choice to incredible heights. However, the highest heights can be the sites of greatest folly. Desire all too often exceeds power no matter how great. And Nemesis always follows hubris.

This Week in 28 Sherman

Ryan Landry kicks off the week over on The Home Blog with a Contrarian Prediction for Friday’s Rally Riot Effects and suggestions for livable places in the US that actually still have economic opportunities. Or at least the non-livable ones.

On Tuesday, Landry introduces Thailand’s New Friend. You may not have heard because Thailand’s strength and stability under the military junta doesn’t fit Cathedral Script. “Tsk, tsk,” sums up Official US policy. But Russia is less judgmental.

And this week in WW1 pics: Kraft um kriege; Kampf um siege.

Finally a quick note on NIRPitrage.

This Week in Based Jim

Jim takes a look at What Republicans are voting on in Ohio.

Ohio is a straight vote between the advocate of wide open borders with generous welfare for the entire world, and the advocate of a wall along the border.

Now you might well ask how we got to the situation where the Kasiches of this world are treated as saints, rather than evil madmen. Does not anyone remember how completely insane this would have been a couple of decades ago?

Kasich won that one, BTW, but needed a lot of help. Including Democrats of the state, who hated him less than Trump. Jim ends with a note not to blame the messenger—i.e., the voters:


We are always ruled by priests or warriors. It is not the voters fault that we are ruled by priests, nor is it the voters fault that our priesthood is evil and insane, and daily becoming more evil and more insane. But it is democracy’s fault that there is not much the voters can do about it.

Related, Jim requests participation on the question: How recent are open borders? He’s thinking 2011-12 time frame. Maybe in Australia. It was a lot earlier in The States I think.

Here is compelling evidence of Anarcho tyranny in the Chicago riots.

Finally from Jim: Yet another argument Against sexual consent. Consent, as it is understood by defective hyper-individualist moderns, has taken on magical properties will which (by some as yet unnumbered rule) always be used to cloak vice.

Sex is far too important to be left to the decision of those directly involved. And women are not much better at making the decision at thirty than at ten.

This Week in Kakistocracy

Porter considers The Costs Never Accounted. He relates some of the human costs that The Establishment are unlikely to face:

[W]ho were the 124 homicide victims of criminal aliens? Probably just Trump voting riffraff who wouldn’t know a Gulfstream from a Baglietto. Shit it’s not like they’re actual people, well not ones who count at any rate. Don’t bereaved family members just consume a 12-pack of Pabst and yell Yee-haw? Have they even felt the pain of Cis-privilege? Well pain comes in forms far more vivid than just that purchased with a Soros protest check. And there are many men like Dan Golvach who have been forced to harbor it bitterly.

Next, Son of Taco Bell, starring star-crossed Rubio, traces the history of the phrase “Son of Immigrants” from erstwhile background setup for predictably inspiring story, to blank check for inviting people to occupy your bathtub.

Finally from Porter a fantastic bit of political theory: What is Brittle Breaks. That being the way “pluralist” “tolerant” America deals with dissent, which depends by now entirely upon whether Who or Whom is doing the dissenting.


[S]o values in a democracy have become the means by which white middle class interests are ceded to both competing ethnicities and the rich. The question is how to manage historically unique situations when this human livestock won’t peacefully shuffle into the abattoir.

All values aside, a political system becomes very brittle without peaceful means of redress and change. If men are not offered a way to influence their environment, they will eventually carve one out on their own. If inclined we could name many popular ballot initiatives defenestrated by a court system that claims to commune with the Constitution’s penumbras. Each instance representing a people’s peaceful attempt to redirect state policies into alignment with their majority will.

Please read all of this ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀. Like most of Porter’s stuff, it is not long (winded).

This Week in Evolutionist X

Evolutionist X begins the week with a substantial contribution to human genetics geekery: Haak et al’s full graph.

Next she wonders: Does the Growth of Cities Contribute to Revolutions? In the West, this seems inarguable. The bourgeois (from “burgh”, i.e., city-dwellers) caste is a necessary ingredient to any European revolution. They’re not, of course, the only revolutionary caste, but they’re the ones you need to give it wheels (and literacy and money). Mao’s revolution was primarily rural. At least, that is how it gets advertised. This suggests in the final analysis that ya go to Revolution with the “peasants” ya got.

Evolutionist thought she was wrong but she was mistaken and corrected herself.

And now for something completely different: Grace Under Fire or Fire with Fire? Evolutionist X wonders whether “taking the high road” actually works. For some definitions of “work”, certainly. Does it necessarily preserve a relationship? Of course not. Butthurt is as butthurt does, I think.

And her delightful series on Tylor’s Primitive Culture continues: Anthropology Friday: Animal Souls. For about 17 seconds, 19th century anthropology was not a vehicle for Marxism. This was the era during which Tylor wrote his classic book.

This Week around The Orthosphere

Briggs has one in The Stream: No Matter Who Wins in November, the Federal Bureaucracy Will Grow

Because the body politic is infected by an incurable cancer, one that grows inexorably regardless of the treatment applied. That cancer is the bureaucracy. The disease is non-localized, systemic; its tendrils have reached into every organ and system of governance. Its pervasiveness is why treatment is futile. Even if we could cut the cancer out, the surgery would kill the patient. Prognosis? Terminal….

The problem with bureaucracy isn’t the bureaus. Every sovereign needs those. No, the problem is in the “-cracy”, as in rule by the bureaus. Also: “Democracy forces you to care” and that really is one of its worst features. And Briggs weighs in on the latest epistemological gizmos: Police To Use Algorithms To Predict Which Cops Will Go Rogue.

Briggs asks: Can A Catholic In Good Conscience Vote For Trump? Can a Catholic in good conscience vote at all?!

This one from Bonald is just beautiful and an ☀“Official” #NRx Best of the Week Honorable Mention☀: I’m not pro-life; I’m anti-abortion. Screw the SJW-esque “Seamless Garment” Shenanigans.

Capucine, smoking

Capucine, smoking

Should I demand the folks at The Distributist Review get on board with this before we work together against abortion? Only if I don’t really care much about abortion. More importantly, the original purpose of restricting abortion would quickly get sidelined by the other issues. If we can’t criminalize abortion until all expectant mothers have the support they need, then criminalizing abortion has stopped being a genuine policy position and become an eschatological hope. Even if we decide to pursue both ends in parallel, abortion would quickly be dropped, because organizations would start admitting members who don’t take the “pro-life” position on abortion but make up for it by being “pro-life” on many other issues.

Now, you could say that anti-abortion organizations are already as ineffective as can be, so we wouldn’t lose anything by trying a different strategy. I used to feel that way myself, but it’s an illusion that comes from comparing the failures of the pro-life movement to the successes of Leftist movements. This is the wrong comparison to make. The pro-life movement, being a Rightist movement, should be compared to other Rightist movements, like the movement to restore the Bourbon monarchy, to preserve primogeniture, to restore the Papal States, to keep women out of the military, to criminalize usury, to censor anti-Christian literature, and the like. By these standards, the pro-life movement has been quite successful. Not that it has criminalized abortion, of course–this will never happen. But it has kept itself within the Overton Window, something few Rightist movements have ever done for so long.

LOL, but true. I prefer “Anti-Choice” myself. “Anti-Abortion” is just a part of the Great Seamless Garment of Anti-Choice. Also from Bonald: Points in favor of letting other people do your thinking for you. Three of them. And… The end of Interstellar. Black holes are one of Bonald’s main gigs. And daughters are another. Finally: When movies actually made fun of revolutionaries. It wasn’t all that long ago.

Over at Imaginative Conservative, this was pretty interesting Why American Government Has Failed. Alexander Salter shines a light on the problem of sovereignty here in Anglophonia. Also: Is Innovation in the Arts a Good Thing?

Fr. James Schall (the only Jesuit I’d trust while not swinging from the end of a rope) has an essay Can Catholic Education Be Redeemed? And Joseph Pearce has a timely essay: Distracting Ourselves to Death.

At Orthosphere proper, Richard Cocks explodes The Illogicality of Determinism. “Determinism is consciousness denying.”

It is logically possible that determinism is true, but it is not logically possible to persuade me that determinism is true because determinism precludes the possibility of logic and genuine persuasion in the context of controversial assertions.

This Week… Elsewhere

Whiskey takes a hand at helpfully rewriting Kevin Williamson’s execrable and now substantially deleted The Father Fürer. For the full effect of Williamson’s hateful text, it can be seen at hotair. (Entire text helpfully reproduced here. (HT FN.))

Trump Advocates, Diamond and Silk

Trump Advocates, Diamond and Silk

Whiskey also notes: “Blacks SHOULD vote for Donald Trump”. Personally, if Trump wins the nomination, I think they will. At least in greater numbers than they did for Dubya who won 9% and 11% of the black vote in 2000 and 2004 respectively. Also at Whiskey’s Place: a silver-lining to waning American dominance of the TV screen.

AMK identifies The only seller of truth in town—which is either neoreaction or the alt-right (or both).

An apt follow-on to his Simulation to Actualisation post, Adam Wallace has a meditation upon On Moral Laziness. Our enemies operate by virtue signaling, and the internet is an unprecedented way to do that. That’s not going to work for reactionaries. Related: The Enemy is Within, not Without. Playing the innocent victim doesn’t work, even when you really are the innocent victim.

Adam, who was quite busy this week, offers Passing thoughts on Islam and Europe. And how, fundamentally, Islam is a bad fit for Europeans. I completely agree. Also a final capstone to his hangout series Paganism, Christianity and the European Soul: #5: What is to be done? (Catching up? Parts one, two, three, and four.)

Over at Coontown U., Dr. Swaggins goes behind the scenes Trump vs the Neocons: the Battle of Ohio. Also: Trump’s path forward.

Thrasymachus takes two views of The Trumpening and Mainstream Conservatism: The Long View and The Short View. The former doesn’t mention Trump at all, but delves into the late history of self-conscious conservatism (Conservatism, Inc.) in the US. He gets it exactly right:

National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley, Liberal Anticommunist

National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley, Liberal Anticommunist

Manhattan socialite William F. Buckley decided a new conservatism was needed, a socially acceptable if not fashionable one. Aiding him was the fact a lot of people found communism pretty disgusting. As cosmopolitan as many communists were, it was basically Slavic peasants lining up for bread rations, and while that might be fine for Slavic peasants, no nice person wanted anything like that. Militant, Promethean libertarianism best promoted by Ayn Rand was in backlash against the tiresome alphabet soup of government control. Actual conservatism was still pretty hick, but you could break off anti-communist liberals, and call them conservatives.

That’s all modern conservatives are. Anti-communist liberals. The old American form of conservatism- isolationist, traditionalist, rural and small town whether North or South- never really went away, but it kept its mouth shut and went with the anti-communist liberals to have some support.

Al Fin has a boatload of common sense here: Dangerous Children Learn to Fail Gracefully — Early and Often. Common sense that is growing increasingly uncommon.

Knight of Númenor has a welcome outsider’s persepctive on White self hatred and race traitors. I, myself, am an equal-opportunity hater of racial self-hatred. More observations here: The truth about Modernity, from a Millenial perspective.

This guy is new to me: Cato the Younger (HT: KoN). He’s got a thoughtful post up this week on Modernity & Its Parasitic Nature.

Giovanni Dannato contemplates A Just Caste System. An overly rigid caste system is at least inorganic, if not unjust. But it pales in comparison to the injustice of the caste system in which it is officially denied that there is any such system.

Retrochronal takes a look at Altright Trajectory. He wishes it well, So do I. But he doesn’t see a restoration in its future. Neither do I.

Welp, that’s about it. Hope all you Westerners had a fine Palm Sunday and are eagerly awaiting the joy of Easter! Keep on reactin’! Til next week, NBS… Over and Out!!

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  1. Nick, I appreciate the kind words and your yeoman’s labor. Just wanted to mention I (truly) lol’d at that image of the row of cows. Wish I’d thought of that.

    1. Sometimes just the odd phrase gives me an idea what to search for. Most of this stuff is really abstract and so it’s hard to find good pics. Sometimes I find gratuitous pics of beautiful (clothed) women, sometimes cows.

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  4. You are more optimistic than I. The old school conservatives (and the young ppl they inspired) are indeed rising up. But I’m not sure there’s much left for them to take over.

    1. That’s pretty much what we’re aiming for. Underneath the invisibility cloak.

  5. Any of you guys plan on going to AmRen this year?

    1. “Not I,” said the conspirator.

      If it were a private conference by invitation only, I’d be in like Flynn. This difference in strategy (i.e., between conspiracy and movement) is perhaps the most fundamental one between NRx and the broader paleo-/alt-/race-realist right.

  6. It’s interesting how Rothbard, as he grew older became less and less libertarian, and ever more a sort of proto-Neoreactionary (his friends even though he was going to convert to Roman Catholicism – had he lived longer, he might have). Waiting for states to give way may be futile, but as Spandrell said, by all accounts most governments throughout history were corrupt and/or inept… desiring a good state may be as naive as desiring no state, if not even more so. Far from shutting it down as orderly as possible, and setting up a new sovereign structure (thing that sounds far too compromising and Napoleonic), total anarchy, and subsequent takeover of municipalities by mafia, security companies, and yes even militias may be preferable — insta-Patchwork.

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