The Great Melting: Swedish Immigration Propaganda

Dagens Nyheter (DN) is the largest newspaper in Sweden. It is basically the Swedish equivalent of The New York Times. The newspaper is owned by the Bonnier Group (Bonnier AB), a media group privately held by a Jewish family. The founders were Lobel Salomon Hirschel and his son Gutkind Hirschel, who in the early 19th century moved to Denmark and changed his name to Gerhard Bonnier. Beyond DN, Bonnier AB controls a huge chunk of Swedish media and entertainment companies including other large newspapers (Expressen, Sydsvenskan, Dagens Industri), Sweden’s largest movie theater chain (SF Bio), film production companies (Svensk Filmindustri and Sonet Film), and a few TV channels.

Observers have criticized Dagens Nyheter for its clear bias in favor of mass immigration. The newspaper, however, ignores such criticism and continues pitching pro-migrant ideas on its pages.

In this article “Ny studie: Segregationen har minskat,” the author discusses a new study convened by a group of researchers, including a Geography professor at Stockholm University, Bo Malmberg. The study apparently shows that segregation in Sweden has declined since the 90s, following the global trend of desegregation.

In this study, they used a so-called dissimilarity index. The Economist has also written about it and defines that index as “the proportion of people of a given race who would have to move out of their census tract—an area of a few thousand inhabitants—and into another one in order to spread themselves evenly.” 1 stands for full segregation and 0 for full integration. This is the idea behind the Gini Index–only applied to racial diversity, rather than income inequality. For non-Europeans in Sweden, the index was 0.50 in 1997, and 0.47 in 2012. The researchers explain this by the “increase in the number of areas where non-Europeans used to be rare before.” So, in other words, not only are there more immigrants, but those immigrants are rapidly spreading throughout the country.

Bo Malmberg complains how “unfortunate it is that there is a high concentration of specific ethnic groups in specific areas.” His solution is that more mixing should be encouraged and that all Swedish communities should be pressured to take in migrants.

Bo also notes that “ethnic Swedes have more contact with non-Europeans today than at any other point in time before.” Given the government push to integrate Sweden, such contact with newcomers is basically unavoidable.

The piece also discusses research on Los Angeles, which showed that segregation in LA has gone down dramatically, as well: “15 years ago, 30% of the area was white. 5 years ago, whites amounted to 20%. At the same time, there are fewer blacks in historically black areas today than before. The number of Hispanics in historically Hispanic areas keeps growing.”

Interestingly, the study does not see the desegregation of Asian and Hispanic populations in the US. Why? Because “these ethnic groups experience the inflow of people all the time.” That is to say, “when some members of these groups move out of ethnic enclaves, they are quickly replaced by new immigrants of the same ethnicity,” explains the social scientist. At the same time, the author of the article points out that “these groups are significantly more integrated than blacks from the beginning.”

One question the piece never asks or answers is why Hispanics and Asians are more integrated than blacks, despite the fact that blacks have lived in America for 400 years.

“What is exciting about the developments in the US is that there is a trend where skin color is becoming less important,” claims Bo.

This article was written promptly after the unprecedented influx of refugees into Sweden, just as Swedish authorities were trying to come up with settlement programs.

It is a mere drop in the ocean of propaganda that the Swedish media and government tries to inundate its citizens with.

What does this article tell its readers? It tells them to first stop worrying about the massive invasion of their country. Citizens shouldn’t be concerned about immigration, as immigrants are “slowly but surely” integrating into Swedish society. Second, it calls on people to abolish their prejudices about skin color. Once we stop calling black, black and white, white, then crime, rape and segregation will disappear. Just look at the example of France; in 1978, the government abolished using any demographic indicators in their crime statistics. Today, the country is free of immigrant crime, terror attacks, and dangerous ghettos. If you don’t believe me, just read the news.

The problem with modern social science is that is not science. Instead of impartial analysis of experiments and theories that explain specific outcomes, social science is driven by a very particular political agenda. Such works are myopic and ignore previously collected data and observations. To clarify, by myopic I mean utilizing a very limited range of research tools and data to study complex social phenomena.

True social science requires the synthesis of different subjects, such as racial demographics, genetics, biology, psychology, history, etc. By ignorant of previously collected data and observations, I mean work done by scholars with whom they disagree. Any study of segregation vs. integration that does not grapple with the work of Robert Putnam and his book Bowling Alone, at minimum is practically criminal. In this critical text, the data suggest that the more diverse the environment that people live in, the more they become alienated from each other.

The natural response to ethnic diversity is thus self-segregation. The new study popularized in DN is yet another attempt to omit key factors and obfuscate the fact that Swedes are losing their own country to outsiders.

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  1. Anton Chigurh March 2, 2016 at 2:37 am

    Poor Sweden. White ethnomasochism and pathological altruism magnified by decades of feminism and cultural-Marxism has led to actual autogenocide. The ancestors of the fierce Vikings created one of the most successful societies on Earth. And now…they’re giving it away to a hostile horde.

    And so goes Germany, France, BelNeth and Britain.


  2. I’m very interested in that little nugget about Asians and Hispanics both integrating and segregating themselves. They find support in their own blood and culture to launch into the broader civilization (I use those terms in the German sense). The melting pot requires a strong standing place from which to stir, it seems. But white Americans are in the pot from the start.

  3. How do ethnic Swedes, in areas where they are in the minority, feel about the new situation? This is the discussion that is not taking place, either in the Swedish media or within the Swedish political establishment.

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