Weimerica Weekly – Episode 13 – Interview With Kevin MacDonald

Welcome to Weimerica Weekly Episode 13. The podcast airs every Wednesday.

Weimerica Weekly is a podcast hosted by Ryan Landry that touches on the cultural, political and sexual topics that fill the mindspace of our United States of Weimerica. The politicization of all cultural and social degeneracy is examined with a focus on how it fits together.

Weimerica Weekly is produced by the Hestia Society and distributed by Social Matter.

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  1. Loved your talk, but the USS liberty thing is a bit more complicated. Did Israel not officially apologize for this and paid the families millions of dollars? (compare this with Iran’s recent capture of US sailors). Also, whenever I watch the mainstream news, Israel is always cast in a negative light. Don’t liberal Jews loathe Israel?

  2. Nice mid-to-late-60s “stereo” effect.

    1. Im working on improving my equipment and recording program. Part of the issue is if I’m buying a new desktop or not.

  3. Interesting discussion all around, but you’re spending way too much time talking, I’d say, for someone hosting a guest. And on at least two occasions you straight up interrupted him. This is not unusual for talented but young podcasts. There is a difference between delivering a monologue and giving an interview. If you have a guest, he is there to provide the bulk of the content, not just to validate the program.

    1. I noticed the guest would go off on tangents a lot, never returning to the point of the question. Hard to say what to do in order to keep things interesting in that case— certainly part of the hosts job is to keep things on topic, which may include interruption, but it’s a fine line.

  4. Professor Kevin MacDonald is a excellent researcher. He has outstanding character, because he has defended Whites despite considerable opposition and personal sacrifices. He has written interesting things about communities in general and Jewish communities.

    However there are problems with his treatises, and which is the same problem than with many other researchers, i.e. he has specialized on a narrow field and thinks it has decisive influence on society. If Jews would have been taken out of the equation of history, the same liberal things would have happened, but perhaps at a slightly slower pace. All the arrows of societal rationality, passions and interests pointed and still points to the same liberal direction. Liberalism has happened in one form or another many times before and all over the globe, from Europe to Middle East to China, etc., equally well with or without Jews. Finland has about 1000 Jews out of a population of 5,5 million, but we are still a liberal country.

    Liberalism and the consequent decay can only be avoided by large scale small sacrifices here and there. Power is not out there in the hands of a small elite, it is everywhere, in your thoughts and practices, in your skills and knowledge, in your thinking and your delusions, in your choices and indifferences, in your wants, needs and wishes, in your customs and traditions, in the processes you participate in, in your daily regular routines, etc.

    Did you buy those cheapest tomatoes? If you bought them you supported illegal immigration, and cheap black market labor in tomato farms. Did you know this? Why are your tomatoes anonymous, i.e. why you dont know who produced them, so you could make choices about illegal immigration? We need speaking and waffling tomatoes, i.e. verifiable signs that tell how and by whom they were produced, and then we need people who are ready to make sacrifices, i.e. to pay some more for sustainable country and civilization. We need people with virtues, loyalties and good ethnocentrism. We need more religion to give people enduring social ties, capabilities and motivations to the necessary changes.

    There are thousands upon thousands of these kinds small and big hidden and automatic silent rules and practices embedded in the liberal system, people in the liberal system and liberal bureaucracies, which produce all the negative things in the liberal system.

    So paradoxically immigration criticizing conservatives may well be the staunchest supporters of immigration and liberalism without their understanding that it is so.

    Now your mission is to go out there and analyze the liberal system, people in the liberal system and liberal bureaucracies, all their small details and processess, and all their grand features and processess, and everything in between. And then figure out how to tweak those things in such a way that they dont produce liberal system, and produce a conservative system instead. That is how you change the liberal system.

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