Ascending The Tower – Episode XIII, Part 1 – “They Just Ended Up Collapsing”

In part one of this episode, Anthony and Nick talk with guests Mark Citadel and E. Antony Gray about the metaphysics of collapse, exploring historical examples, and making the case that Western civilization is itself collapsing.

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2:35 – Introducing Mark Citadel
12:19 – Reconciling Kali Yuga predictions and Christianity
19:28 – Are we living during a collapse?
26:29 – Does technological advancement contradict or hide decline?
36:26 – Pericles and Alexander – collapse followed these Great Men
51:35 – Contemporary lessons from the fall of Rome
1:03:51 – The end of the Tokugawa Shogunate (and other aristocracies)
1:19:02 – Baby Boomers as harbinger of collapse of Western Civilization

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  1. Dan Carlin talked extensively in his Hardcore History series has the Fall of the Roman Republic that is pretty all encompassing. I got the impression after listening to it that the decline of the Roman Empire could very well have started there.

    Out of curiousity, I would like to know what Nick and Anthony(and whomever the next guest(s) are) think of the quote in the video below.

    Final note, Keep this good stuff coming!

  2. 1] what if it isn’t collapsing?

    2] We’re still stuck here.

    3] So what is to be done?

    1. 1. There is no question things are collapsing. The question is, is there enough ruin in the West to surpass our lifetimes?

      2. Agreed, never suggested otherwise.

      3. That’s why there are future episodes. In fact, in part 2, we give some practical advice at the end.
      Stay tuned :-)

  3. That was massively stimulating discussion guys. I’ve been putting some notes together to write a piece for Social Matter; something along the lines/title of “Liebig’s Law, Soros, and Liquid Modernity”. After hearing this podcast though, I’ve been contemplating expanding it, because many of the concepts I’d like to cover, apply to your discussion(s) as well.

    The idea is to explore/explain some of the things you covered as manifestations of underlying “ecological” mechanisms, with an almost infinite number of accompanying positive/negative feedback loops. Just as an example: post WWII prog policies were put in place to avoid events that led to the war from happening again, hence, globalization, welfare state-ism, accelerated secularization, mass-immigration and the mocha-fication of humanity ..etc were inevitable (i.e. they’re “lubricating” agents of scope-expansion). The problem now though, is that policies that worked as an “elixir”, are losing their magic, and will have the exact opposite effect—leading to cascading negative feedbacks, and the mother of all civilizational collapses.

    Just have to find the time. Is it worth it? Would Social Matter publish this sort of stuff?

  4. Tip that fedora harder, faget.

  5. Julius Evola was receptive to the idea that civilizations are never destroyed by foreign occupation (this might not be strictly true when it comes to genocide) but that they are only destroyed when they commit suicide. When a civilization loses its spiritual center or middle, its members no longer want to live / reproduce / be what they are. This can make them collapse even without the presence of an external threat. That seems to be what is happening today in the west with the liberals who want white people and Christianity to go extinct for not being liberal enough, even though they’d be replaced by less liberal people.

    In contrast, there’s many examples where a civilization endures for long periods of time despite being under foreign occupation because they’ve maintained their spiritual center.

  6. “theological silliness”

    How come I’m not impressed with your secular enlightenment? I consider my myself rather tolerable towards different perspectives, but your kind I’m slowly realizing are just arrogant pieces of dung.

  7. Anime Master Bateman February 3, 2016 at 6:36 pm

    So the narrative is that we must work our way back through the ages? My understanding was that in the stories, Kalki will come upon Earth and exterminate the wicked, ushering in the Golden Age.

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