The Expert Is A Prefabricated Voice

The media is sovereign. If not, they are near sovereign in our society. They have amazing power as the megaphone, the editor of the megaphone, and the user of the megaphone. What they choose to discuss matters, as it shapes the direction of society as energies are focused, applied, and in some cases, misallocated. Beyond that, the media tells us who are experts. They select whom to quote and deem an expert to reveal to you the story they are sharing.

Experts come with their biases, but when presented as an expert with official sounding titles and organizations, no one suspects they are simply a tool of the elite. The December hand-wringing over Viktor Orban’s correct yet icky assessment of the European migrant invasion in the New York Times used one such expert. Within the article, Istvan Gyarmati was cited as a Hungarian voice who tsk-tsked Orban’s ideas, despite them being correct. Wonderfully inserted into a paragraph of New York Times signaling, his quote is below.

Istvan Gyarmati, a retired Hungarian ambassador who dislikes his country’s illiberal direction under Mr. Orban, said the shift in mood stemmed in large part from the manifest failures of the European Union to get a grip on the migrant crisis and its tendency to put wishful thinking ahead of realistic policy.

“There is a shift to the extreme right because the left, or what is left of the left, and the moderate center right were offering answers that were wrong,” said Mr. Gyarmati, who heads the International Center for Democratic Transition, a group that promotes democracy. “Now we are in a situation where the answers are unpleasant to say the least.”

Now Gyarmati is a Hungarian, so you the reader can think, “Ah-ha, even one of his own dislikes Orban.” Gyarmati is the head of an official sounding think tank that seems positive: International Center for Democratic Transition. Here is the ICDT page and their wiki page. Do not fret, George Soros does appear on the prominent individuals list. Their focus is on progressive pupu platter mainstays like elections, free speech, protecting minorities, protecting women, and sustainable programs. A contradiction no progressive answers is that if they want vibrant, dynamic societies, how is anything sustainable if it is always changing? Of course, maintaining national sovereignty and protecting one’s citizens while shutting borders will be unpleasant to him, since he is a tool of the system to “promote democracy.”

The ICDT was founded by the vice president of the Council for Community of Democracies. That is an offshoot of the Community of Democracies, which is an organization to tie nations moving to democracy deeper into the USG system. Perfect democratic policies will be enacted, and democracy will be protected. The ICDT has luminaries from the American foreign policy network, and has a special focus on applying the lessons of Central Europe to other regions of the world. The goal is to fully progify all nations and all governments. Being an offshoot of these pro-democracy organizations, there is no doubt they will be critical of Orban and no doubt that they would support the free flow of migrants by the millions.

The ICDT, Mr. Gyarmati, and the New York Times have been watching Orban and framing him as a polarizing, reckless leader. Four years ago, the Times used Gyarmati to tsk-tsk Orban on his initial moves. These were the very moves that allowed Orban to consolidate power and remain defiant in the face of Merkel’s EU immivasion. Per the Times’ op-ed in 2011, Hungary was polarized because journalists and writers disliked Orban’s approach. ICDT and the Times felt this was of value to note as a smear of Orban. Orban has proven them wrong. His crime is being right. His actions were criticized because it allowed him the freedom for unpleasant, but correct policies. Even Mr. Gyarmati’s comment, namely that the answers left are unpleasant to say the least, is a weak statement. What is unpleasant about sending migrants back and protecting one’s citizens?

It is only unpleasant because of the goals and aspirations of the elite who want a multicultural West. The elite want this and will side with the invaders over its citizens. We’ve seen this play out in France, England, and Germany. Those nations are not deporting migrants or recent immigrants, even though they could accomplish this with relative ease. Those nations are not proposing massive government expenditures to employ men to round up and women to administer the deportation of said migrants, despite large youth unemployment. Reports are confirming the worst suspicions now that those governments and media entities are covering up migrant crimes for the ruling elite’s political survival.

Experts like Istvan Gyarmati consider these unpleasant, but they are simple, straightforward policies. The policies are just not policies his handlers want to implement. These men are considered experts, not for the knowledge they hold or the statecraft secrets and magic they can perform. They are experts because the system simply needed willing figureheads to rattle off the proper terminology and push progressive memes. For a paycheck and a nice title, they must be willing to be called upon and offer the perfect soundbite for any media outlet to make the meme sound sacred, smart, and true. Their identities are meaningless. Proof of their existence being plug and play is that you rarely ever remember their names.

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  1. Very useful to have micro-exposures like this. The same is done with Garry Kasparov in regards to Russia. Need a hit piece on Vladimir Putin? Not to worry, just wheel out good old Garry ‘I could beat Bobby Fischer’ Kasparov and you’ll have faszism-induced teeth-gnashing in no time. This is a good reason never to trust when a media outlet finds someone within a non-USG-aligned state to criticize said state. It’s likely they are part of a bankrolled fifth column, and any involvement with NGOs should send up instant red flags.

  2. Yes, we know this garbage goes on from the MSM all the time.

    What is shocking is how many ‘educated’ people will even say they ‘know’ this, but keep watching and repeating (bleating) their talking points just to have something to say.

    IT is a real cancer. The antidote is the net and open media.

  3. Great article. Expert selection is one of the MSM main tools for making the Narrative.

    You see it all the time with Russia. Masha Gessen gets more airtime than Stephen Cohen. despite the fact that Cohen is a lefty who is a real scholar of Russian and Soviet history who was once a go-to expert for TV producers and the NYTimes.

    But Cohen is not ant-Putin so he has to become a nonperson.

  4. @ cecilhenry: I’ve across multiple people who have degrees (undergrad and/or grad) from prestigious universities (think top 15 in undergrad) and for the most part I am not impressed. Getting an 32+ or higher on the ACT is one thing as well as “being a leader” in high school to impress the admissions committee, actually being an honest amateur sociologist is another. The so-called “best and the brightest” have not lived up to their halo effect. The “chosen ones” reject concepts they don’t fully understand while embracing “the feels.” If “the feels” are getting in the way, they turn to “experts” and when the “experts” confirm their thoughts they say, “Aha! I told you so!” If the “experts” confirm their thoughts then that makes it almost impossible for them to have an open-mind.

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