Descending The Tower – 5

Today, we’re joined by Warg Franklin, Harold Lee, John Lawrence, One Irradiated Watson, and James A. Donald for a special episode of Descending the Tower.

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00:06:56    JANUARY – Cultural Marxist vs. Ultra-Calvinist Theories of Progressivism
00:25:32    FEBRUARY – KrauserPUA Too Red Pilled For RooshV
00:35:52    MARCH – The Passing of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew
00:47:16    APRIL – The Baltimore Riots and #BlackLivesMatter
00:54:09    MAY – The Hestia Putsch of Neoreaction
01:03:57    JUNE – #LoveWins, the CBF Loses
01:18:33    JULY – #Cuckservative and the Ascent of the Dissident Right
01:24:29    AUGUST – The Unveiling of Trump’s Immigration Policy
01:55:45    SEPTEMBER – Strange Loop, Urbit, and the Un-personing of Mencius Moldbug
02:24:04    OCTOBER – Putin Escalates Syrian Military Operations, NATO Gawks
02:39:13    NOVEMBER – The Paris Massacre and the Future of White Europe
02:55:59    DECEMBER – Star Wars: The Poz Awakens
03:11:24    IT’S 2016! – Predictions for the New Year

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Opening Music – “Stainless Steel” by Guy Berrier (excerpt)

Closing Music – “Resignation” by Ludovic Scholz (excerpt)


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One Irradiated Watson –

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  1. Some very classic moments in this one. One of them was DeMarco’s “Burning and itching questions” (which, BTW, SPOILER ALERT we never did get to)… Got burning and itching questions? Try Preparation NRx.

  2. I think the /pol/ troll campaigns that Warg was talking about were #EndFathersDay and the White Women can’t be raped meme.

  3. Tom Coughlin prediction 100% accurate.

  4. Forgot about one War America had to purge it’s internal enemies. But the denazification of the Confederacy has been an on-going project for at least 150 years.

  5. Guys, thinking in terms of the US is misleading you. In Eastern Europe the most rabid (economic and cultural) Marxists were and are the jews. And there were no Harvard, Calvinists, or anything remotely similar there. So it’s not Harvard, not Calvinism, it’s the jews plain and simple, and nothing else.

  6. I seem to have missed the part where we absolved “the Jews” of all wrong-doing whatsoever.

    And if you’re arguing “It’s only the Jews”, then kindly explain how expanded franchise, abolition of slavery, the US civil war, women’s suffrage, and the temperance movement (in short the all but the ass of the camel in the tent) all came about during notable absence of Jewish influence in the Anglophone world.

    1. Where have I said that you’ve absolved the jews? Are you intentionally strawmanning or just being an ass?

      1. You said… “thinking in terms of the US is misleading you” and that in Eastern Europe there’s “no Harvard, Calvinists, or anything remotely similar there. So it’s not Harvard, not Calvinism, it’s the jews plain and simple, and nothing else.”

        How the hell am I supposed to interpret that?

        You are either saying:

        1) “You guys are wrong. It really is only the Jews.” (which is officially retarded for the reasons given, In America progressivism stems from Calvinists and Harvard, history as it was);


        2) “Wait guys, those Jews are guilty as sin!” (which we pretty much acknowleged in the podcast)

        So which is it?

        1. > In America progressivism stems from Calvinists and Harvard

          My original point was that the nifty theory about Harvard and Puritans/Calvinists has zero explanatory power regarding leftism in Europe, therefore can be Occam’s razored out.

          None of those existed in Central/Eastern Europe, yet leftism happened, Frankfurt School was in… Frankfurt, economic Marxism in Russia, etc. In every single one of those jews were present and driving. So applying Occam’s razor it’s not necessary to drag Calvinists, Harvard etc into the ‘grand unified theory’ of leftism. Those things may have contributed to the spread of leftism in one part of the world (America), but they were not the key.

          1. 1. Not all Eastern European countries have substantial Jewish minority. In fact some Eastern European countries number close to zero Jewish persons in them (and poz is being pushed upon them by the International Community, exactly how Neoreaction describes it – thus ‘Harvard hypothesis,’ even in the case that it’s not completely true, still provides more explanatory power than ‘JQ’).

            2. Occam’s razor is useless.

            3. Frankfurt School case has been grossly overstated. Outside of academia faculty, in the realm of political it’s not the Critical Theory, but the writings of John Rawls that matter.

  7. Regarding Unitarian Universalism:

    There is no official creed. Unofficially, the “Seven Principles” are sometimes treated as a creed, but they are too vague to mean much other than “Don’t be a dick.” So, yes, you can be a Jew, a Wiccan, an atheist, a Buddhist, Hindu, a Santero, or even a Christian, without officially violating the tenets of UU, because we don’t officially have any. We do have a lot of secular Jewish members, and a few Christians (often in mixed marriages).

    1. So basically UU is horseshit.

  8. I love the podcast and what you guys are doing. I know that producing a podcast takes time so much respect.

    That said, this one really could have used some heavy editing. There were moments of great content, the intellectual “highbrow” stuff I’m told this podcast is about.

    But, that excellent content was sprinkled throughout a lot of superfluous banter, jiggering around with Skype, etc.

    I’m new to the podcast and realize that perhaps this isn’t the norm. Again, what you guys are doing is great and you’re filling a gaping void.

    1. Well, that’s why we call these ones Descending the Tower. If ya want editing, check out our lockerfull of Ascending the Towers.

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