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Gifts have been unwrapped, mass has been attended, carols and hymns have been sung. The leftovers and family favorites are stored in the fridge for the special week between Christmas and New Years. Christmas trees shall stand through Epiphany or come down sooner if there is urgency to return to normal. Another Christmas is celebrated. Another year is over. This year was a special year. This year marked the moment when Western Christians realized they were enemies in their own land–land they settled for kith and kin and Christ.

The celebration of the triumph of gay marriage and the continued flooding of Western, nominally Christian, nations with Muslim migrants marks the year when Christians realized they were the outsiders now. The secular bloc of the West holds the reins and will use any religious minority to beat at the Christian core of the West and impose its values, no matter how dangerous or opposed to supposed Western values. The alliance between the universalist progressive West with the universalist Muslim Middle East works, so long as Muslims vote for Leftist politicians and the West keeps Wahhabi Sunni dictators in power. Muslims are never asked to bake gay wedding cakes, but Christian businesses are sued to oblivion.

It does not stop there. American pundits have floated the idea of stripping religious organizations of their tax exempt status. This would be the death of many churches. If not the death, many services provided would be scaled back or eliminated. The death blow would knock out the bonds people have with an institution not labeled “Government” and would also weaken bonds within neighborhoods and communities. The progressives would cheer. Faith would go underground, if it survived.

This is that opportunity–the opportunity to stop learning about what the originators of the faith and European ancestors did to sustain the faith, but to live it. That fish on the back of your car was originally a sign for believers to signal to one another they were part of the faith in secret and speak freely. The croissant was shaped like the Turkish crescent to bite into and defy the Muslim invaders. Ham and pork products were a Spanish staple to signal that one was a Spaniard and not a Muslim. The tales of CCD and Christian camp will become real.

Whether one takes the Benedict Option and separates or stands openly for the faith and culture, the moment of truth is approaching. In what now appears comical hyperventilating from the Left and media, it was just ten years ago when the nation worried a Christian theocracy was taking shape. The progressives stole the martyr system to help their causes, and now as victors, apply pressure wherever they want.

Will you stand? Will you embrace the faith that focused on Christ’s birth and sacrifice for your sins? This is not about Christ, the friendly pal, who has good stories about acceptance and forgiveness. This is about Christ the man who threw the money changers out of Temple and said: walk with me, drop what you are doing and follow. The man who said to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. It was not just money but time, emotion, and mental investment.

This is about the Europeans forefathers who fought off the Arabs and Turks to maintain a safe realm for European civilization to not only survive but blossom. This is about a faith that warred with barbarians, cannibals, and heathens to spread civilization and raise the wretched living in squalor. Will you be worthy? Will you honor not just Christ’s life but the life of all those believers before you? The cathedrals that beautifully mark the history of Christianity are not just built with stone and glass. They are built by the faith to participate in a celebration of the community, the people, and the faith. They are built with the knowledge that the monument to God may not be finished in one’s time but will stand for all time for one’s people.

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  1. Yes.

    When I stand I expect to deliver and receive blows – and words aren’t blows.

    And you?

    “This is about a faith that warred with barbarians, cannibals, and heathens.”

    Well ours is presently one being bluffed into our own genocide by fags, trannies, sniveling lawyers, gossips and lunatic academics who are cowards all.

    We the outsiders compared to the “elites” above also vastly outnumber them even with their hapless if sometimes violent mud golems.

    So if this is the year stand means more than talk and fight means more than tweet Bravo.

    We aren’t talking our way out of this but the odds against the above are hardly daunting. The matter does involve risk.

    So we’ll see who stands. Or not.

    Happy New Year.

    1. When the time comes to load shotguns and stand, I’ll be there.

    2. There exists a form of sample bias that runs something like: “I only see X online, which is not real world action, therefore X refuses to advocate for real world action. Everytime I see X, I see inaction, therefore it is my duty to critique him for inactivity.”

  2. Merry Christmas to our friends at Social Matter and the Hestia Society from the Sydney Traditionalist Forum!

    Ο Χριστός γεννιέται !

    All the very best in the New Year, 2016!

  3. Laguna Beach Fogey December 27, 2015 at 8:06 pm

    The Left’s assault has re-awakened a personal Faith that has remained quiet for 15+ years. Years of Roman Catholic religious instruction, years of education under the Jesuits, years of CCD classes…made me who I am. Our forefathers fought and killed for the Faith. What would they think of us today? I stand ready to take part in a new Reconquista, a new Crusade.

  4. I’m more of an agnostic but have attended church here and there over the years and learned more about the Bible. I can understand how for some people the church can provide a since of community or joining something and that can be a good thing for some people.

    However, considering that few Christians do anything about it, I can’t say I feel sorry for them at times. If Bush II is the best that Christians can do, they should really stop complaining. For years, the evangelicals in particular complain about public schools, but do nothing to eradicate the tax funded (forced contribution) monstrosities. The Republican party has sold them down river a number of times over the last 30 years and co-opted them instead of the other way around. I don’t even know what to say about those who profess Christianity and vote for the human garbage in the Democratic Party.

    1. Protestantism I think has died a natural death. Diluted by a million divisions, Liberals owning the high church traditions, the Televangelist era, and an inability to be truly counter-cultural rather than just ‘with the disgruntled conservative opposition’.

      Protestantism can be radical, it has shown this in the past, but it has failed to be radical in the right ways. I do think the next 5-10 years will see a lot of conversions to Catholicism, but they will be unlikely to hold so long as the current bizarre pontiff reigns. The last thing in the world the Catholic Church needed at this time was Pope Francis.

  5. Sir,


    Happy New Year.

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