A Letter To France

Dear France, America here. Hey, France, we’re sorry about this nonsense that just happened.

Actually we’re double sorry. Obviously, the ultimate cause here is the communist quisling government we inflicted on you in ’45. The communists imported the Arabs; the Arabs did what they did. We regret having to state the obvious, but that’s life under communism for you.

We’re doing what we can about our own communists. Which isn’t much right now. But why wait for us? Did Walesa wait for Solzhenitsyn? What, is Obama going to invade you? Like Brezhnev? Trust me, Obama is no Brezhnev.

Hey, France! Don’t let a crisis go to waste! Here’s another secret from America: always and everywhere, there’s no gradual or relative victory for the Right. There’s only absolute victory in one step. Catch the wave! You have to surf; you don’t get to just paddle in. Catch any wave you can, or keep on dying.

The Left, whose mission is destruction, can take as long as it wants to tear down civilization. It can even tolerate brief remissions. It toys with nations like a cat with a mouse. But Right, whose mission is preservation, restoration, creation, must work coherently in a single step.

There’s a kind of laser called a femtosecond laser. For one quadrillionth of a second, it’s brighter than the sun. If you are acting politically on the basis of reason and reality, rather than instinct and emotion, you are not starting a fire; you are building a femtosecond laser.

The last chapter of Maistre’s masterpiece explains the process of practical counterrevolution more or less perfectly. In theory, being French and not a barbarian, you have nothing to learn from us. But since your government is an American satellite state, we may know your enemy better than you know him.

Anyway, here’s my simple manifesto for practical regime change. In an ideal world, a million Frenchmen meet in Paris and enforce these demands, basically now. It’s not an ideal world and this won’t happen — but shouldn’t we know where we want to go?


One: the Fifth Republic has failed and is terminated. All state authority is transferred to a New French State run by the military, under the supervision of Mme. Le Pen. All power to the National Front! There is no need to wait for an election. Did Lenin wait for an election?

Two: the Fourth and Fifth Republics are declared the Fifth and Sixth. The true Fourth is Vichy. All the totalitarian 20th-century regimes, the fascist (Fourth) German satellite and the Marxist (Fifth/Sixth) American satellite, are declared equally criminal and treasonous. Collaborating with London, Berlin, Washington or Moscow is one single offense.

Three: France is closed for reconstruction. Her borders are sealed and will remain sealed indefinitely. All foreigners, including diplomats, are either deported or interned. Frenchmen stranded abroad, including diplomats, are either repatriated or expatriated. These measures will not be reversed until France is once again a nation, not a province of Globomerica.

Four: real borders are not just about migration. Political sovereignty is also compromised by financial, commercial, and intellectual dependency. Since France today is a cancer patient and only strict isolation can save her, all these links must be severed. Some future strong and healthy France may restore them.

All French securities held outside France are cancelled. All external trade is settled in gold at a single entry point. No manufactured goods are imported. All Internet links are cut. Only the New State routes packets outside France, only to Washington, and for only three purposes: offering French products for sale; purchasing strategic minerals; and negotiating real planetary issues such as ocean rights, atmospheric contamination, migratory bird protection and asteroid defense.

Five: thanks to the criminal acts of the communist regime, which aimed to entrench itself in permanent power by importing a new people, possession of a French passport issued by the Sixth Republic is not proof of French citizenship. Anyone holding a French passport, but without four great-grandparents born in France, must reapply for citizenship in the New French State.

Applications are evaluated by the police. Anyone both assimilated and civilized, without regard to race, is accepted. Everyone else is deported, or interned if Globomerica will not accept them. Internment is not a punishment and will not become one, but France is a sovereign nation and no one colonizes her.

Six: the New France is not just ruled by the National Front and the military, but governed by them. France is lucky; once the colonists are expelled, she has no enemies with both the moral and physical strength to attack her. Since she has no military need for her military, she can use it for the vastly more important task of restoring the nation.

All civil servants of the Sixth Republic are deemed communist until proven patriotic, and retired with full benefits. Initially, the new government is staffed entirely by former military officers. Where hiring is necessary, any experience in the official or para-official sector, security forces excepted, is an unconditional disqualification. When in doubt, the process of denazification used in Germany in 1945 is a good guide.

Seven: France is a Catholic nation and cannot be restored without the help of the Church. Unfortunately, this institution too has been overrun by communists. The Society of St. Pius X is the legal successor of the French Catholic Church. All clerics affiliated with the Novus Ordo Church are assumed communist until proven otherwise, and purged as functionaries.

The Church has full authority over all educational institutions from kindergarten to university; she gains ownership of all existing media and publishing firms. Freedom of speech is not infringed; communists can remain communists and keep trying to peddle their poisonous product, to adults at least. But no point of strength won under communism can survive its fall.

Eight: all philanthropic institutions, NGOs, foundations, etc, are transferred to the State for liquidation. Moreover, the ultimate power source of these pernicious institutions, the 20th-century financial oligarchy, cannot be allowed to survive.

Many wealthy Frenchmen came by their money honestly, even under the corrupt rule of traitors. Many did not. Without inquiring into the the affairs of the past, personal wealth of the rich must be declared and capped at the maximum needed to ensure a luxurious lifespan. Assets above the cap, deserved or not, are exchanged for titles of nobility. Thieves and traitors are relieved to escape with this small sacrifice; honest, patriotic businessmen understand the need for it.

Nine: all state secrets, except military blueprints, are unsealed. Using these documents, and any living sources still available, the New State will sponsor an intelligence-quality history of France in the 20th century, a reference document fully independent, patriotic and Catholic without apology, and contaminated by neither fascist nor communist bias.

Ten: France must be restored culturally, architecturally, and industrially. Any buildings built in France, of a Modernist, communist, Islamic or or other non-French character, are to be demolished and/or replaced in a French historical style.

To a degree consistent with the actual supply of labor, industrial production of food and clothing is banned. Since the New State has retired the whole government, many Frenchmen will need work. The only conceivable source of labor demand is artisanal production on pre-industrial patterns; honor and fulfillment can only be found in tasks equal to the worker’s human potential. Anyone can be a mason or a carpenter; no one should have to be a 19th-century industrial robot.

Eleven: the New French State is a temporary regime designed to cure France, not to govern her forever. Its last task is designing its own permanent replacement, almost certainly a hereditary absolute monarchy in the great French tradition. Of course, there’s not one Frenchman in a thousand today who would understand or support this plan. Yet half of France, at least, sees the same problem.


What’s stopping you, dear France, is the delusion that you have a simpler, easier, more painless cure. France has cancer. She even knows she has cancer. I prescribe chemo; but why not aspirin? It tastes a little bitter, so surely it is helping.

Why not just re-elect Sarkozy, with his Karcher? Maybe he will use it this time? He’ll certainly promise to. Or what’s with all this military dictatorship? Couldn’t we elect Marine, in a normal, constitutional election? She promises to deport the terrorists. She must have a list. Of course, they’ll appeal to Brussels, so there are a lot of legal issues to work through…

Alas, the truth is that France is addicted to communism, like an alcoholic to alcohol. This morning, she has a terrible hangover. She promises to quit drinking. Well, she’ll certainly drink less… France, I’m sorry. This is an intervention. Not another drop! In your heart, France, you know what to do. And you’re afraid of it. Aren’t we all afraid of change?

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  1. It’s a bit of a LARP but I like it. This reads like a Moldbug essay.

    1. [Ed. Rescued from spam. Sorry for delay]

      I’d bet good money MM wrote this himself.

      If not, it’s an astonishingly accurate impersonation.

      1. A lot of people seem to think that.

  2. Nah, Moldbug wouldn’t be this direct and would have lapsed into tangents.

    Still a great plan though.

    1. It reads like Moldbug following major head trauma.

    2. Some aspects of this essay are decidedly unformalist. Moldbug would have objected.

  3. He forgot to write the last and most important step: he intends to mold France as a mirror image of Al Saud’s fiefdom but this time around Le Pen running the show instead. Al changed to Le and Saud to Pen.

  4. And this isn’t the North Korean ‘solution’ because …?

    Actually, I can think of a few responses, all deeply unconvincing.
    — Juche has demotist ideological roots. (Unlike the FN?).
    — The French aren’t Koreans. (Koreans do OK, don’t they, given the chance?)
    — Sun King Mercantilism deserves another chance. (You only get to lose history once.)

    1. You are basically progressive, and it would be nice for you to admit it. Any victory of the left (chaos, disorder) is celebrated and held up as a unreversable victory for you. Even your beloved liberal capitalism is indistinguisable from leftism/chaos when you get down to it, as you advocate zero control and zero intervention. You argue from positions which demonstrate (on purpose?) zero engagement with the underlying theory backing De Jouvenel, Carlyle and the rest, requiring others to not only refute your points, but to do so while having to explain the underlying theory. 1) leftism is chaos, is disorder, is anarchy, is tyranny. You celebrate this to the point of human extinction, what on earth are you doing here? 2) your strawmanning of governance and organisation as leftism is contra to the Carlyle left-right chaos spectrum, so you are progressive. 3) you have zero conception of either governance as a technology in itself, nor of how to get to sovereignty. As for you Steves, secure power? Ring a bell? You think deporting millions of muslims and communist scum is going to be a polite gentle thing? The entire county will be put in lockdown and a solid break from the US state department will need to be clean. Dr Francia or General Butt Naked? You choose, because Land’s exit libtard Caplantopia is already in place, you may have noticed all those people exiting the middle east for europe and the USA.

      1. It’s not an either / or. A good system is a good selection mechanism, for leaders among everything else. Neocameralism is exactly this.

    2. It isn’t the North Korean solution because it’s completely different in basically every single way. Telling the “international community” to fuck off is simply declaring independence. So is declaring independence a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it depends on who’s declaring independence from what, and why. When my allies declare independence from my enemies, I support it. When it’s the other way around, I don’t.

      Does that sound rather “Who, whom”? Yup – what of it? If the era of universal abstract principles ever really existed, it is now decisively over. I support me and mine. As Mike Enoch said, it’s time for us to be on our own side.

  5. The author is Mencius Moldbug, right? The style is entirely his. If not, this is an entertainingly deceptive attempt at impersonation.

  6. Beat me to it! Haha. I’m penning an open letter to France probably Monday, though it’s more pessimistic with regards to the future. Just watch. Nothing substantive will come of this. Has the Cathedral ever halted itself because of a few casualties? No. Progress marches on until the whole nation is DEAD… And reason have mercy on any nasty raaaaacists who get in the way!

  7. This is superb. There is too much anarcho-cap larping being passed of as being hard core NRx when it is in fact based on a miss-reading (intentional or accidental) of early Moldbug posts, and it’s about time a return to serious analysis of political organisation was made based on history and reality as opposed to abstract theories based on wish. If you want sovereignty, this means being able to make your own decisions independent of external actors, as anonymous notes “Political sovereignty is also compromised by financial, commercial, and intellectual dependency.” The obviousness of this is irresistible.

    1. You dun fucked up bad when you’ve resorted to accusing people of misunderstanding a (entertaining, good, don’t get me wrong) blogger as your main argument. Is UR really your bible?

  8. Charles DeGaulle might be surprised at this version of History.

    Whatever road France is on they chose it themselves and they earned it.

    Speaking of which don’t use the French as some magic proxy for your own hesitation in doing your own dirty work wherever it is that you nest. The French will or won’t fight their fights. If you want to rail against [Daddy] in the State Dept do it yourself. They have enough fighting of their own.

    History: You may be confusing France with Germany here or more likely you think the way things have been in your lifetime is how they’ve always been. This is not the case. Fighting uphill DeGaulle and his Free French – quite against the wishes of FDR who did want France under occupation govt like Germany*- fighting literally uphill from the Congo through Africa, North Africa, the Levant and then playing a crucial role in Italy the Free French carved out their own seat at the table and were quite masters of their own land at least in 1945 even if they then lost the Empire. Losing their Empire in the Levant was Churchill’s and the British doing no matter what the State Dept did later. DeGaulle of course wasn’t done. He came back into office and guided France onto her own path of Dirgiste – which was quite French and quite successful for a time. His central Foreign Policy was France breaking with the United States and going her own way. France didn’t even join NATO again until a couple of years ago for the purpose of grabbing/reclaiming territory in Africa and the Levant. That part is actually working well in Africa [Mali] the Levant has caused them some blowback which happened this week.

    *According to DeGaulle himself FDR only developed his vision of American run Europe after France’s sudden catastrophic collapse in June 1940. This was indeed a global system shock at the time.

    Anglophone Communism: MERDE. France doesn’t need Anglophone Communism/Leftism to be imported. France is the country that organically developed the Jacobins – whom the Marxists copied everything but the name. France in practical, horrible terms invented Communism.

    The US State Dept is indeed a problem for some countries above all America herself. But France has its own problems and America’s problems should not be conflated with France’s, nor your personal Daddy issues. Or who employs you [The Cathedral or the US Govt]. If you want a reactionary revolt against evil USG and evil double plus bad DoS then go and do it yourselves.

  9. Mencius Moldbug with a little less snark, although I love this European version for nation reform. Almost sounds easy!

    1. That’s generally a disastrous conclusion to reach about anything.

      1. It can be equally disastrous to talk yourself out of taking needed action because you’ve convinced yourself that it’s impossible to accomplish.

        1. It is impossible to accomplish. A hundred dead means nothing. Double down on immigration. Quell the nationalists. For a reversal we would need to see Paris nuked, at a minimum, and even then it wouldn’t be allowed to peaceably secede.

  10. In this scenario, French Spring/Maidan would be organized and powerful in a few weeks tops. So it does seem that drastic wealth confiscation and internet blocking would be crucial. Is there any better way?

    1. > In this scenario, French Spring/Maidan would be organized and powerful in a few weeks tops.
      It wouldn’t because it wouldn’t be the same, not if you pitched it right. The strength of the Maidan was in the middle classes and veterans, who are the principal beneficiaries of a restoration. Leftist elements in it did not amount to anything. Action organized by leftist agitators, being basically a kind of guerilla warfare, is never effective on its own, that is, unless backed by the power of the (extended) State. A New French State would have no use for them and would not be afraid of bad coverage in the international press — such things eventually blow over — as long as it could refrain from actually killing the agitators.

  11. Well said vxxc2014.
    France needs another DeGaulle.

  12. I translated this piece to French, because it’s refreshingly funny into being nonsense opposite to the usual French nonsense: http://fare.livejournal.com/185372.html

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