Where Does #BlackLivesMatter Go?

“In the matter of People v. Demarryous Johnson on the charges of murder, the jury could not reach a verdict. I declare a mistrial.”

>Prosecutor squints but knows another trial will loom<

>Victim’s family is in tears, “But they had video showing him shooting my brother!”<

>Outside courtroom #BlackLivesMatter protesters cheer and hug just one black juror<

>Media, and nation, goes nuts<

How long is it until #BlackLivesMatter finds its way into jury boxes? This is not a question of if, but of when. It’s all fun and games for Boomer whites, progressives, and politically-oriented secular Jews to look at #BlackLivesMatter and think of MLK, the Civil Rights crusade, Freedom Riders, and Selma. This is why the chants for dead cops, chants for dead non-blacks, and explicitly anti-white imagery and statements are glossed over by progressive whites. Do not show the monster Soros and social justice academics created. It will all end okay.

Take #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) to its logical conclusion. They do not want police in their neighborhoods. The supposed system oppresses blacks, not the actual, progressive-controlled system that needs blacks for justification of their rule and therefore gives them benefits and perks in the legal code. These invisible grievances from a long gone system build up, forcing blacks to commit crime. Why, oh why, should the justice system send more black men (and women) to jail for killing, due to evil, white thoughts and microaggressions? It might not be outright nullifications, which would mean acquittals, but it may mean more hung juries. With municipal budgets tight, this might mean more deals between prosecutors and criminals. “Take the 25, you’ll be out in 18, it won’t be a life sentence.”

This would be a travesty and another mile marker on America’s path to dissolution. Will these instances be reported? If the media can suppress crime patterns now, a few of these stories would be easy. The fear is a higher profile case, not Zimmerman-Martin level, but at least high enough profile that a metro paper would cover it, and it could blow up. Another problem is as the media dies out and alternative media rises, keeping a lid on this will not be possible. A George Zimmerman is probably murdered in his jail cell if not for the alternative media from outlets like PJMedia and Takis to bodybuilding forums.

The real problem is political. The Left has no figure to stop this madness. Presidential candidates are apologizing for saying “White lives matter” and even “All lives matter”. Senator Bernie Sanders cowers and shrinks from BLM protesters at his own presidential campaign stops, even though he was an old Civil Rights veteran. Any type of leadership on the Left could snuff this out, and stop the lunacy while still keeping blacks engaged at the ballot box for the Left’s benefit. The problem is the broad Left is like a blob, in that is has no shape, no head, and no directive, except to consume and spread for more control. Stopping BLM would also crimp the social justice warrior racket that is a decent export, not just in actual warriors, but of fellow travelers that want to signal they are hip. The Left would then reveal the hollowness of people power, as the Left does not want pure people power, no matter how much they say they do.

If jury oddities start and cannot be avoided, then what comes next? A proper discussion would simply call for an end to the BLM movement and call for the rule of law. That would destroy the Left’s grievance industry and the ever increasing offenses that justify retribution and social justice. It will not happen unless the dead bodies are well-to-do white leftists, but even then, we cannot be sure. Physically removing populations and creating segregated autonomous political districts are nonstarters but a fix.

The false choice will be an option of the Russian roulette of keeping trial by jury, which will only become more of a farce as other ethnicities catch on to the BLM nullification game, or ending trial by jury. Ending trial by jury will be palatable because it would then be a judge or series of judges reviewing cases. They can invoke the traditions of the West, while saying they will weigh social justice concerns. This fits the progressive preference for credentialed, politically indoctrinated experts who will be unaccountable in determining important matters. These judges will all go through our legal education system, which the progressives control. If immigrants can get away with slaps on the wrist in Europe from judges for rape, robbery, and assault, imagine the oddities a judge could dole out with the social justice stamp of approval.

The media will spotlight horror stories of juries gone wild. The great informed middle will accept this removal of an institution as a protection for them. “Singapore does it and Singapore has low crime,” will be the Fox News pitch. The system will also have many more years in the rearview mirror of pushing the microaggression and group grievance tricks on ever more diverse Americans. America must progress! Institutions as historic in the Anglo-Saxon mold as the trial by jury that lasted for centuries and before that were celebrated in Greek plays like The Eumenides will be scrapped–all for the goal of forcing universal beliefs, equality, and social justice on a multicultural, polyglot society. Long gone will be a jury of your peers.

In their place will be the commissars, whom the media will say are experts and can be trusted. They will be trained in the finest law schools, all controlled by the Left. Trust them but beware. They might just sentence a criminal to time served and probation for killing your mom because she was a huge fan of Seinfeld… after he was deemed “problematic”.

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  1. “Where Does #BlackLivesMatter Go?”

    Well quite possibly where you say it’s going if one remains passive.

    There’s never been much room on earth for passive men, nor much time.

    We’re out of room and time.

    Note that any appeal to The Rule of Law is not only futile but pathetic. These aren’t our Laws.*

    Don’t be pathetic.

    *come to think of it why would BLM or anyone want our Rule Of Law? It’s getting castrated, Lobotomized and crippled physically in one ugly poisonous potion handed to you by a syphilitic gnome. I can’t blame them on that score.

  2. Progressives ran the legal system unquestioned into the 70’s. Then things got seriously out of hand, and the broad white middle class rebelled and the pendulum swung back. The peak event of this was the recall of the California Supreme Court justices in 1986.

    Progressives left this alone for a long time, because it just wasn’t worth provoking the anger of the unwashed. Lately they have been making noises about “mass incarceration” and such. It will get progressive again, but there is no broad white middle class any more to rebel. Mexico doesn’t even have life in prison, much less the death penalty.

  3. “but there is no broad white middle class any more to rebel. ”

    That’s simply not demographically or even economically true.

    And it’s the demographics that count. Projections of doom dated 2050 mean nothing.

  4. We don’t need to ask what #BLM activists in juries looks like because we’ve already seen it in a fascinating place and time called the Reconstruction-era South. A combination of carpet-bagger judges and angry minorities and minority sympathizers conspired to see many a murderer or rapist go free despite clear evidence up to and including eyewitness testimonies and bloodstained clothing.

    There was, of course, a backlash to this as Radishmag carefully and slyly lays out. Fortunately, demographics being what they are, the entire country will be experiencing this at the same time and the hand-wringing elites in Amherst and Rhode Island won’t number enough to do anything about it.

  5. Frankly I can take or leave trial-by-jury. That system made a lot more sense when we had smaller, cohesive communities and a sane society (the case for most of Anglo history since its implementation). The problem is that judges of course will be thoroughly indoctrinated with progressive theory, as the article aptly points out.

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