City streets across the Western world will be filling in the coming weeks with throngs of penitents. The sin they repent of is the death of a child, a tragedy broadcast across the globe. As penance, Western lands have a great task ahead of them: the opening of borders to hundreds of thousands – and eventually many millions – of displaced masses from Africa and the Middle East.

This piece has a simple message: your penance is unnecessary, your absolution unneeded.

How can I say this? After all, the actions of Western leaders are what has caused the instability and descent into chaos of this region of the world. True enough. Our sense of justice cries out for satisfaction and for these people to be held to account.

Every journalist who incited their audiences to wars in lands they knew nothing about.

Every talking head whose propaganda convinced the ignorant that Arab and African Muslims would welcome White “crusaders” with open arms.

Every think tank scholar who enticed us to enter stable countries and set liberal democracy upon them.

Every preacher who told wrong-headed Christians that these wars would further their Lord’s return.

Every political cuckold who loyally furthered the interests of foreign lobbies ahead of those of their own states.

Every academic who worships at the demonic altar of Social Progress and works to extend its reign across the world.

But throwing open our doors and inviting the world to our shores will not bring justice to these people. Not a single one will undergo punishment for what they brought about. They’ll all keep their jobs and will keep throwing us into more and more futile endeavors. The resulting hyper-diversification brings familiar evils. The waning of trust. The destruction of the cultural commons. The violence and the low-level social war. The erasure of Western history and civilization as the newcomers’ children find them offensive. The chaos punishes only the innocent.

It punishes the children of Rotherham and cities across Europe, who have already grown up violated, abused, and betrayed by those appointed to keep them safe.

It punishes the unborn generations who will never know a world without racial tension and conflict.

It punishes the bygone ancestors who left us an inheritance of common laws, customs, and time-tested virtues.

It punishes those who will grow up after the Erasure and never know anything about their forefathers except that they are wicked, dead racists.

It punishes the mother and father, who no longer dream that their children will be inventors, only that they will manage to grow up in the system without joining its growing list of victims.

It punishes you.

And while Social Justice’s very holy preachers tell you that your next donated dollar will buy you salvation, the indulgence never comes.

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  1. But nothing matters. Nothing makes any difference. The true facts and the logic don’t matter at all. They have their emotional imperative, and it controls everyone and everything. Disaster will not be averted.

  2. What’s going on has nothing to do with seeking penance. Penance means self-mortification and atonement for sin. The people behind it are quite proud of themselves.

  3. It’s about time that Reactionaries started to accept that we are going to see the death of nations in our lifetime. Not the death of countries, like Syria and Iraq, that happens all the time. But the death of NATIONS. Some nations of Europe are going to die out, and they will still call themselves racist while they get the South African treatment. Some will save themselves, and thankfully, these are the poorer countries the immigrants do not wish to settle in. Hungary, Slovakia, etc. and generally have a better civic spirit that once animated old Christendom.

    You cannot save suicide cases. In the early 1900s, the Balkans were called the tinderbox of Europe. Well now, that tinderbox is France, Belgium, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, the UK. Wave after wave of foreigners, most of them hostile or parisitic. The nations who have brought this upon themselves with their diseased spirits will be punished. Not with a burden, for their racism, colonialism, and whiteness. But with destruction, for their Liberalism. Innocents will suffer, but innocents always suffer. The children of Germany will suffer for their parents who greet immigrants off of trains from Budapest with signs of glowing welcome! ISIS has STATED they have packed these waves full of their operatives. What MADNESS grips the people of these dying nations!

    The people of the rich nations of Europe had their chance to end this when the financial crisis hit, to sweep the ‘far right’ into power and buy themselves perhaps another half a century. They didn’t. They wanted more immigration, more diversity, more in-your-face! moments to attack the bigots and haters. It’s too late now, I say to them. You made your fire, now burn in it.

  4. It’s appalling how the “International Community” misses the cruel irony of massive migration after flooding civil war/anarchic zones with weapons that serve only to prolong conflict.

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