Racial Kryptonite

Human biodiversity is justified through sociological analysis, historical and anthropological evidence, hints within our own biology, and the Traditional understanding of this subject. In short, it’s an affirmation that the races are indeed different.

The races have strengths, weaknesses, different developmental histories, and most importantly, unique metaphysical characteristics that are held in common by the members of that race and influence the kind of society they will build. This has its practical political implications in the adage “people are different and thrive in different systems.” For instance, the failure of blacks in America to achieve any kind of large-scale success is not due to institutionalized racial prejudice, but rather black people’s inability to operate in the kind of society in which they live.

And so, I come to the discussion of what I’ll call ‘racial kryptonite’. What does this mean? Well, because the races are intrinsically different, external factors and influencing agents will have varying effects on the different races. Thus, there are some factors that might be harmless or benign in terms of their effect on one race that when introduced to another become highly destructive; they become racial kryptonite, in other words.

This isn’t necessarily because of the factor’s inherent qualities (although it often is) but has more to do with a negative mix between the factor in question and metaphysical racial characteristics.

Take the question of African Americans. It is without question that at one time in history, this race was in most instances hindered from advancing any way in society by racial discrimination etched not only into the social views of most whites, but also enshrined into law in the southern states. However, it’d be quite odd to claim that this is still the case today, or has been the case since the victory of the Civil Rights Movement.

Today in America, no race gets a free pass like blacks. They are benefited by racial quotas in the public and private sphere, the Affirmative Action program which allows them access to colleges that they wouldn’t be able to gain entrance to otherwise, and a veritable Chinese wall of defense in the form of the supine American media which loves to push a victimhood narrative whenever some thug is shot.

Blacks are not the victims of racial discrimination today.

And yet, they do look like victims. According to the Kaiser Foundation, in every state where poverty is assessed by race, blacks have a poverty rate double that of whites, and in some cases even triple. According to Fortune Magazine, only 4% of Fortune 500 CEOs are minorities, and that includes Asians and Latinos who are likely more prevalent in that 4% than blacks. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, blacks have higher unemployment rates than whites in every age bracket, in some, such as the 18-19 bracket, by a considerable margin. We would expect these statistics if blacks were truly actors on an unfair playing field, slanted against them by racism, and yet there is no such slant. Today, any white person who is even suspected of racism is hounded out of the public square, loses their job, and is vilified by any media that picks up the story. This is not an environment in which a white supremacist hierarchy could survive. So, what is going on? Why are blacks in America failing?

Some would argue blacks are simply not as smart as white people, but this is about far more than intelligence. My argument is that the game has been rigged against black people since the Civil Rights Movement, but not in the way that they might suspect.

Let me illustrate where I’m going with this via a well-known statistic. Discoverthenetworks.org has an article which outlines the following:

“Economics professor Walter E. Williams writes: “According to the 1938 Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children and 3 percent of white children were born to unwed mothers.” In mid-1960s America, the nation’s out-of-wedlock birth rate (which stood at 7.7 percent at the time) began a rapid and relentless climb across all demographic lines, a climb that would continue unabated until 1994, when the Welfare Reform Act helped put the brakes on that trend. Today the overall American illegitimacy rate is about 40.7 percent (29.1 percent for non-Hispanic whites). For blacks, it is about 72 percent—approximately three times the level of black illegitimacy that existed when the War on Poverty began in 1964.”

In short, the rate of child illegitimacy which marks the corroding of a traditional family structure began to take root during the 60s, and I would put this down to two factors both intrinsically linked to Modernity’s advance, rather than environmental change or other such phenomena. The first is the above-mentioned ‘War on Poverty’ which cemented the welfare state and set the nation on the path to a Swedish-style social safety net system. The second compounding element is the Sexual Revolution, the effects of which on minorities is often a footnote when discussed.

The reason these changes, while a detriment to whites, were devastating to blacks, is due to inherent racial characteristics. Blacks simply cannot continue to function at any kind of sustainable level when their men have no real need to work in order to survive, and can operate sexually in an environment with no taboos or restrictions, especially those normally imposed by other men concerning their daughters’ virginity. The introduction of the entire institution of welfare has drained from the black socioeconomic life a sense of raw competition, of the violent fight for dominance and survival. As such, they have had to try and re-create this in the culture of gang loyalty and inner city crime. Trapped by an easy excuse for their own laziness and a cultural system that rewards crime, blacks in America can do little else but fail. This of course is a different sort of analysis than offered by the typical conservakin, who denies race differences and places the fault squarely on LBJ for improper policy design. While this may partly explain outcomes, racial kryptonite helps to explain why blacks are hit much harder than other races.

Another example of racial kryptonite can be seen in Japan’s anemic birthrate. In 2014, the country saw this rate drop again to just 1,001,000 newborns. It has been collapsing since the mid-70s, with the results now becoming potentially catastrophic with a rapidly aging population. When and if the obituary is written on the nation of Japan, the tombstone will read ‘Japan – Pornography Killed Her’. By the time the 1980s had rolled around, Japan’s porn industry was thriving with new widespread access to home video equipment, and with the prohibition of pornography ended after Japan’s defeat in WWII, there was little official resistance to the growth of its popularity. The Dōjinshi market also became saturated with pornography which constituted around 50% of its product. Japanese child porn had a boom in the 90s with the birth of the internet, and it may surprise some to know that Japan only criminalized the distribution of child pornography in 2003.

There are today no shortage of articles on the phenomena of men dropping out of the Japanese sexual economy altogether, preferring to stay locked in their rooms being waited on by their parents and playing computer games. The Japanese sexual appetite can be completely sated by pornography, even with the genitals censored. This problem of a dearth in eligible bachelors seeking to start families and live independently marks a new chapter in the worldwide Sexual Revolution. With no mystique around sex, Japanese men have lost interest with startling rapidity. They can easily find what they are looking for in comic books and online. Nowhere in the world have the effects of widespread debauchery corroded a once healthy sexual economy this fast, however the West is not far behind, ignoring the warnings as all Modern states are wont to do.

Japan has suffered an especially grave fate because their racial characteristics show absolutely no withstanding resistance to depravity. Raise an Occidental man on pornography and he’s likely to have sex outside of the procreative familial institution. Raise a Japanese man on pornography and he’s likely to never have sex at all. Thus is written the mausoleum inscriptions for entire peoples.

For the Occidental, we witness our own destruction under our ‘Enlightened’ rulers, but this has been a slow death. It seems that we have not yet found our own racial kryptonite which will reduce us to total deprivation or annihilation in the time-span of only a few years. However, be sure that it exists, and as with the examples given above, Modernity will be the key that turns in this deadly lock.

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  1. To paraphrase the old saw: “Cultural Marxism Takes Over The World: Women, Minorities Most Affected”

    In all seriousness, Moldbug talked about this, using the analogy of an invasive species. Leftism is bad enough in its native environment, but like any invasive species, once it gets loose into new areas, all kinds of strange and unpredictable things end up happening. For example, you introduce the Sexual Revolution into Japan, and they stop having sex. Who’d-a thunk it?

    Well, here’s where we get into engineering. The left are social engineers. The left also fucking love science; too bad they don’t fucking understand it. If they did, they’d know that real engineers prefer the known over the unknown, the tested over the untested, the proven over the unproven. And they do for a reason. Leftists, on the other hand, love to scrap the known, the tested, and the proven in favor of some novel utopian theory that they have great faith will work. Real engineers know that unknown, untested, unproven technologies have a way of – often literally – blowing up in the faces of the people who design and operate them (Google: “Nedelin catastrophe”). Engineering social technology is not fundamentally any different. Only an overconfident fool chucks out proven technology, or replaces it with something new without testing every last bolt of it and considering every possible failure mode in terms of both likelihood and severity.

    Leftist overconfidence in their own engineering ability: From the people who brought you Chernobyl (Does anyone remember that Chernobyl’s official name was the V. I. Lenin Atomic Energy Station?)

    Lastly, this is all yet another of Modernity’s violations of LaVey’s Third Sin of Satanism. Assuming that everyone in the world is just like you and that, given a certain set of circumstances, they would react exactly as you would, is as insensible as it is dangerous. Middle and upper class white American liberals assumed, for example, that poor blacks would react to the establishment of the welfare state exactly as they would. Oops – guess not. Fifty years on, with the failure of it all basically undeniable to anyone who’s paying attention, the left has taken to attempting the Jedi Mind Trick – waving their hands in front of us like Obi-Wan Kenobi and telling us that race doesn’t really exist. “Who are you going to believe – us, or your lying eyes?” And why shouldn’t they? The left controls television, which people really *will* believe over their own lying eyes.

    The thing about the Jedi Mind Trick is that it only works on weak-minded, weak-willed people. There are a lot of those, but we can’t afford to be among them.

    1. “The left also fucking love science; too bad they don’t fucking understand it.”

      Antidem strikes with another quotable gem. Leftism has a lot of similarities to a virus in this way, that it almost develops new strains designed specifically for the destruction of the races it comes into contact with, finding some method of exploiting their racial weaknesses to bring them into an age of darkness.

  2. While this is a very interesting article, I think that you may have left an important thing out. The racial kryptonite did change men so much as it changed women of different races. Black women can now have sex and bear children of violent thug alphas with no consequences and can let their low emotional investment in their children run free. Black mens sex drive is so strong that they will then become hyper violent to get access to black women, as well as engage in a startlingly high rate of homosexuality. Japanese women can let their hypergamy flourish and very high emotional investment in their potential off spring run wild to a point where most Japanese mens sex drive is not strong enough to motivate them to try to bed Japanese women.

    1. Wish I could amend the essay to include this. These are EXCELLENT observations. Japanese women entered into the corporate culture en masse thanks to American influence, which could be the genesis of many problems we see today, as now that some do want to have families, they cannot find men willing to do so. Many thanks!

  3. “For the Occidental, we witness our own destruction under our ‘Enlightened’ rulers, but this has been a slow death. It seems that we have not yet found our own racial kryptonite which will reduce us to total deprivation or annihilation in the time-span of only a few years. However, be sure that it exists, and as with the examples given above, Modernity will be the key that turns in this deadly lock.”

    This is the million dollar question. What exactly is our “fatal flaw.” Is it altruism? Is it the abstract thought that altruism stems from? Is it the safety and protection that we attempt to provide one another with, which ends up preventing younger generations from experiencing reality, and thus breeding naivety and altruism?

  4. Which came first, the whore or the porn? I’m guessing Japanese women abandoned marriage before the men did

  5. It’s not so complicated. I’m surprised, as an orthodox Christian, you hadn’t thought of envy, on the black side, and Eloi status-marking hubris (pride) on the white side. Blacks know by the time they’re 11 years old they cannot compete with other groups. Whites learned by the 18th century that you establish social caché by appearing to be above the consequences of diversity. Thus, Lord Sandwich adopted the south sea islander, Omai, on Cook’s return from his second voyage.

  6. I might add that returning to pre-60s morality is never going to fly with blacks. Why would they give up their victim status? Pre-60s morality implys personal responsibility, i.e., racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. I don’t see feminists or queers pining for pre-AIDS or pre-birth control days so why patronize blacks only.

  7. When Whites lost their manhood by surrender – something that can be taken back – the natural proprietors of the nation lost their way along with everyone else.

    We need to stop rolling in the gutters of doom and man up.

  8. You got it mostly right on NAMs, but completely upside down for the Japanese. Pornography is a symptom, not a cause.

    The cause is the same as in the west: easy access to resources for females, which diminishes the need for males to provide. NAM males spend all their newly gained leisure time in social contest (being “thugs”), as they are naturally inclined being descendants of populations with pronounced tournament mating strategies (or similar), while Japanese men spend theirs dreaming of the ideal mate (which is what the whole “moe” subculture is about) which is now too expensive for them, as they are naturally inclined, being one of the most domesticated human populations on the planet, domestication in this case being most relevant in its manifestation as widespread proclivity and support for pair-bonding.

    The life history (or r/K selection) differential between them also supports this.

  9. The Racial Kryptonite for the whites of the West is altruism for the upper classes, and sports, especially football, for everyone below. The pathological altruism has been documented, but only a few on the alternative right have dared to criticize football. If you don’t think that Americans are addicted to football, just listen to the shrieks that come from everyone, especially conservatives, when anyone criticizes it. All of the energy, loyalty, and enthusiasm that middle and working class whites should be pouring into their families, communities, and country, is instead poured into football, especially at the collegiate level. As has been documented at this very site, college football is a filthy mess that corrupts whatever it touches – players, schools, and fans alike. It’s the opium of middle class white America, and the sooner it is de-emphasized, the better. I say this as a guy who once loved the sport, and still loves the game – but what it has become is flat-out evil.

    1. Actually, I vote for sugar/simple carb addiction.

  10. OriginalJunior July 19, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Eternal Apparatchik has it right, there is one tweak necessary I think.

    The Japanese economy and our own have some parallels. It’s not that men are “dropping out”(although some are), it’s that they’re not being let in. It’s a mistake to expect men to heavily invest in a system that doesn’t give them what they want ( what they really, biologically want, not what the propaganda machine says they want).

    Millions of young, comparatively educated men are choosing between unemployment and a dead end job that doesn’t provide enough resources for a mate. “Hard work” isn’t the answer; men will work like hell if given a shot at what they want, even risk death. What they won’t do is work like hell for a future of humiliating toil combined with no shot at a family of their own(or even sex at all, in many cases).

  11. It’s not that Nips don’t breed, it’s just that they abort their unborn. Japan has a very high abortion rate.

  12. melvin polatnick July 27, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Heroin dealers are on every corner in the black community and few of its residents are not getting high. The IQ of a Heroin user is lowered by 20 points, that puts its users on the same level as a retard. The ambition level of a Heroin user is close to that of a street bum. What is the sense of attempting to uplift the black community when they are now on cloud nine.

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