A Collegiate System of Corruption and Crime

When reading Sabrina Erdely’s rationale behind her UVA story, one might be struck by how often she said she hunted for the right school, the right situation, and the right victim. This was when she was being lauded by the media for her reporting on fictional rapes on broken glass. In reality, Erdely was looking for the perfect geographic setting and perfect villain to push The Narrative. Erdely did not have to search hard or look far to find rape, a culture that protects criminals, and systemic protection for criminals from petty theft to rape. This storm of factors is found on many college campuses. All she had to do was investigate college sports programs and the police departments that work with the school.

There is a level of stupidity exhibited by professional athletes that makes the common man wonder just how retarded they are. Get in a gun fight in a parking lot, rape women in public bathrooms, punch your wife in the face in an elevator in front of security cameras. CSI is almost twenty-years-old; they are going to catch you. It does not start there though. These idiots with lower than average intelligence or future time orientation always think someone is going to clean up after them and make it go away. It starts young, and no clearer explanation is the collegiate sports system.

Outside the Lines released a report on athletes at several universities, crime, and the curious lack of convictions or even prosecutions. The universities protect these athletes, and it is not hard to see why. They are an investment. They are an asset. These guys perform well and sell tickets to put butts in the seats. Schools make a ton of tax-free money. It is breathtaking to read about the speed that a university moves to protect these guys in the form of compliance from local law enforcement and legal defense help that is just one phone call away. Contrast this with the hounding that one reads in rape accusation stories across America for regular guys.

There is a system in place to suppress crimes. There is a system in place to protect guys who get in grey situations or actually commit crimes. It is the nexus of local law enforcement, universities, sports fans, and the local economy. The finish to the Outside the Lines involves the Jameis Winston case, and it’s fantastic because it wraps this all up, exposing how corrupt all participants are:

State Attorney Willie Meggs in Tallahassee said he understands why victims would be unwilling to come forward, having felt some of the fan backlash himself when his office decided on the Jameis Winston case.

“I had people writing me saying that they hope my daughter and my wife got raped, and just all of those kinds of things for not doing this, and then I had people writing me saying, ‘You’re going to cost us a national championship, and you’re just evil, and you hate athletes,'” he said.

When the Tallahassee Police Department took an unusual step of turning an ESPN public records request — which contained the reporter’s email address and cellphone number — into a press release and posting it online on Christmas Eve, hundreds of Florida State fans responded to the reporter with harassing phone calls, emails, texts and social media posts, including many of a sexual and threatening nature. (Tallahassee police said the publication of the request followed departmental procedure, yet no other requests have been publicized in a similar fashion.)

One of the reports received from that request was an incident from July 2011, in which a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend, a Florida State basketball player, had broken into her apartment in Tallahassee. Police noted evidence of destruction and a voicemail suggesting the athlete had been there. The woman told police she simply wanted her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone and she did not want to pursue charges, the report states: “She has a great deal of concern that her name will end up in the news.”

Rolling Stone could not be bothered to look at these campus rapes. Rolling Stone could not be bothered to look at these privileged students. These men are mostly–if not all–black, so they are progressive allies. These routine cover-ups or brush-offs by the universities and local police departments are the tailor-made villains for a rape panic piece. This system of cover-ups is a college system, but also the result of gigantic media rights deals. Sold out stadiums make schools plenty of money, but the money they get from network television deals bankrolls quite a bit on campus.

That actually is a piece of media complicity that they want to avoid. The media often sells the games not on the game itself as much as the players. CBS carries the SEC and must have cried tears of joy when Tim Tebow said he would come back for his senior year. Media entities start coverage for these guys when they are teens in high school, building your investment in the players and teams as blue chip recruits. Fans grow attached and follow players coming in to wear their alma mater’s colors. If they report on the players’ little positive odds and ends there will always be a market for the reporting of negative stories for opposing fans to enjoy. The entire SEC cheers when LSU sees five players arrested in the same week in separate incidents. To discuss the full story of many of these players would be a man behind the curtain moment. The Outside the Lines report is only on several teams, but how many other criminals are out there that the media is spotlighting as a guy to cheer for?

The sickest part of it might be the fans. I have no love for journalists, but fans threatening journalists investigating Winston is pathetic and insane. It is a sports program. What the hell is wrong with humans who sublimate feelings of identity into cheering for men wearing the right laundry? This is the sports version of the Volunteer Thought Police. These harassing fans are a semi-formal group of true believers threatening violence at anyone who opposes the team. This is like an Internet SA, so let’s call them the Brown Jerseys. The final paragraph lays part of the blame at fans feet.

Gainesville’s Officer Tobias said “everyone” is at fault for athletes having such leverage.”It’s the fault of the athletes, it’s the fault of the victims, it’s the fault of society, it’s the fault of the media, because everyone paints this picture and holds athletes up on a pedestal sometimes and we all are making them invincible,” he said. “The fans are making them invincible, and the victims themselves, they look up to them at the same time. So to think that they can be victimized by this person is sometimes a reach for them.”

This is a sick system, and you are a part of it. While a touch off in gender relations, Sayyid Qutb, early leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, found the American male obsession with sports in the ’50s absurd and repugnant. What would he say now?

America’s broad patriotic identification was replaced by consumer culture and possibly now by entertainment culture. Sports have morphed from amateur exhibitions to become sports entertainment, so it follows that an empty vessel like modern, American masculinity would be filled with frivolous pursuits. They are just men who play a children’s game. Your investment, time and dollars make it worth billions. Just because a school wants a few extra million, a few extra wins, and a little more prestige, it’s selling out its students and soul for temporary student-athletes. Who am I kidding? They aren’t student-athletes. They’re criminal-athletes… and they have a wide network of enablers from the Dean on down to the fan with the painted face in row eighteen.

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  1. There’s growing evidence that SJW’s of many stripes want to be the new Jesse Jackson shakedown party. It is a living and they do owe a lot of money for college.

  2. Steve Johnson July 5, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    I’ve got very little sympathy for the women involved in these cases.

    They’re attracted to these guys because they’re celebrities who can get away with anything and because they’re high test violent men (chemically aided – almost certainly by someone vaguely associated with the universities) then when the violent impulsiveness and immunity from consequences gets turned on them then he’s a bad guy. Women like this should be constantly in the news being jeered specifically to serve as a warning to other young women.

    1. Steve Johnson July 5, 2015 at 5:11 pm

      Of course, that’s a totally futile hope – attraction isn’t rational.

  3. Good article. It’s the kind of thing I like to see here: not necessarily directly related to NRx content, but illustrating a concrete example to help remind us that yes, our current society really is decadent and insane. The world can never have too much street-level calling-a-spade-a-spade journalism.

    As for the subject, what is really left to say? A black thug rapes a girl, and all these pudgy middle-aged schlubs whose entire self-worth is wrapped up in the team send death threats to anyone who tries to punish the rapist. How warped and inverted can a person’s values be? It’s sickening to think about. Nuke the universities today.

  4. Excellent post. And the real thing of it all is that it’s all so obvious what goes on here. It’s plain as, ahem, black and white.

    Yet the symbiosis is many tentacled, to mix metaphors. I mean, what would a Social Justice Warrior Jewess like Erdely care about protecting college sports? She probably sniffs her nose at all sports, views it all with Olympian contempt. Yet, she knows who her allies and enemies are, and in the endless war against her enemies, the black thug is an ally. Even though that same black thug might rape or beat one of her friends, or even herself. Doesn’t matter: the war trumps all.

    Also, NZT mentioned some of what I was going to say about the fans. What could be more low and contemptible than the white male who supports the black thug who raped the white girl? Viscerally, this is incomprehensible to me. What is missing in these men? What has been bled out of them? Is it self-loathing? Is it adolescence run rampant?

    Whatever it is, it shows a sick and twisted society. In better days, those black thugs would have been given some swift local justice. Now, they are and remain heroes to a mob of white insects, mindless automatons dutifully following their programming.

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