Ascending The Tower – Episode VII, Part 1: “This Kaleidoscope Of Truths”

This week, we’re joined by Anatoly Karlin for a discussion on Russia and the West.

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4:44 – Introducing Anatoly Karlin
7:17 – Putin and his perception in the West
16:26 – Gradual erosion of Russian respect for the US
22:10 – Russia Today vs. Western media outlets
28:05 – Brief thoughts on Alexandr Dugin
32:05 – Mid-19th c. burgeoning Cathedral foreign policy

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Opening Music (excerpt): “Thirst For Truth” by Sons of Northern Mist

Closing Music (excerpt): “You is Light” by KORDYUKOV

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Discussion of 19th c. Russian liberal-conservatism

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Russian involvement in US Civil War


Surviving Babel: We have returned from our mid-season break, which was somewhat longer than we intended. Apologies to both our listeners and the guest of this episode, Anatoly Karlin. The following podcast was recorded on March 28th. It is, however, as relevant today as it was then.

One of the reasons for the extended break was the time commitment required to release an episode that I am willing to stand behind. I am producer, host, and editor of the show. The average episode requires 20-25 hours, much of it repetitive work. In order to defray some of the monetary and opportunity cost, I am conducting my very first sponsorship drive. If you are interested in sponsoring Ascending the Tower, e-mail me at Surviving Babel at gmail dot com. Sponsorships start at $10 an episode, and all proceeds will either go back into the podcast or provide some compensation for your most grateful host. You can purchase a mention or short message, or you can choose to sponsor the Out of Left Field question or even an entire episode.

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  1. Interesting interview. I had published on my blog a link to an interview that Dugin recently did, so it’s good to get a second opinion on him from someone who has a good sense of Russian geopolitics. I had a good impression. Dugin is a monarchist, which is always positive.

    Looking forward to the next part!

  2. Dugin is a valuable contemporary philosopher, however he is not one of us. He thinks that race is a social construct and that the National Socialists and Hitler were evil. Read this article on CC for more information

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