The Empire’s Man in Brooklyn

The concept of Empire is one many Americans will reject and to which some will only admit as a recent phenomenon. The American education system has done a good job of hiding America’s control of the international scene since World War II. Americans love an underdog, and they desperately want to think of their country as the big supporter to little underdogs everywhere, simply fighting for freedom. But it’s easy to explain the peace established after World War II as Pax Americana, and the world being ours. Even deniers can be persuaded when the masters rip off their masks and examples of imperial moves are too blatant to dismiss. American ties to and use of Mikeil Saakashvili are a mask-removal moment.

Mikheil Saakashvili first popped into the American mind when his little country got into a shooting war with Russia in 2008. A recognizable image of him is Saakashvili eating his tie while on the phone on camera. This fire fight happened unexpectedly and caught the US off-guard. A settlement was reached, but not before the world saw President Bush and Vladimir Putin chatting at the Beijing Olympic games about “something.” Eventually, President Saakashvili lost an election, fled his nation, and is now wanted on criminal charges in his homeland. Where could he flee to after antagonizing Russia and nearly dragging America into something in 2008? Brooklyn.

Among the hipsters, the Hasidim, and Gotham’s gentry, Saakashvili walked the streets, plotting his revenge. He was even given a spot lecturing at Tufts University. If one is confused why such an oddball is given such treatment by the US, look at his early life profile on La Wik. He is a Cathedral-groomed goon. He buddied up with the current president of Ukraine (Poroshenko) while an undergraduate student in newly “free” Ukraine in 1992. He was a humans rights officer, and then received a Muskie Fellowship through the State Department to study at Columbia Law School and George Washington Law School. He even worked at the United Nations. Saakashvili is a decades-long asset cultivated by the USG system. This is just a much more expensive and foreign version of the American university system sucking in red state whites to mold and shape before returning them home as proper Cathedral foot soldiers.

He is also a newly-minted Ukrainian citizen, and wouldn’t you know it, his old college buddy Poroshenko appointed him governor of Odessa. He received his Ukrainian citizenship literally one day before his appointment. Saakashvili, in return for USG favors, drew Georgia closer to US orbit. He also signed his name to an op-ed about Putin’s invasion of Georgia to help the propaganda campaign against Putin in the latest Ukraine brou-ha-ha. At face value, anyone should point out the ludicrous nature of America safekeeping a wanted criminal, granting him a job, and then returning him to a position of power in a war-torn nation to do its will.

And he is a reliable asset for the USG system. This is not too different from the CIA’s use of General Hifter in Libya. Hifter was a Libyan general who spent decades living in Virginia with mysterious financial backing, only to return to Libya in 2011 to get rid of Gaddafi and rebuild Libya. These are USG pawns and assets, yet there is no outcry.

These are easy pieces to expose and put together: Saakashvili, Hifter, CIA, the New York Times, State Department, and the American university system. This is the system. This is the empire we deny having. The universities can suck them in and train them. It is up to the rest of the pieces of the polygon to use them as they see fit. A man like Saakashvili is proof of our Empire’s existence and dominance. Ukraine uses him (and other foreigners) in high places to affect policy that magically tracks along the US-EU framework. No protests. No international outcry. Hardly any coverage in America’s media.

America can deny it is an empire, but it has the pieces, the mechanisms, the janissaries, and the chewed and spit out refuse of its wars on the fringes. Those Somali immigrants sucked into Minnesota and Maine did not just get there by accident, and neither did the Vietnamese and Cambodians before them. Saakashvili is the USG’s janissary, their man on the inside, and it matters not his nationality, just that he hates Putin and pushes the globalist line. Twenty-first century Janissaries do not grow beards and carry swords. They just browse boutique shops in Brooklyn. On second thought, they will grow beards.

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  1. Is this simply a characteristic of an empire? Not a philosopher much less a political wonk myself but does hegemony fit here also?

  2. Great essay but one thing is missing: the israeli connection.

    Saakshvilli’s Minister of Defense during the 2008 War with Russia had Georgian-Israeli double nationality:

    Poroshenko had to make a secret trip to Israel before his election to gain support from America:

    Both Saakshvilli and Poroshenko knew that to gain support from the USG they have to be cosy with Israel, Its no accident that Saakshvilli stayed in NYC after running away from Georgia, the Big Bagel its their headquarters as much as Tel Aviv, the American Empire is the Jewish Empire.

  3. Yes, I had read about this and could only shake my head. A rose by any other name. There is nothing spontaneous about the Ukrainian uprising. It is an empire driven coup bought and paid for by the United States. Notice, one of the original arguments that the ethnic Russians made was that a move towards NATO would mean sodomites marching through Kiev. The authorities of course denied it.

    Well, look at what has happened now. Who didn’t see that coming? This snake, Poroshenko, is as much of a stooge as Saakashvili. America paying off another criminal stooge is hardly surprising, but I suppose its blatantness is something new. I would motion to say that the official position of the Reactosphere is against the ‘Maidan’ revolution. It is a prog project. If Russia rolled in all the way and gave both of these clowns a good beating, I would applaud.

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