Social Justice Momma’s Boys

Emma Watson, a recent Brown University graduate, gave a speech before the United Nations last year about the importance of cultivating male allies for the feminist movement. The campaign, titled HeForShe, made a brief splash in the prestige press before disappearing from public consciousness.

Here’s what ‘HeForShe’ looks like on Google Trends:
heforshealoneNow, let’s see it side-by-side against global search interest for another celebrity, known as Beyoncé, shown in red:


The barely perceptible bump under the letter ‘B’ is the relative search interest for the promoted campaign. This is even coming from two highly recognizable, vocally feminist celebrities.

So, with that out of the way, let’s go to the speech’s concluding remarks:

If you believe in equality, you might be one of those inadvertent feminists that I spoke of earlier, and for this, I applaud you. We are struggling for a uniting word, but the good news is, we have a uniting movement. It is called HeForShe. I invite you to step forward, to be seen and to ask yourself, “If not me, who? If not now, when?”

Given that we don’t believe in equality here at Social Matter, it’s easy for us to know where we stand. But what of the hoped-for allies to whom she is speaking?

There used to be an insult which boys used to use against one another — ‘momma’s boy’ — to taunt a kid thought to be weak, coddled, and dominated by his mother. In more contemporary times, we call men dominated by their wives ‘whipped.’ Why do men feel this almost instinctual need to heap shame their fellows for deferring to women? Is this just cruelty for the sake of it, or is there some moral purpose behind the taunts?

There are some clues in history as to why it’s useful for men to toughen themselves up. For one, war, crime, famine, economic depression, tyranny, and disorder are ever-present, cyclically recurring problems. The only way to return chaos to order is through the use of power. And men are the more powerful, emotionally resilient, and physically strong sex, regardless of all the technological fantasies that people might have about gap-closing.

Male allies make their weakness, their willingness to be dominated, their eagerness to defer, into a sign of holiness. Their weakness stops being a source of shame to them, and becomes a source of glowing pride.

Their eagerness to abase themselves, to make a virtue of weakness, is actually to the extent to which they’re worse than useless to the women whom they serve. Although in the Western world, they have few opponents (and enjoy the support of the central state), those few opponents who they do have are multiplying. Can people who make a virtue out of weakness, androgyny, and submission be effective defenders against those who don’t?

We already know the answer ahead of time. In this world, wolves eat rabbits. The post-stereotype men whom Watson spoke to aren’t men who value strength in the defense of women. Part of the trouble that feminists face is that women who are unfeminine inspire no sense of devotion in men. The male heart only tends to be moved to sacrifice by both their ideal of what a good woman is, and by the actual good women in their lives. If there are no good women in their lives, they will not be so moved to sacrifice, regardless of what they say about how their ideals of what a woman ought to be have changed.

In the terms of modern academia, the idea of men sacrificing themselves for ‘their’ women is problematic, in any case.

In the enervated, suicidal, liberal parts of the West, stripped of spirit and of unifying purpose, there comes a disconnection in androgyny. Liberalism is like a demagnetization field for the sexes. Outside of it, you can feel the physical pull and the push between the sexes. There is motion at a distance, caused by invisible forces. Inside the field of liberalism, everyone is a pile of inert material, to be shuffled around, poles flipped this way and that way, moved only by direct forces.

The liberals put the culture through degaussing, but fortunately, there are back-ups available to restore the missing data from.

No one feels intimidated by these momma’s boys of social justice. They’re sensitive to loud noises, much less real opposition. They’re happy to be dominated, but unwilling to venture too far from under the skirts of their big protectors. It’s hard to encourage your little man to be courageous if you never permit him to go outside and face danger. And it’s a harsh world, out there.

Denying this polarity between the sexes, which drives so much of human activity, is one of the more significant causes for the decay of the progressive political structure. We should instead seek to make the differences more extreme, as such differences are an unmistakable sign of higher civilization.

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  1. What an amazing post, Henry, this is great stuff.

    It’s interesting, when tough feminists, with their 1950’s tattoos of Riveter Rosie, appeal to men they don’t mean these hipster bearded beta cowards, they mean tough ugly sexist biker types.

    Because deep down in the unconscious mind they know who’s better able to protect them when the going gets tough.

    Which must be doubly humiliating for these men. But they confuse humiliation with pride so the more they feel humiliated the prouder they feel. And it’s disappointing for the women too, surrounded by these supplicating mommies boys when what they really wanted was the ugly unreconstructed tough guys. But the feminists have so few allies – they’ll take what they can get.

    But this goes well beyond modern academia now. As any regular women at the coal face knows, she laments having to wait hours for a man to stop at her broken car, so she posts memes to Facebook appealing to old fashioned chivalry, about what “real men” do. It’s almost a cliché now.

    Finally women are seeing what equality means.

    1. Henry Dampier April 7, 2015 at 9:26 am

      Thanks. Any time.

      The focus has been too much on attacking prominent female feminists, who fundamentally don’t matter. The men are the ones that you want to break, pour encourager les autres.

    2. Prognosticator April 8, 2015 at 4:06 am

      Hey, I only look mean when I shave my Friar Tuck hair style bald with the razor and grow my beard down to my chest.

      Some women certainly give me a stare when I go feral.

      That aside who wouldn’t want to chop down the pampered man boobed boys. There’s going to be more of them looking at demographics and the state of obesity. Great man boobs and fatty feminists.

      Living clean is good, the dentist says I’m one in a million with good teeth, and the obstetricians praise my children and our parenting, as they don’t have to give us the ‘obesity’ talk, which is rare apparently.

      Seems what use to be normal, is becoming the abnormal.

  2. A year or so ago there was a movement by WOCs (Women of color) to separate themselves from the obviously white pampered and privileged middle class feminists, to draw attention to the white privilege of mainstream feminism. I think it was called “intersectionality” (or something, I’m no expert on these matters).

    But it petered out, was just a blip on the chart, a flash in the pan. As the POCs discovered what feminism was really about. A movement for Jewess and protestant feminists to empower minorities, but the minority they are talking about is the minority of rich and pampered white (& Jewish) women.

  3. Barely Intrepid April 8, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Male feminists are the bastard children of modernity. Raised in the upper middle class by a successful career women who applied the same neurotic attention to detail to education and nurturing that made her a successful bureaucrat.

    The poor boys never stood a chance. These fuckers are universally sheltered from anything that could foster “problematic” masculine identities. The upper echelon are overeducated, talented, but underdeveloped. These guys usually turn out ok, they usually have an “awakening” once they’ve gained independence. They delve inyo masculinity with a nerdy fervor. I see a ton of these guys in the rock climbing world. Very educated, never played competitive sports, professionally successful, and obsessed with objective tests of resolve and skill against nature.

    These guys are what I call silent traditionalists. They naturally seek out traditional rites but seldome delve into the “why”. Some people can feel the presence of god in church, we feel it at about 500ft without a support harness when we jump for an overhang.

    Those who lack the Faustian spirit, maintain the female perception of Alpha. Their mothers lauded them with praise when they repeated Feminist rhetoric, why shouldn’t other feminists do the same. ….but with more sex involved.

    These guys also are insulated from any evidence of female failure. It’s quite an eye opening experience to watch a “powerful” woman crack.

  4. Male allies of the feminist dogma are laughable scum, you can actually see it in their eyes and their mannerisms. They’re often almost like puppy dogs begging for attention and praise from women.

    The reason it has long been a source of mockery for a man to be controlled by a woman is a defense mechanism, and you can find its root as far back as the story of Genesis. Women have a destructive power that is harder to define than sheer strength. It is the quality of manipulation to elevate the Lunar principle over the Solar principle.

    The good thing is, the SJW Momma’s boys will present virtually no resistance to a credible show of force on Reaction’s part. They aren’t bred for it.

  5. Doctor Ethics April 9, 2015 at 6:50 pm

    As an Italian leftist I can’t but agree.
    The deconstruction of male gender roles is innatural, and leads to an insustainable system.
    I’m witnessing this phenomenon in #GamerGate, the feminists are all accompanied by their clique of neck-beard fatties who are willing to do anything they are commanded, but consistently get wrecked even on the internet.
    But what would the beta man in the real world do? If his woman is about to get raped you need a real man to take down the rapist, the beta would just sit down on the spot and cry like a momma’s boy.
    Leftism here is different, very different from America. And thanks for that. Fat shaming and mangina shaming are moral imperatives whether you’re right or left, we can’t let humanity go to shit like that.

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