Ascending the Tower – Episode III: No Incentives To Be Masculine

This week, we’re joined by Grerp for a discussion on femininity and gender roles.

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  1. Thanks for that. Read Grerp for years. Excellent choice. Was surprised by her pleasant high pitched voice w/ sharp edges when animated…for some reason, I always thought she would be low and relaxed, like her writing. Must be that J part of the INTJ thing going on…

  2. Lots of cradle Catholics read NRx, but I doubt as many lead the charge as converts are wont to do. Converts tend to be more aggressive, more willing to do crazy things like…convert. Cradles are followers more than leaders (I’m cradle here).

  3. Cradle Catholic here also, just for the record. Can anyone tell me the name of the fantastic peice of music that is playing at the end of this episode? Keep up the excellent work gents.

      1. Thank you. I suspected it was Bach.

  4. Tally another cradle Catholic (who is practicing and is taking the Faith much more seriously than years before).

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