In Support of #BlackBrunch

The phenomenon of #BlackBrunch, in which black activists pile into fashionable restaurants to ruin the dining experience for the people who live there, is wonderful for a whole number of reasons.

At least, if you don’t live in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Oakland.

It’s an in-your-face, modern version of blockbusting, a technique used by real estate developers during the early days of Civil Rights to ethnically cleanse white people from American cities while earning big commissions for doing it. Whereas in the 1960s, real estate agents had to hire black people at day rates to wander around neighborhoods and give the impression that they were all moving in.

Unlike the historical version of blockbusting, it’s not likely that real estate developers are behind these protests. It’s more likely to be just the ordinary workings of the political left, seeking to confront mostly liberal whites in a way that pushes them towards taking more radical stances in favor of white dispossession and in favor of judicial lenience for blacks.

The harder that these groups push, the easier that it becomes to convince those same people who are having their brunch ruined that the left is doing all that it can to harm their lives. It becomes easier to promote anxiety around urban crime to the most affluent demographics in America. It damages the economies of majority-liberal democratic cities. It encourages more emigrants to flee those areas for more conservative locales.

In this way, the left is cannibalizing its most important support base of moderate, affluent liberals.

While such organized efforts may galvanize the true believers, it can only lead to despondency for whites raised on tales of the virtues of the civil rights movement. The people who pack movie theaters to see “Selma” and “12 Years a Slave” don’t see themselves as the oppressors. They see themselves as the heroes. They see other, nasty white people — mainly southerners and flyovers — as being the villains. They will support black protesters when those black protesters are attacking the ‘evil’ whites — not them.

They know that they’re the elect — and they believe that with more fervor than they might believe in any magical virtues that Africans might have.

They like the little poor African child when he is smiling in the photo-op, making the good liberal appear to be more virtuous. They are not interested in stories that paint good, moderate, average, educated liberals as if they were bad people.

Let there be 10 #BlackBrunches. Let there be 100. Let there be 1,000. Let there be 10,000!

Anything that brings complacent liberals face-to-face with the consequences of their own policies is a good thing. Especially when it happens in their cities, in their expensive neighborhoods, ruining their Sundays.

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  1. I was hoping someone would write about this. Excellent job.

    In a similar vein, a group of black agit-prop performance artists who were invited to the last Whitney Biennial demanded that an equally horrible but white agit-prop gadfly be removed from the show for insufficient sensitivity to their delicate sensibilities. The curators, unlike the wrong kind of whites, didn’t grovel and ask forgiveness. Instead, they forced the disadvantaged ones to withdraw. An Amazing Display of White Solidarity and Élan totally ignored by the scapegoat machine.

    More cultural artifacts to prove that Modern Liberalism is status marking and nothing else.


  2. If the political left is now attacking their own whites, can the end be far? I find it hard to believe they would sanely decide to do that, when there are so many other whites it’d be easy to agitate.

  3. The only socially acceptable way for these white urban liberals to Make It Stop is to buy them off.

    They want the cops to keep blacks from hurting them, but they but they don’t want blacks hassling them either. For them, the goal is to minimize black impact on their lives without losing friends, or access to nice restaurants. It’s an optimization problem, because it’s politics. The organizers here are changing the parameters so that the optimal minimum of black impact on affluent urban liberal life will now Involve a lower rate of police interference in black criminality. Let them get away with robbing a few more liquor stores and attacking more cops, and they’ll let you return to your artisanal crab cake eggs Benedict in peace.

    These people never met a cop and they don’t own liquor stores. They’ll take the deal. It’ll be two decades before crime gets bad enough for urban whites to turn around and force blacks to readjust in turn.

    You may well be right, but I’m betting the lefties know their marks pretty well.

    1. Being robbed, burgled or beaten every now and again, well, that’s one thing. But, being humiliated while supposedly safe in their “white space,” that’s another. One might begin to wonder where is it all going to end? I’d say in offices, art galleries, publishers, entertainment software, theater, law firms, investment banks – wherever college-educated savvy blacks see fit to do what they do so well.

      They are leveraging violent blacks as way to condition slightly higher status whites (with a veiled threat of violence) to accept dhimmitude.

    2. LOL. Lars Grobian: “It’s an optimization problem … Let them get away with robbing a few more liquor stores and attacking more cops, and they’ll let you return to your artisanal crab cake eggs Benedict in peace.”

  4. A lot more people are going to hear about these events than be directly affected, and their ability to think of those affected as “the bad white people” because they happened to have lunch elsewhere that day is going to be strong. 10,000 hashtag black brunches might be enough to annoy them rightward, just hearing about it will have no such effect.

  5. #Blackbrunch seems to just be the latest manifestation of Black activist attacks on Brahmin lifestyles, like disrupting the St. Louis Opera and Christmas shopping mall protests previously. I hope these activists and their handlers continue to ramp it up. They may get their way, but the NYPD has crossed the line into civil disobedience themselves, so I doubt it. The resulting chaos is likely to push some more Brahmins and many more Vaisyas into the Alternative Right.

    1. I’m hoping so. There’s a danger in placing a little too much stock in accelerationist logic–you have to assume that for people there really is a bottom point where they refuse to keep biting the bullet of diversity. It’s not clear that any sort of bottom point is close at hand in France, England, South Africa, Sweden, or Germany–not in a significant enough proportion, at least, and not by the right sort of people, i.e. the elites. Time will tell how far the insanity can really go and if the pushback will be enough.

  6. “Selma”

    Currently rated the 38th Greatest Movie of All Time by critical consensus according to Rotten Tomatoes, in between “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Dr. Strangelove”.

    1. “Selma”? An after school special or something? Doesn’t ring a bell.

  7. I think you are grossly underestimating the capacity of SWPL whites for self-flagellation. You think they’re upset by this? On the contrary, most of them will be THRILLED that it happened to them. Think of the stories at work the next day! (“Oh yeah they came marching into the restaurant and I was SO GLAD because I really support their cause. There’s just so much racism out there!”) Think of the Facebook postings! The Instagram photos!

    So far, it’s just a bunch of black street theater. Nobody is getting hurt. Now, if it were really gangs of ghetto blacks bursting in and putting a savage beat-down on the whites, then you might start to get some concern. But EVEN THEN the majority of the whites would think they deserved it, and the press would be full of bruised whites saying how they forgive their attackers because, really, who can blame them? So many years of oppression!

    I’d go so far as to say if the protesters posted a notice that they would be appearing at specific restaurants, there would long lines of whites hoping to get in so they could be there for the self-righteous show.

    That said, these protests are stupid and aimless, and they will have no impact on anything, really. Most of the whites affected will already be hard core anti-racists, and they will feel themselves in solidarity with the protesters. Anyone else already knows the real deal about blacks and will just think “here we go again.”

    1. Lines to get in — lol, yeah, I bet you’re right. The hard-left SWPLs I know in Boston would love that.

      Now that you mention it, I would bet that restaurants in Manhattan that do brunch will show improved sales for this month just because of SWPLs hoping to get protested at.

      It’s like slumming, but you don’t even have to get up from your table! Win!

      1. It’s like slumming, but you don’t even have to get up from your table! Win!


  8. This concept could be extended to target other liberal establishments. #BlackArt for art galleries, #BlackEducation for colleges and Universities. Turn this weaponized cohort directly on to the cathedral itself.

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