Being So Holy That The Flesh Rots Off Your Bones

Good intentions are all that matter in the religion of Americanism. The purer that you can portray your intentions to be, the more reach that your words will find. People who reveal the negative consequences of actions taken with the purest intentions tend to be regarded as cranks. This is because their ranting tends to make the new moral crusade more difficult to sell.

In some cases, bad consequences seem to be the entire point of the exercise. When the well-intentioned struggle ends in death, those deaths can be portrayed as a demonstration of how sincere the beliefs that motivated them were.

When Americans die of a preventable African disease, their deaths only add to the holiness of our living saints. Being willing to destroy our own lives to show that we are equal with the Africans is an opportunity that is too attractive to resist. What better way to show your national commitment to global uplift than to make us all equal in suffering?

A mono-cellular creature can bring us together, can kill us in the same way, can leave us heaving and bleeding and moaning in the same sort of fatal ecstasy.

When the goal is to martyr your entire country, complaining about the deaths of martyrs makes no sense. The problem, when the goal is to die in the most holy way possible, is that it might be moving too slow.

Consciously, explicitly, the goal might not be to follow this path. But when you repeat in a prayer-like fashion, over and over, that your fellow countrymen are evil, that they deserve to suffer, that their ancestors were evil, and that a great atonement must be made, such a spiritual path must end in a trance-like mass sacrifice.

Limiting the spread of disease requires swift action, triage, quarantine, and tragic trade-offs to be made by leaders who know that each decision they make must trade the lives of some people to protect the lives of those under their charge. It’s the same difficult type of decision, as a cluster of cultures, we have tried to hide from for the last several decades. To say “they must die so that we might survive” is no longer permissible, because to do so means expressing a preference for one group of people over another.

Egalitarianism reduces itself to mass death with the regularity and predictability of a cosmic metronome.

Facial features, fat, and meat fall off our skeletons. What was once ourselves becomes nesting material for flies. A pile of bones lacks individuality. One man’s femur is mixed with another woman’s spine. The remainder all looks like it was bleached.

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  1. applause. how can this be revealed to the church of negro worshipers before they are all dying? it is probably too late. thank you sir.

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