The Ruins Of Atlantis

This was a place and time of prosperity

It was no wrong to extend all equal charity

The people traded, exchanged, and played

Never thinking their age just numbered days


The city first grew within a golden wall

And though initially its towers were small

Soon kings paid homage from all around

Not even a starving beggar to be found


The people styled themselves gods of this world

Masters of fate, rulers of all powers unfurled

They bought into the crafty serpent’s lie

Forsaking the task of pushing back the tide


The ocean grew and soon broke with a crash

Even as the city drowned, it burnt to ash

Streets flooded where once was joyous milling

Civilization fell once Nature was no longer willing


To overlook the hubris of a God forsaking people

Where no more was raised the humility of steeple

These Atlanteans once thrived but now are ruined

All is left is light of unseeing, uncaring moon


That is the ancient story of Atlantis

But it was just rehearsal, recital, practice

A real and mythical prefiguring of latter day

When all are crabs, crawling over our corpse’s bay

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